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Weekend in a tiny house

Enjoy idyll in the Tiny House Von Kuckuck

It's starting again for me, yup. Pure nature awaits me for a weekend near Leipzig. I'm happy to be able to pack my travel bag again, grab my dog ​​and friend and off we go Cuckoo Cabin.

Time out in a tiny house

We navigate the late rush hour traffic and arrive at the tiny house in the evening. As the name suggests, it's really small, cute and equipped with everything you need for a short vacation: the best of a tent on the lawn and a boutique hotel in the big city.

We put our bags down, stow them away quickly and, with our stomachs growling, quickly cook something for dinner.

Wake up surrounded by nature

I wake up to the sound of rain falling and I really enjoy it. Luckily I checked the weather report in time and packed my raincoat and rubber boots. So I'm well equipped and the rain doesn't hold me back.

So I grab Greg and we explore the garden where the tiny house is located. I find a small outdoor farm shop that sells fresh chicken eggs and other food from their own vegetable and herb garden. What a great and quiet place. By the way, my dream is to live a bit like Pettersson and Findus and I always notice how I start to dream again in exactly these places. In the middle of nature, with your own vegetable garden and lots of space, far away from the city noise and dirt. So I dream a little more before I walk back to the tiny house, where my friend Stephan has already started breakfast. A delicious breakfast smell, fresh coffee and calm music await me.

Vegetable garden at the tiny house
Vegetable garden with raspberries

Start the day quietly and comfortably

After breakfast, I pick up my book, lie down on the bench by the panoramic window and enjoy the time for myself.

Cuckoo creates special vacation spots and only minimally interferes with nature. At each location, guests have the forest, meadows and lakes around the tiny house all to themselves. The symbiosis of naturalness and tasteful interior creates a cozy atmosphere. More cabins in special places in nature will follow in the coming months.

Panoramic window in the cabin

Trip around the lake

At lunchtime I put my rubber boots back on and we continue exploring the area. There is a lake nearby that is a wonderful place to walk around. We are on the road for almost 2 hours and get to know the region a little better.

rubber boots
Hiking around the Rötha reservoir

By the way, I visit the Tiny House Wiesenblick am Bach. There is another tiny house here on the same site of an old watermill. So if you want to travel with several friends, this is the perfect opportunity. You have the area around the tiny houses completely to yourself. The place is also great for dogs, so I was really happy to be able to take my dog ​​Greg with me.

Back to the warm

We return with red and cold noses, tired dogs and hungry bellies and look forward to a cozy evening. We enjoy Digital Detox because the Kuckuck Cabin does not have WiFi. This makes it all the easier for me to just switch off, leave my cell phone off and let the calm take effect in the here and now. Stephan and I play board games, give each other time, cook with pleasure and end the evening.

In the cabin
Cooking in the Tinyhouse Kuckuck
Glass of wine in the evening

Even just two nights in nature are enough for me to have a quick change of scenery, to recharge my batteries and to be able to look forward to the big city again. New adventures will come soon, for sure. I get in the car, say goodbye to the beautiful, relaxing place and drive back to Berlin.

Kuckuck Cabin is a wonderful place, full of coziness and warmth. 

© Photos: Jule Weidner, Stephen Dicks

As a freelancer, Jule selects the wonderful accommodations for us and reports on her Good Travel stays. As a conscious traveler and graduate in sustainable tourism, the impact of tourism, especially from an ecological and social point of view, is very important to her.


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