Sustainable tour operators & activities

Discovered for you

Here we introduce you to sustainable tour operators and activities that you can experience for yourself. All providers are characterized by their sustained commitment. In the end, everyone benefits from small travel groups and added value directly on site. From the local population to you when you have your very own travel experience!


The tango trips of elonga with Isabella and Iwan on the Canary Island of Lanzarote are among the most intense experiences a tango dancer can imagine. From October 10th to 17th, 2021, the two are organizing a magical trip to Lanzarote, where you can go on a search for the melting point of your tango. The volcanic energy of the island is made for a tango journey that touches all the senses, awakens the inner strength and gives it expression on the outside.


WineStreet brings you closer to some of the best biodynamic and natural wines from southwest Germany. The tours are personal, authentic and peppered with delicious bits of knowledge about the regions and all told with a pinch of tipsy fun. In addition, WineStreet offers with their Slurp sessions Sensory online journeys through the beautiful wine regions of the southwest with wild rides in landscapes full of fun and games.


Located on the beautiful east coast of Mallorca, nestled between wild olive trees and dwarf palms is the Yoga finca Son Mola Vell. Here you will find an oasis of calm for body, mind and soul! The view sweeps over the hilly, green valley of Son Macià. Immerse yourself in the special atmosphere of this finca and let yourself be enchanted! A place to feel good and to arrive, as if made for a yoga trip!


See, feel, smell, taste: the herb walks from NatureArtWork lead through the overwhelming abundance of the wild meadows of Brandenburg. During the guided tours of discovery through the garden of the herb pedagogue Manuela Röhken, you can listen to historical stories and get to know seasonal wild herbs in their natural environment. Then you prepare a delicious menu together - a feast for all the senses.


We are dream valley With its enchanting nature, it is a place for contemplation but also for small adventures: whether cooking around the campfire, hiking or meditating with the free-living horses of the farm, swimming in the mountain lake or skiing in the white winter dream. This is where nature, mindfulness, vegan life and a love for the simple are combined. Spending the night in the trailer or in the farm's two Mongolian yurts is a real experience in every season!


Berlin is the capital of sustainable fashion. It is therefore not surprising that there are now guided tours around the topic. The Green Fashion Tours not only want to talk about sustainable fashion, but also to explain the social grievances of the conventional fashion industry. Alternatives for ethical buying behavior are shown and information is provided on topics such as upcycling, fair fashion, local production and circular economy.


In every country there are places worth seeing that every travel guide mentions. However, it is often the lesser-known places that still have surprises in store. I want these places MOL travel show other people. And in a careful way. Visiting Romanian farmers together who are still tilling their fields as they were 100 years ago, through to accompanied journeys on the lesser-known Camino de Santiago. There is something special to experience everywhere.