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Home office with a difference: 3 coworking spaces on the Canary Islands

For a long time, the home office was only reserved for a few, but since the pandemic at the latest, it has developed into the new everyday working life for many workers. Even though there has now been a reasonably normal return to everyday office life - in compliance with distance and hygiene regulations and individual test strategies - many of us still spend a lot of time at home. Some may even still be entirely in the home office.

The longing for change is great

It doesn't matter how you're currently working: After such a long time in your own four walls, many people want a change of scenery. Increasingly easier travel conditions ensure that people dream a little further. The Canary Islands with their mild, spring-like climate throughout the year are such a place of longing. Especially in the current months, since the weather is often still very unstable and grey. So if you dare to move your home office to the Canary Islands, you can not only look forward to an early spring, but also to many new impressions - like ours recently Colleague Kai on Tenerife found out.

Exceptional places for coworking on the Canary Islands

The needs of a so-called workation are different than those of conventional vacation trips. After all, you need reliable internet, among other things, in order to be able to continue to take part in the regular meetings as usual. An important feature that not every (natural) accommodation can offer. Even those who work in the creative field sometimes need tools that cannot be easily transported in a suitcase.

Fortunately, there are numerous coworking spaces on the Canary Islands that can meet these special requirements. Whether in Fuerteventura, Lanzarote or Tenerife: In this article we will introduce you to three extraordinary coworking spaces in the Canary Islands.

1. "Cocoworking" on Fuerteventura: Founded with a great vision

Separate workstations

"Cocoworking“ on Fuerteventura was founded by Matteo, who has a big vision. In addition to high-quality desks, comfortable chairs and fast WiFi, "Cocoworking" should above all be a place for exchange. A place where you can meet interesting people and exchange fascinating ideas - with 24/7 access. With "Cocoworking" Matteo creates a space for people who think beyond the usual work ethic and want to support productivity, cooperation and the connection to a larger goal with their work.

Meaningful work in a great community

At "Cocoworking" you mainly meet motivated people with whom you can connect. The weekly events, which are free for members, ensure a very special sense of community. When surfing, yoga, doing handicrafts, meditating and painting, you not only meet like-minded people, you can also let your own ideas run free and draw new energy.

room view
phone booth
Interesting partitions of the jobs
Working niche from above
conference room and workroom

Our questions to Matteo Leoni, maker behind Cocoworking:

What made you decide to open a coworking space in Fuerteventura?

The idea of ​​Coco was born with the intention of creating a bridge between cultures while respecting the traditions and the environment of the city. Having lived on the island for three years now, I have found that the city lacks a central hub where locals and travelers can work together and easily share ideas, projects and life stories. A place that facilitates the teleworking world that has been booming since the pandemic and offers the opportunity to host a wider cultural mix. Most of the new expats who have arrived in Fuerteventura dream of working in a paradise like El Cotillo, but sometimes find that the facilities surrounding the place are very limited. To be honest, this idea also came about with the intention of generating enough income in the future to make independent short stories and documentaries about surfing and life on the island. My girlfriend and I have worked in the audiovisual industry in the past as actors, writers and producers. We fell in love with the island and the concept of slow living, and in a few years we hope to perhaps create one of the first co-working spaces with an integrated video production company.

What makes working for you so special?

Cool, functional and accessible.

Cool (that's what the "Pueblo" says), especially with the Cotillo-style blue wooden doors that are hard to miss. The room was made with the help of AULAGA Completely renovated design that has brought a mix of industrial and recycled aura to the space. We've created a place that feels like a city as soon as you walk in, but… don't be fooled! As soon as you leave the room, the sun and the sea breeze catapult you exactly where you want to be: in a small village by the sea, in the middle of the Atlantic. By the way, you can see the sea from some of our workplaces.

Functional because it is designed to be versatile: you can decide for yourself whether you want to take private calls in our yellow video booth, hold a private conference in the meeting room or share a desk with others.

