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10 essentials for the next summer trip

The anticipation is great, because the next summer trip is just around the corner! So it's high time to pack your suitcase. Of course, sustainable products that have a positive impact on our environment should also go on the journey. For this reason, we present 10 essentials that should definitely be included in your luggage. From a large beach towel, reef-friendly sunscreen to a notebook made from grass paper and reading material. We hope you enjoy compiling the Packing List and generally a relaxing vacation time on various summer trips!

With GoodBuy to your packed suitcase

Can you have a positive influence on the environment with your own consumer behavior? Yes says GoodBuy and shows that with consumption you can give more back to the world than you take from it. The whole thing works with products that have a positive impact and, for example, protect the environment, promote a fair world or help people.

1. Wood Fiber Beach Towel That Plants Trees - by "Kushel"

Lying at the stand without a guilty conscience: Kushel offers the world's first climate-positive beach towel. The cuddly soft fibers are sustainably produced from wood and gently caress the skin dry. Due to the robust workmanship, the beach towel can also be used on woody ground, for example during yoga sessions. The beach towel is made fairly in Portugal.

Your impact when buying the beach towel:

The towels are made from a special fiber derived from wood, which makes the towel softer, more absorbent and significantly more environmentally friendly. The beech trees used grow without the use of fertilizers, pesticides or artificial irrigation. At the same time, the emissions from production are offset by financing offsetting projects and two trees are planted for every towel. Within 3 years, Kushel was able to plant 1.000.000 trees (as of June 2022).

You can buy the beach towel here

2. Sunscreen that's reef friendly - by 4 people who care

Are you looking for a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor that is plastic-free and without chemical UV filters and does not harm the environment, i.e. corals? "4 people who care" took on exactly this challenge and produced a sunscreen that has an SPF of 50, is waterproof and hardly whitens. The raw materials come from reliable sources and are made exclusively from natural ingredients from organic farming. In addition, the sunscreen is produced by hand in Germany.

Your impact when buying sunscreen:

Three square meters of flowering meadows are planted for each product sold. That is three square meters more living space for bumblebees, earthworms, butterflies, bees, wasps - and all other insects and animals that currently lack living space. In various biodiversity projects, the bee pasture is created regionally near the point of sale if possible.

You can buy the sunscreen here

3. Aloe Vera Gel Planting a Flower Meadow - by 4 people who care

Aloe Vera gives your skin an absolute boost of freshness! The aloe vera gel, which you can apply after sunbathing or during the day, will make your skin feel noticeably softer. The liquid gel absorbs very quickly. It comes from direct trade in Spain and is bottled without perfumes or thickeners.

Your impact when buying the aloe vera gel:

Conventional cosmetics usually contain questionable ingredients that harm either us humans or nature. We often don't know where and how something was made. And to make matters worse, there is often far too much plastic involved in the packaging. “4 people who care” plants three square meters of flowering meadows for every product sold.

You can buy the aloe vera money here

4. Holiday books that provide further education and put you in a good mood

Reading a good book on any vacation is definitely a good plan. With the book by Rutger Bregman, historian and journalist, you get an insight into the nature of human beings. In doing so, he puts forward the thesis that human beings are fundamentally good. If you follow this premise, you see humanity in a new way. The author presents innovative ideas for improving the world that give readers hope.

Your impact when buying the book:

For each book, 5% of the sale price goes to Barefoot College's Bridge School Boarding School. There, children are prepared within a year for transfer to state schools. Approximately 65 children in the Indian Ajmer district benefit from attending a boarding school every year and can catch up on basic education they have missed. Children of migrant workers who depend on accommodation, food and supervision in a boarding school are given preference. All children belong to disadvantaged population groups whose parents did not have access to education. Purchase of Rutger Bregman's book will enable eight hours of study at Barefoot College.

You can buy the book here

5. Travel Minis vs. Plastic Carpets - from "Stop the Water while Using me"

The Travel Minis are a trio of solid shampoo, conditioner and face & body wash. They are soap-free and suitable for all skin and hair types. They contain no water and instead are based on purely natural, biodegradable ingredients. The packaging is recyclable, space-saving and a real lightweight for hand luggage - literally: a relief on your next trip!

