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We are Franziska Diallo and Judith Hehl, founders of Good Travel - an intermediary platform for hand-picked, sustainable accommodations in Europe. In 2017 we added our Good Travel Blog, on which we write about the topic of sustainable travel. Next Lisa Klakow, the main person responsible for our blog, other authors also write like Cecile Meier, Ina Hiester, Jule Weidner, Kai Meier, Tania Tavernese, and everyone who wants to bring the topic into the world with us.

We would like to share our passion with you. We are happy that you found your way to us. Let's make traveling nicer, more colorful and more sustainable together!

Good Travel: Good Places for Good People

Are you curious what is behind the Good Travel mediation platform? Take a look at our sustainable accommodations now goodtravel.de at! There you will find a selection of hand-picked, sustainable accommodations across Europe.

In a nutshell: our categories

We all love to travel and want to be as careful as possible. But how does sustainable travel succeed? Is that even possible? On our blog we give you tips on the topic of sustainability and recommend nice accommodations far away from the crowds.

In our section "Destinations"We dedicate ourselves to"Backstage“ the hosts and at “Five places“We regularly introduce you to five locations on one topic.

In our "Country special“Again, let's focus on selected countries in Europe. After all, it doesn't always have to be halfway around the world to have a great vacation. Also on the doorstep there is a lot to experience. In the section there are exciting travel reports and instructions on how to reach the destination in the most environmentally friendly way possible to read. We will also introduce you to initiatives that have impressed us and that work for more sustainability.

Sustainability when traveling doesn't always mean having to do without

We want to show you that sustainability does not mean doing without when traveling. But on the contrary. We would also like to make this form of travel tangible for everyone. You don't always have to dig deep into your pockets to travel sustainably. Therefore we have the rubric "Travel for“, In which we devote ourselves to various target groups and give them practical travel tips by hand.

In addition, we present you in our section "We think it's good“Present people and products that have inspired us. On our way we always meet wonderful people who have embraced sustainability in very different ways.

Sustainable tour operators and activities

Of course, the rubric "Sustainability“Not missing. Here we present special tourism initiatives that are committed to making tourism more sustainable. There is also the category of sustainable "Organizer", Where we list selected tour operators and activities.

We hope you enjoy discovering the world of sustainable travel and browsing the Good Travel Blog!

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