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Traveling without a flight

BOOK TIP: Travel without flights

There are a wide variety of destinations in Europe that are just waiting to be (re)discovered. The new illustrated book “Traveling without Flight” from DuMont Reiseverlag shows that you don’t have to get on a plane to go on vacation within the continent.

30 unique trips through Europe

This involves both a climate-conscious arrival and departure - this is becoming increasingly possible thanks to a growing network of long-distance buses and fast train connections - as well as on-site travel.

Divided according to the duration of the excursion, the book consists of four chapters, each of which presents up to ten trips:

      • Short trips: From riding a Vespa in Belgium to hiking along the Dolomites High Trail
      • Travel, 8-11 days: From cycling through Cornwall to canoeing on the Dordogne
      • Travel, 12-14 days: From road trips across the Faroe Islands to a train ride through Transylvania
      • Travel longer than 14 days: From trekking adventures in Norway to vanlife in the Pyrenees


Whether island hopping by ferry in Greece, exploring romantic Cornwall by bike, taking the post bus through the Swiss Alps or racing through pretty small towns in Belgium on a scooter - this book takes you on 30 climate-friendly breaks that you can't book through any travel agency.

beautiful vacation spots
on vacation without a plane

With practical tips for departure and departure

For each tour there are practical tips for arriving and departing without a plane. A map with the individual stages and a step-by-step description of the respective route are intended to make subsequent travel as effortless as possible.

Here you will also find suggestions for climate-friendly types of travel locally and on the topics of driving, seeing, eating, doing and sleeping. Factual knowledge about the respective destination as well as a checklist with tips on packing, listening and reading that get you in the mood for the respective travel destination round off the package.

Further ideas for climate-friendly holidays can be found in the “More like this” section at the end of each chapter for even more inspiration.


Flightless travel in Europe is so easy!

Further information

  • Published in March 2024
  • 240 Seiten
  • Format 19,4 x 24,6 cm hardcover, illustrated throughout
  • Price: € 27.95 (D) / 29,95 (AT) / 37,90 (CH)

Available in all bookstores or online brilliantly local order

accessible without a plane
Accessible without a flight.


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