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Holiday at the lake

Five places on the lake

Many people feel a special sense of calm when they are near a body of water. The deep blue color, the gentle rocking and the surface that glitters beautifully when caught in the sun can also simply trigger relaxation. Especially in summer, when you can dip your feet in or completely submerge yourself, a stay by the water is just the thing. We have therefore selected five great places for a lakeside vacation that you should definitely take a closer look at.

1. Nothing but peace by the lake in Norway

Im Hafsrød Forestry Estate There is absolute peace and quiet. Only the sound of nature and the endless expanses of Norway can be found up here. Located in Østfold, there are hardly any people or light pollution here, which allows for a breathtaking starry sky and wonderful silence. Hafsrød is a traditional forestry estate and has been family-owned for five generations. Here in the far north, it is all about living in harmony with nature and enjoying the forest and the crystal-clear lakes that surround the small island on which the cabins are located.

The cabins at Hafsrød are all unique, lovingly designed with natural materials and very cozy. Elements of the forest workers who once lived here have been integrated to bring history into the atmosphere - books about forestry, tools they used, as well as pictures and maps.

You can go hiking in this beautiful area right outside your front door or rent the canoes belonging to the house and explore the lake.

Glamping in Norway
With friends to Norway
Cabin in Norway

2. La Dolce Vita on Lake Garda

A breathtaking panoramic view of Lake Garda, wonderful peace and a private property of almost three hectares – that is Favai HillsLocated on what is probably Italy's most popular lake, this accommodation offers a unique energy and tranquility that is rarely found in the area.

There are only four suites on the extensive grounds, so that you as guests can enjoy your time in privacy and in peace. The accommodation was originally a farmhouse belonging to an Italian family who lived right by the lake and used it in the summer months - with a stable on the ground floor and living quarters on the upper floors. The houses were later lovingly restored. They have completely retained their time-honored charm.

You can either indulge in the sweet life on your own terrace and enjoy the fascinating view or take a ten-minute walk down to the lake to swim, surf or go boating.

Accommodation on Lake Garda
Holiday apartment on Lake Garda
Holiday at the lake

3. In the heart of the Five Lakes Region in Bavaria

Im Guesthouse GRUNDLERS A lot comes together: the mountains, the lakes and the Munich metropolitan region. If you go on holiday here, you don't have to miss out on anything. Located in the middle of the Bavarian Five Lakes Region, the 100-year-old farm with its spacious garden and extensive meadows is a place of peace. The Wörthsee is only a three-minute walk away - perfect for swimming, cycling, walking or a round on the SUP board.

The aesthetics of the guest house and the ten differently designed quarters follow the motto "South Tyrol meets Upper Bavaria". The architecture and the carpentry work come from experts from South Tyrol, while all other craftsmanship was taken care of by long-standing partners from the region. The two styles of the respective regions combine wonderfully here and create a perfect symbiosis between modern and traditional elements.

Accommodation by the lake
Holidays at the lake in Bavaria
B&B by the lake

4. Old watermills in a French rural idyll

The old mill of Mill Mill has existed for over 500 years and has been family-owned for generations. The accommodation is now located in a beautiful park with a lake and the historic water mill. All you can hear here is the chirping of the birds, the rippling of the lake and the leaves of the trees swaying in the light breeze.

Since 2022, the house with its four rooms and an apartment has been open to guests all year round. The rooms are named after the grandmothers of the two owners and exude an original coziness that combines with modern aesthetics. Lots of natural materials, cellular tiles in the new bathrooms, cool lamps and warm colors such as sage, mustard yellow or terracotta create a cozy yet cool atmosphere.

If the beautiful park with lake is not enough, the nearest beach, the seaside resort of Sainte-Cécile, is only three kilometers away and can be reached in 15 minutes by bike.

5 places by the sea
Holiday in the mill
Lakeside accommodation in France

5. Lake meets mountain at the Austrian Traunsee

Upper Austria is known for its beautiful lakes. Directly on one of these, namely the Traunsee, lies the LAKE 31Nestled in the ancient cultural landscape of the Salzkammergut, this place is located in the Attersee-Traunsee Nature Park and invites you to unforgettable experiences in the midst of nature. The charming houses on the flower meadow by the lake with their own bathing jetty offer a breathtaking panoramic view.

The two cube-shaped wooden houses are modern and contemporary and stand on a hill that slopes gently down to the water. The high-quality cladding made of local wood and the large windows give the houses a special charm and a bright and homely feel. Equipped with a kitchen, fireplace and sauna, you can really enjoy yourself here.

With the lake right on the doorstep, water lovers also have the opportunity to dive into the cool water before breakfast or in the golden evening sun and really absorb the power of the water. 

holiday apartment at traunsee
Places on the lake

© Photos: Hafsrød Forestry Estate, Favai Hills, GRUNDLERS Guesthouse, Moulin Moulin, SEE 31

Nadine is a freelance editor and copywriter. She lives in Austria and commutes between Salzburg, Styria and Vienna. She is therefore either in the mountains or in the urban jungle, but at the same time tries to spend as much time as possible in her heart country Portugal.


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    Thanks for the great post! I would recommend Lake Constance as the sixth lake. I live very close by and it has lots of beautiful spots.


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