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Restaurants in Berlin

Five restaurant tips from our new city guides

Where do you eat particularly well in Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris, Vienna and Porto? For our city guides, we went through our favorite European cities and here you can get a few of our favorite tips for free.

1. Berlin: Activist, cookbook author and former DJ Sophia Hoffmann cooks passionately and veganally at Happa

The Happa Restaurant is our favorite vegan restaurant when it comes to a good and affordable lunch spot in Kreuzberg or when you want to show Berlin visitors and foodies a very special dinner. At the dinner event with a five-course menu, there is a personal address from the two managing directors Sophia Hoffmann and Nina Petersen in which the guests learn more about the individual dishes, the excellent beverage accompaniment and the products used, almost all of which are organic. are certified. The pleasant atmosphere between the guests and the team creates a good atmosphere. The delicacies such as creamy red cabbage soup, spiced focaccia with rosemary bean mash, pink pasta with radicchio or sticky pudding with apple and labneh are incredibly tasty, wholesome and always surprising.

vegan food in Berlin

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2. Copenhagen: Cofoco is the headquarters of the Copenhagen Food Collective

The Restaurant Cofoco belongs to the Copenhagen Food Collective (Cofoco for short), an association of restaurants that stand for particularly regional and seasonal cuisine. The cozy restaurant has been located in the trendy Vesterbro district for almost twenty years and is always well attended. The Scandinavian-minimalist guest room has a great lighting atmosphere with candles and indirect light. There is modern art on the walls and beautifully set wooden tables in the room that are invitingly waiting for the guests. There is a great and colorful menu with lots of vegetables, herbs and great flavor explosions. Plus very nice service and fine wines. Also the restaurants like this that are also part of the collective Delphine (Greek-Mediterranean) and that Vaekst We have tested (farm-to-table) for you and can highly recommend it.

Eating out in Copenhagen
delicious restaurant in Copenhagen
Restaurant tip Copenhagen

3. Paris: Love really goes through the stomach for this French couple

On the banks of the Canal Saint-Martin in 2016, Joe and Victoria Ima Canteen opened. The pair had previously worked together at a coffee shop. Their small vegetarian canteen offers incredibly good, fresh food in appetizing bowls all day long. In the morning there are international breakfast classics such as pancakes, granola and shakshuka. In the evening it becomes more French with hearty tarts, fantastic salads and sometimes stew with couscous - all vegetarian and of course homemade. There is now even a cookbook with the guests' favorite recipes.

vegan food in Paris

4. Vienna: A Viennese coffeehouse with a modern twist

The  Café Hildebrand in the Ethnological Museum in Vienna is a true institution and has decorated perhaps the most beautiful winter garden in the city with old lamps. A bit of shabby chic creates a nice retro atmosphere throughout the restaurant - wooden furniture, old paintings, patina on the walls, colorful cushions and Persian carpets. Here you'll find fine coffee house cuisine and real comfort food like delicious waffles, heavenly coffee and great cakes. In summer you can sit in the garden under large umbrellas and treat yourself to a breezy break from an eventful city trip.

Local tip in Vienna

5. Porto: A culinary haven for veggies

The  Species is a vegetarian restaurant in downtown Porto near João Chagas Park and incredibly delicious. The vegetarian KFC (Korean Fried Cauliflower) made from cauliflower is particularly worth a visit. Homemade lemonade, fresh bowls and salads as well. There is a green courtyard, a small curbside terrace and a cozy guest room with large wooden tables and leather benches for longer stays. The fresh dishes are deliciously served on beautiful ceramic dishes. In addition, all the waiters are friendly and charming.

Good food in Porto

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