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Landhaus Averbeck - a family hotel

Behind the scenes at LANDHAUS AVERBECK

The Country house Averbeck in the Lüneburg Südheide between Bergen and Celle is a hotel of a special kind! The Averbeck-Pennington family has run the hotel together for three generations and is thus heading in a future-oriented direction. Since the summer of 2023, the eldest daughter Charlotte has returned to the farm with her partner Sören Weidenhöfer and joined the family business.

Three generations hotel

Unforgettable childhood memories are created in the modern hotel and the parents also have lasting positive memories of the holiday. In the middle of the Lüneburg Heath, the extensive property extends over 28.000 square meters and serves as a year-round destination for young and old. Ancient oak trees shade the cobbled courtyard, which is surrounded by meadows, forests and paddocks. The hotel blends harmoniously into the landscape and conveys a feeling close to nature - perfect for arriving, letting go and enjoying.

Country house in the middle of the Lüneburg Heath
Hotel with horses

Quality family vacation

What once started as a farm is now a comprehensive offer for families who want a completely carefree holiday for the entire family. This includes amenities such as varied childcare. The host family and the team of 70 employees communicate with the guests in order to continuously adapt and improve the offer to their wishes. In addition to the stylish and high-quality furnished 32 apartments and over 120 beds, which extend across the building ensemble, there is a swimming pool with a baby pool and a heated outdoor pool in the farm garden. 

Since 2023, the newly opened barn has been the new center of the Landhaus Averbeck. Its foundations have been standing since 1870 and, with over 600 square meters, offer guests plenty of space to develop and the opportunity to enjoy various activities and offers in the event rooms with a stage, such as for cinema evenings and readings, course rooms or a fitness area.

Family hotel with pool
Family hotel with pool
Cinema in the hotel

Precious experiences and environmental protection

Since children are the focus of Landhaus Averbeck, it is no coincidence that sustainability is given a particularly important role. It's about protecting and preserving nature so that future generations can continue to vacation in this beautiful place. For this reason, the host family did a lot to ensure that the family vacation was as environmentally friendly as possible. This resulted in our own vegetable garden, a play barn, an outdoor playground and 250 farm animals found their place. From pony riding to petting the animals in the zoo or various hands-on opportunities such as feeding or cleaning out the stable. Special forest programs for children round off the diverse offering. 

For this reason, the host family did a lot to ensure that the family vacation was as environmentally friendly as possible.

Child care on vacation
Hotel with animals

The sustainable efforts are also reflected, for example, in the conversion of the barn. The wood removed during removal was used for other construction projects in the region. The work was carried out exclusively with local construction companies and renewable materials were used. The roof of the barn is covered with photovoltaics and the district heating is supplied from the neighborhood. The entire hotel is powered by a wood chip cogeneration plant.

Converted barn
Children feeding chickens

Part of the Familotels network for over 10 years

The Familotel network, which was founded almost 30 years ago, includes over 60 hotels in six countries. Familotels stand for a family-friendly environment with child-friendly facilities, age-appropriate and professional childcare and appropriate catering. The Landhaus Averbeck has been part of the Familotels for more than a decade now. The hotel is particularly distinguished by its tailored offerings for different age groups. There are various spatial areas, care and play options for babies and children up to 12 years old.

Family country house Averbeck
Hotel with many family offers
Hotel suitable for babies

Endless activities to ensure never-ending boredom

Children can romp around, slide and jump on a climbing tower, trampoline or a giant tube slide. It is also worth mentioning at this point that the Landhaus Averbeck offers baby and children's swimming courses over a week's holiday so that children can learn to swim in a relaxed manner.

Children's slide in the hotel
Fun in the hotel with children

A pleasure for all senses

While the children are well looked after, the parents can also switch off from everyday life and enjoy their free time in two saunas with a relaxation room, the swimming pool or the outdoor pool in the farm garden, as well as yoga courses that take place several times a week. A curated selection of beauty and wellness treatments highlights the offering for adults. Outdoor activities such as long walks together, jogging sessions and cycling tours (bicycles are included) start right outside the front door. 

Guests enjoy the hotel's all-inclusive restaurant offerings. In the “Kleine Möhre” fresh food from the garden and forest is served four times a day. For the other foods used, the shortest possible transport route is chosen. The creative natural cuisine specializes in a diverse buffet that serves seasonal dishes in the form of hot soups and light dishes. 

Kitchen in the country hotel
Relaxation in the Hotel Averbeck
Spa in Averbeck
Country hotel Averbeck for young and old

If you want a carefree holiday for yourself, your family, with several generations or with friends, the Landhotel Averbeck is the right place for you. Between animals, flower beds and a variety of creative play areas there is enough space for adventures, unforgettable experiences and relaxation. 

Sustainable country hotel for children

© Photos: Landhotel Averbeck, Juliane Streck Photography

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