Accessible, we give the best tips on what to do in your free time. Whether you book a surf lesson or eat at the best restaurants in town, we ensure discounts or unique experiences.

What role does sustainability play at Cocoworking?

Our commitment to sustainability is based on recycling and the use of local companies and manufacturers. thanks to AULAGA Design, we incorporated many of their sustainability concepts into the design of Cocoworking. Almost 80 percent of the furniture and materials come from the Canary Islands and were made by local carpenters/processors. Some of the most significant creations embellishing the space come from a local artist called "El Malage" who works with recycled materials he finds in construction site wrecks and welds them together into true works of art. The phone booth was from meavo supplied, whose interior lining consists of a special environmentally friendly acoustic felt. Each cabin contains over 800 recycled water bottles! In our kitchen we provide recycled glass jars for drinks. We'll be with you soon Treedom collaborate, a platform that offers "tree sponsorships" that we will include in our tariff. We strongly believe that sustainability is a concept that we must continue to explore and spread so that we can create a conscious and united community.

What activities are there to experience nearby, for example during the lunch break or after work?

There are many things to do around Cotillo. You can hire a bike (Surf Riders) and ride along the coast towards Piedra Playa and Esquinzo, or even better, hire a surfboard and catch a few waves. Or in a ceramics course with our friends from Ceramics take part. A gourmet burger is recommended for culinary delights Tsunami gastro burger, the best on the island. Or just enjoy the local gastronomy in the Pitaya Bar&Cafe (which offers some special dishes for our Coco customers). In any case, don't forget to visit the Azotea del Cotillo across from Coco, where you can experience one of the most breathtaking sunsets while sipping a mojito.

2. "Area 0" on Lanzarote: More than a conventional coworking space

Working with a view of the sea

The co-working spaceArea 0“ on the volcanic island Lanzarote enchants with its incredibly beautiful location directly on the sea. Playa de Matagorda is a pretty sandy beach with gentle waves and a seven-kilometer promenade. While there are numerous restaurants on the promenade where you can have a wonderful lunch, you can throw yourself into the gentle waves or take a long walk on the beach after work. If you want to take a quick shower after jumping into the salt water, you will be happy about the shower and changing room in "Area 0". Of course, there is no shortage of work here either: “Area 300” extends over 0 square meters according to an open room concept and is so much more than a conventional co-working space. Rather, "Area 0" is an open territory in which various technologies and knowledge are exchanged among each other and on an international level.

Creative work with the best view of the beach

There are a total of five desks here, all of which are equipped with computers and desktops and can be rented on flexible terms, by the hour or by the day. There is also a meeting room where you can find all sorts of tools for a range of productions (video, DJ, games and music productions) and video conferences. All these are always created here with the best view of the beach.

Not just office work: photo shoots, music productions and catwalks are also possible

In addition, the creators of the coworking space offer various services: from all secretarial services to the organization of discussions and meetings, to the organization of small events, workshops, conferences, catwalks and photo shoots, all sectors are addressed. So it's not surprising that in "Area 0" you keep meeting very different characters who provide fresh perspectives and new inspiration.

Coworking on the beach promenade
Exterior view of Area 0
Fire Extinguisher
Couch for breaks
Workplace with all-round sea view in Area 0

Our questions to Paolo Ressia, founder of Area 0:

What made you decide to open a coworking space in Lanzarote?

Very funny, originally Area 0 was born simply as my private office. I have worked as an export manager and representative for many companies in the fashion world for more than 35 years and have traveled extensively to Asia. In 2014 I decided to come to the Canary Island of Lanzarote because it is a "virgin" market for fashion.

In 2018, just before the pandemic, I decided to sell my part of the company to my partner. I chose quality of life and not the hysterical life dictated by today's society. Lanzarote has enchanted me: the quality of life, the energy, waking up in the morning with a smile and going to bed with a smile. In 2021 I discovered this space, a fantastic place! Full of energy, with the power of the sea and the sun only 100 kilometers away from the desert. A perfect place to develop ideas and projects and a perfect hub to combine all the good things Lanzarote has to offer.

