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3 Days of Design in Copenhagen – a must this year too


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For design enthusiasts, the 3 Days of Design are virtually a must

Look forward to innovative concepts, fresh ideas and lots of inspiration from the areas of design, lifestyle, furniture and interior design. Experience the latest product launches live, be inspired by the upcoming trends in the furniture industry and get to know the visionary actors behind the products and brands. You will meet many like-minded people who share your passion for design. Connect with them to always keep your finger on the pulse of the times and the latest developments. No question: The 3 Days of Design are a must for all design enthusiasts. Come to Copenhagen from June 12th to 14th!


Success story – from warehouse romance to an important design festival

The importance the 3 Days Of Design now enjoys in the design community and among fans of aesthetic design forms can be seen in the exponential increase in popularity every year. When Signe Byrdal Terenziani organized the 2013 Days of Designs for the first time in her role as managing director of the newly founded event format in 3, the event was still within a very manageable framework.


It was just a small design event in the harbor district of Nordhavn. The location was an old warehouse with a direct view of the Copenhagen coast. Four Danish brands launched the new event format: Anker & Co, Erik Jørgensen (now owned by Fredericia Furniture), Montana and Kvadrat.

The whole of Copenhagen is an exciting festival area

With the 3 Days of Design they wanted to end the vacuum that had been created by stopping the previously annual furniture fair in the Bella Center. The small but fine start of the new event developed over the course of a decade into the most important design festival in all of Scandinavia, which now extends across the entire city of Copenhagen. In 2023 alone, more than 250 brand companies exhibited their products at the festival.

Over 500 events centered around design talks, manufacturing features and networking events attracted visitors in droves. And that's not all: 3 Days of Design is much more than just a design festival. The event presents itself as a successful mix of design, lifestyle, culture, city life and culinary highlights. You can see it for yourself at any time from June 12th to 14th, 2024.

Copenhagen Design Festival

Authentically depict the art of design in all its facets

But design is not just aesthetics. Design also stands for innovative ideas and concepts, at best it contains a message and raises awareness of craftsmanship details and the materials used. It is only through the passionate work of designers that a product becomes a distinctive brand with identifying characteristics.

In addition, design always acts as an important link between user and producer. User-friendly functionality can also be cleverly expressed through a suitable design. The respective manufacturers and designers will show you how this works in practice at the 3 Days of Design.

Experience a wide range of design ideas from a wide variety of industries

Keyword furniture design: Numerous well-known as well as smaller producers show their work and skills in exhibitions and demonstrations. Names like Carl Hansen & Son, Norman Copenhagen and Mater, for example, are known for timeless and long-lasting wooden furniture creations. If you want, you can gather lasting impressions, inspiration and ideas here directly on site. Exquisite, handcrafted products, on the other hand, are the hallmark of Atelier Luxus.

The focus is on luxury switches made of solid precious metals that boast an unparalleled range of design finesse. For example, the designers of the luxury audio brand Bang & Olufsen have the latest design icons ready for the technology-savvy audience. Or are you interested in lighting design? Then the Japanese lighting design company Ambientec should definitely be on your to-do list.

Timeless, functional and aesthetic storage objects, on the other hand, are August Sandgren's trademark. Anyone who likes impressive accessories cannot ignore the renowned designer Julie Brandt with her harmonious combination of functionality and aesthetics. The 3 Days of Design are almost bursting with cross-industry design visions.


This way you can quickly get to any event location in Copenhagen

So pack your bags, book a hotel or other accommodation and off you go to Copenhagen for the 3 Days of Design. Exhibitions, workshops, showrooms, presentations, design discussions and lots of fun are waiting for you. And the best thing about it: You can attend all events free of charge. A newly introduced QR ticket system ensures that you can make your event experience even more pleasant. You simply register via the event app to gain access to all events, demonstrations and exhibition rooms. You can easily reach the entire event area by public transport and sometimes also by boat. Or you can rent a bike on site with which you can quickly reach different event features.

Create additional experiences by visiting Scandinavian cities

This is also possible on foot, but it can take 50.000 steps or more. However, especially by bike or as a pedestrian, you have the opportunity to immediately soak up the many shops, restaurants and cafés as well as the impressive architecture and the super relaxed atmosphere of Copenhagen. A little tip on the side: The relaxed atmosphere during the day turns into a vibrant nightlife later.

Copenhagen is also very well connected to other cities across Scandinavia. You can therefore explicitly use Copenhagen as a starting point for a tour of Denmark or even the whole of Scandinavia. Malmö in southern Sweden, for example, is always worth a trip because of its many sights. You usually come by train from Copenhagen to Malmö in around 45 minutes. It's not much more than a stone's throw. 

Courtyard Copenhagen

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... and maybe this one is still there beautiful accommodation free 😉

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