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Accommodation in Merano

Behind the scenes of the Steinach Townhouse Meran

The smell of rain is still in the air and the sun is drying the last drops. From afar I can see the pretty, historic townhouse with its sage green shutters. Now I stand in front of the large shop window and see the inviting dining room with marble tables, large lamps and elegant interior.

Time to explore the inside of the townhouse!

Steinach Townhouse

The hosts Katlin and Licia warmly welcome you. I am shown through the special house with eight suites on four floors. Afterwards we make ourselves comfortable at one of the beautiful tables in the dining room.

Katlin-Licia Steinach Townhouse Merano
Hosts Katlin and Licia

Your guests can feel at home here and let themselves be pampered. I receive individual tips for art, culture, restaurant visits and culinary delights, as well as various excursion options. 

Townhouse Merano

Why coincidences are not coincidences - the purchase of the townhouse

The Milanese designer couple Giulia de Andreis and Roger Botti fell in love with Meran a long time ago and in 2017 took the opportunity to purchase the run-down and neglected building. Since they live in Lombardy themselves, it quickly became clear that they could not take care of the house and the guests themselves. They met Katrin Schnitzer, the former hostess, at Villa Bergmann. The three of them developed the Steinach Townhouse project together, and their knack for aesthetics, a philosophy of sustainability and know-how in all aspects of guest service came together.

Room in the Steinach Townhouse

The special features of the city hotel

The Steinach Townhouse Merano has been a bed and breakfast since June 2021. This means that guests can spend the night here relaxed and start the day with a delicious breakfast in the morning. Breakfast is served à la carte, so guests can enjoy multiple small portions served on a tiered stand and order more if necessary, which in turn reduces food waste. The concept is called “gourmet simplicity” and consists primarily of regional and organic ingredients and is intended to take the guests of the city hotel into the South Tyrolean world of pleasure.

regional breakfast
Foodie simplicity

The townhouse didn't always look as neat as it does today. When it was taken over by the owners, it was quite outdated and was extensively renovated piece by piece - from original South Tyrolean furniture to copper light switches. The atmosphere that can be felt in the house can be described as a mix of the old and the structure of the modern, with design elements and the comfort of technology. The suites are atmospherically yet comfortably furnished and feature historic doors and old floors. There is still history in the townhouse today, which guests can experience up close.

What particularly catches your eye are the memorable works of art that can be found everywhere in the house: from the stairwell, the dining room to various walls in the rooms. Local artists like Hugo Bergamini are shown here and at the same time you can see the particularly impressive prints by Siegfried Höllrigls, who puts famous quotes from writers on paper, who has his studio just a few meters from the Steinach Townhouse Meran (definitely at Officer S. stop by if you get the chance). For the dining room, the owners were able to purchase massive marble tables from a former bistro in an Italian train station.

Art in the Merano townhouse
Officer S.

Daily planning according to your own taste

From the centrally located accommodation, guests can venture out to Meran and the surrounding area and put together an individual daily program: from a visit to the Meran thermal baths (guests receive a discount), hikes, bicycle tours (guests can rent e-bikes) and Strolling through the city in this diverse small town, anything is conceivable. If you miss that certain South Tyrolean wellness feeling, you can take yoga courses and Shiatsu units in the neighboring studio. There is also the wonderful option of booking a massage in your own room.

The recommendations in and around Merano are: Botanical Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle, to walk along the Tappeinerweg, which is four kilometers long and offers a beautiful view of the city, as well as longer hikes around the Meran basin or in the nearby hiking areas, which can also be covered with an e-bike. About the MeranCard Guests receive free access to all public transport and can also travel comfortably by train. Katlin and Licia report that many guests arrive by car, but leave it parked throughout their stay because they can easily get from A to B by bus or train.

beautiful park in Merano

The Steinach Quarter

In this now trendy district there are art galleries, craft shops and small fashion and lifestyle shops. Katrin Schnitzer, was committed to the district and worked with others to maintain and establish art projects in the district. There are protected street art areas that show graffiti art. 

Street art in Merano

Explore Meran on foot: discover beautiful things and eat good food

The townhouse is in the perfect old town location for exploring Merano on foot, be it for a promenade walk along the Passer River or directly into the shopping arcade. The Palais Mamming Museum is a stone's throw away, as is the city center of Meran itself. Less than a ten minute walk you are surrounded by small and large boutiques and full cafés where regional delicacies are served. The hosts had a few recommendations for me that made me curious:

Gardens in Merano

Im weather You can either sit on the beautiful terrace and listen to the rushing water of the Passer, or inside with a lovely ambience and vintage furniture. The dishes are interesting combinations of seasonal items.

The Restaurant Brunnenplatz is a classic village inn where locals go for lunch on Sundays. The honest menu serves classic South Tyrolean dishes, but also offers a nice selection for vegetarian tastes.

A few meters from the Brunnenplatz restaurant is located Monocle Store, which is definitely worth a visit. In addition to the Monocle travel guides, there is a small selection of international magazines and various other nice and practical things.

Bookstore in Merano
Meteo in Merano
Bookstore in Merano
Bookstore in Merano

The Steinach Townhouse Meran is a wonderful place to get to know Meran for a few days, for example while passing through, either further into the south of Italy or on the way home. And above all, at any time of the year, whether in the upcoming winter or from spring to autumn. It's really worth paying a personal visit to the beautiful bed & breakfast in Meran with Italian flair.

I will gladly come again!

Postcards from South Tyrol

© Photos: Cecile Meier

Cécile is a freelance author and sustainability strategist. She enjoys traveling to the fullest: getting to know different cultures, listening to other languages ​​and discovering new things either by the sea or in a (big) city always fascinates her. The stories and intentions of the Good Travel hosts are particularly important to her.


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    A great little guesthouse. I love the bed and breakfast principle when traveling. A hotel with a restaurant makes everything more comfortable.


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