A B2B coworking space was created here. I say B2B coworking because my idea was not to offer our services to everyone, but to dedicate them to companies and people who see their work not only as a means of making money, but as a way to understand how the office of the future can look like: a connection between smart working and coworking.

What makes working for you so special?

The atmosphere, the energy, not just "Paolo" but the view of the ocean, the volcanic energy, the desert, the force that comes from the earth, from the moon, from the sun and above all the energy that the people create themselves by using the spaces, working together, sharing their own experiences, desires and hopes. People with a "third" eye...people who continue to see "life" in the simple world.

What role does sustainability play in Area 0?

I think that sustainability comes from the human mind. A differentiated view of the sustainability concept helps to initiate a discourse and to get a better understanding of the importance of far-sighted resource management. Environmental sustainability must be a top priority for society, even if there are many different views on how to implement it. By sustainable development I understand the idea that society meets its needs without endangering future generations. Area 0 coworking is no longer based on control but on results.

3. Working in the midst of banana plantations: The "Villa Perenque" on Tenerife

Villa Perenquen

The "Villa Perenquen" on Tenerife combines working with sleeping. The accommodation is not only idyllically situated in the middle of banana plantations, but also offers a spectacular view over the Atlantic Ocean, the volcano El Teide and the surrounding islands of La Gomera and La Palma. While the "Smart Working Nomadas Digitales" seal guarantees a good WiFi connection, regular yoga retreats in the house ensure a good work-life balance.

Exterior Perequen
Working with a sea view
John Solis

Our questions to Juan Solis, Manager of Villa Perenque:

What made you decide to open Villa Perenquen?

Our motivation was not just a business idea, but the opportunity to turn something so beautiful into a project. Recognizing the magical space that surrounds us and wanting to share it with people around the world; Sharing ideas, experiences, lives... creating a small family that grows bigger every day. Many of our visitors come back and they have already become friends.

What makes working for you so special?

The special thing about working for us is that you make a lifestyle your livelihood. To know that one enjoys good company, experiences an eternal spring, tastes a freshly picked fruit every day and swims in clear sea water, barefoot, with constantly tanned skin and not caring about the time, and yet sometimes repeating oneself ( because you forget) that all this is his job too. Because we are in the middle of a banana plantation, which gives the area a special calm and an unusual peace. We're no better than other rural resorts, but we're certainly different.

What role does sustainability play at Villa Perenque?

Sustainability plays a vital role in our locality, although all islands are increasingly trying to promote a sustainable environment. Until recently, “traditional” tourism practices had such an impact on the environment that future generations could no longer enjoy the environment. We are a rural accommodation that has taken advantage of buildings formerly occupied by plantation workers (an antiquated custom on our islands) and we have converted them into a comfortable home for our guests, without losing the rural charm of yesteryear was lost, and which we intend to retain in the future. We are constantly learning and improving. In a rural environment like ours, it is important to us that we care for and pamper our land accordingly.

What activities are there to experience nearby, for example during the lunch break or after work?

We live on islands that are commonly referred to in our country as 'lucky ones', and that's absolutely right. There is hardly an activity or hobby that cannot be practiced in our area, both because of the climate and our orthography. We are just a five minute walk to a beautiful coastline that offers us unlimited water sports (paddle surfing, swimming, surfing, kite surfing, wind surfing, kayaking, water skiing, sailing, whale watching, scuba diving, snorkeling... shall we continue?), as well as running, Hiking, cycling, skating, climbing, canyoning, paragliding, motorcycling...

In our common areas there are spaces of absolute tranquility where our guests can read or write and often practice yoga and/or meditation. Barbecue, dining room and communal kitchen are available and are places to socialize with other travellers.

Lisa helped set up the Good Travel Blog and will write for us as a freelance author in the future. She is passionate about traveling and dancing around the world with a small ecological footprint.


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