Your impact when buying the Travel Minis:

In addition to the sustainability of our own products, 1% of the proceeds from each product sold go to the Good Water Projects initiative. These projects are based on the "help for self-help" principle and are supported over several years.

You can buy the Travel Minis here

6. Playing cards included - by "Spielköpfe"

Card games are part of every good holiday! The playing cards ensure more diversity and equality by turning the previously monotonous imagery of cards upside down. The cards are made according to the Cradle2Cradle standard and are also plastic-free.

Your impact when buying the playing cards:

Set an example against discrimination and show in a playful way how diverse our society is! For every deck of cards sold, 50 cents are donated to the foundation fund for civil sea rescue.

You can buy the playing cards here

7. The 3-1 soap box for everyone who travels with solid shampoo / soap and wants to support orangutans - by "HOPERY"

The soap box is great to take with you when you travel. Thanks to the silicone band, the soap box is closed and thus optimally protects the contents. This means you can do without plastic packaging and always have your favorite soap or shampoo bar with you. The vegan box is made from renewable bamboo and corn in Germany. This makes it particularly light and has a unique surface. A real eye-catcher in the bathroom and practical when travelling.

Your impact when buying the soap box:

Because the preservation of the rainforest is not enough, HOPERY supports a project dedicated to the protection of orangutans - the creatures that suffer indescribably from conventional cosmetics production. HOPERY donates 10% of its profits to Orangutan Outreach ( With your purchase you donate an additional 20 cents per HOPERY product and thus help directly to save orangutans.

You can buy the soap box here

8. Grass Paper Notebook That Helps Kids Get Schooled - by MataBooks

Once on vacation, away from everyday life, creative thoughts and ideas flow - but where to put them? Thanks to the Matabooks Tara notebook on grass paper, you can capture creative sketches, poems or thoughts on 40 pages. "Tara" comes from the ancient Indian Sanskrit and symbolizes a strong person. The grass paper smells wonderfully of a fresh summer meadow. Since it is particularly robust by nature, you can easily use all colors and ink without them bleeding through or fraying the paper. All Matabooks are V-Label certified and produced in Germany.

Your impact when buying the notebook:

For each book, a fixed amount goes to Barefoot College's Bridge School boarding school. There, children are prepared within a year for transfer to state schools. Around 65 children in the Indian Ajmer district benefit from attending a boarding school every year and can catch up on basic education they have missed. Children of migrant workers who depend on accommodation, food and supervision in a boarding school are given preference. All children belong to disadvantaged population groups whose parents did not have access to education.

You can buy the notebook here

9. A plastic-less bottle that keeps you cool and warm - by Dopper

Two functions in one - just right if you don't want to take two products with you when you travel. With the Dopper Insulated Glacier Gray you can take your warm coffee with you, because the Dopper keeps it hot for up to nine hours. If you're headed towards the beach and you need refreshment, the Dopper won't let you down either: it can chill 24 ml for up to 580 hours.

Your impact when buying the bottle:

With every Dopper bottle, 40 single-use plastic bottles are prevented from entering our oceans. In addition, Dopper finances educational programs, research and educational campaigns on the subject of plastic in water. So far, more than 50.000 tons of single-use plastic have been avoided.

You can buy the double bottle here

10. Chic bracelet made of ghost nets as a sign of marine protection - by "Bracenet"

The unique items from Bracenet could be used as a statement on the arm due to the different number and thickness of the mesh. They show that wearers are committed to protecting the seas, because they are made of so-called ghost nets that are found in the ocean. All nets are cleaned in an environmentally friendly process before hand-made production.

Your impact when buying the bracelet:

In the Pacific Garbage Patch alone, ghost nets account for up to 46% of plastic waste. But we humans are also affected, because over the course of hundreds of years the nets decompose into dangerous microplastics. So far, Bracenet has recovered over 4 tons of ghost nets from the sea. In addition to cleaning up the oceans, 10% of proceeds go to partner Healthy Seas. In this way, further rescue trips can be financed.

You can buy the bracelet here


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