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Behind the scenes: visiting the daberer

the daberer in the Gaital – organic hotel as a home

They are a family. Organic is in their genes. The Daberers in Carinthia's Gailtal have been pursuing their own, sustainable path for over 40 years. the daberer. The biohotel is considered an organic pioneer and is the leading company of the first Slow Food Travel region of the world become. Jakob from Good Travel was able to visit Daberer as part of his Carinthia winter trip and writes about his impressions.

the Daberer Biohotel
Double room

A day in the daberer – that’s how to enjoy life

The Daberer family has been inviting visitors to the first since 1928 Slow food region of the world in the middle of nature, embedded in the mountain landscape. It used to be the Sankt Daniel spa, but the wellness oasis also delights under a new name, with organic excellence since 1978. Regional feel-good cuisine, yoga options, spring water pools. A wald.sauna, guided hikes and cooking courses. Everything in harmony between people and nature. The daberer is for Retreat for a sustainable hiking holiday or wellness holiday in the Gailtal in southern Austria.

eight o'clock

We sleep late but wake up early, surrounded by the smell of local wood and kissed by the sun. The early bird enjoys the The day also invites you to savor it.

Restaurant terrace_Daberer

We then have a long breakfast because the butter from the neighboring farmer tastes just as good on the freshly baked bread, even on the third slice. We sample the regional delicacies, with mountain cheese on top of the pepper spread and the homemade nut-chocolate granola to round things off. Mhh. I would like to try that again with the coconut yogurt. By the way: at daberer you can also do alkaline fasting all year round - a declaration of love for your own well-being, so to speak. If you can resist the temptation.

healthy breakfast

We follow the sun and sit on the terrace for a view walk between the Gailtal and the mountain peaks. The desired cappuccino is brought to our table. We cuddle comfortably with the sun and the one from the selected book. We get to know the most impressive trees in the world.

thirteen o'clock

The daberer is in the middle of nature, right on the edge of the forest. We have to hug the trees ourselves. We particularly like: the prepared, light lunch that can be taken away or eaten there. Just right for a small appetite, a delicious slow pace ensures a good hunger balance between breakfast and dinner.

Midday lunch

We quench our thirst with our own spring water. We feel comfortable and are full of energy. Is there something in the water? Or was it perhaps this deep nighttime sleep like on clouds?

We follow the small streams and paths and come to the forest pond. Crystal clear and inviting. We want to jump in, but only later. First we explore the forest, through the foliage, up the hill. We recharge our batteries, listen to the babbling river and have a picnic lunch.

After jumping into the pond (ice-cold refreshing) we arrive home and jump under the feathers for a short nap. We relax for the evening.

Spring water swimming pool

seventeen o'clock

We float in the spring water swimming pool, but we are drawn further, into the sauna. After the walk and the extensive relaxation, we really deserve it.

We slip into the soft bathrobes and make a pilgrimage towards the forest. The rippling water shows us the way, we duck in briefly past the spruce trees.

Forest sauna

It is comfortably warm and smells of wood. We are alone. Steaming out of the sauna, we jump into the cold water fountain, then we feel the heat and cold in the relaxation room. The events repeat themselves, the muscles become buttery soft, the head switches off. Get deeper again.

We stroll back, a big grin on our faces. One highlight follows the next: the 4+ course dinner. We dress up nicely.

During the course of the day we were able to put together our own menu; we ticked off the starter on the menu, as well as a snack to share, and yes, please also a dessert. Wow, I've never tried kohlrabi soup like this before. And the fish, it melts in your mouth.

Menu in the daberer

The days melt away just like the homemade ice cream for dinner. Today we are trying pistachio and chocolate. Oh, and why not another scoop of mango sorbet?

End with longing – with daberer harmony

The library

At the moment the cell phone is in the room. A holiday for the eyes, the atmosphere is felt and perceived instead of being captured digitally. There is a lot to discover and just as many opportunities to retreat. “If you can't find your favorite place here, it's your own fault."

The daberer family is always on site. Senior boss Willi chats with the guests, Marianne stops by the breakfast buffet. The Daberer lifestyle stands for organic, and so much more. It is an invitation to withdraw, to pause, to allow ideas to mature from the calm, to broaden one's gaze.

The combination of cuisine, wellness, nature and comfort makes us feel our bodies completely differently. Here we can really relax, away from the city and the hustle and bustle of work. We dream of the next yoga class, of guided herb hikes with Inge Daberer, and of the next favorite place. There is still so much to discover, and yet we drive home refreshed and overjoyed.

On the morning of our departure, Willi drives us from Daberer to the bus station in the electric car. On the train we look out the window at the landscape passing by and into the distance. Yes, the last few days were really true, the relaxed feeling of well-being is proof. And, wait a minute, don't I see a bird in the distance? #thewiththebird

Holidays in Carinthia

© Photos: der daberer.das Biohotel, Jakob Wolski

Jakob works as a freelance author and cooperation strategist for Good Travel. Moved by his studies in anthropology, Jakob is particularly interested in the social and cultural aspects of sustainable travel and would like to encourage destinations and companies to rethink sustainable tourism in the long term. When Jakob is not working for Good Travel, he is on theater stages or working on social interaction games.


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