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Fall vacation spots

Five places that are particularly beautiful in autumn

The leaves begin to change color, the temperatures become pleasantly mild, and the world turns into a colorful painting. Autumn is undoubtedly one of the most magical seasons to explore the beauty of nature and picturesque places. In this article we would like to introduce five great places that will spoil travelers with breathtaking landscapes, cultural treasures and culinary delights in autumn.

Be inspired by our selection and immerse yourself in the magic of autumn in these unique travel destinations.

1. Marvel at the South Tyrolean mountains and indulge in culinary delights

Where is it particularly beautiful in autumn? Of course, in the mountains. When the leaves have turned colorful, the hot temperatures of summer are over and the mystical fog gathers in the valleys in the morning, you are in perfect hands in the mountains. And where is the best place to go on an autumn mountain trip? In our beloved South Tyrol, of course.

Im Culinaria Living Above Dorf Tirol you have a perfect view of autumn and the mountains. And that's not all: as the name of the accommodation suggests, it's all about food.


sustainable places in autumn
Fall vacation spots

In 2022, Elisabeth Kofler and her husband Manfred created two exclusive apartments from a former star restaurant. These stylish suites proudly preserve their culinary heritage by not only offering a first-class breakfast, but also, upon request, serving dishes that you can enjoy in complete privacy on their own terrace - with a view of the autumnal mountains, of course.

Aside from good food, the open architecture is particularly impressive here. Thanks to the generous glass fronts and impressive mirror surfaces, the surrounding nature and the majestic mountain panorama are reflected inside the building. This open and clear design conveys a feeling of space and clarity that not only invigorates the senses, but also ensures relaxation and deceleration.

2. Let the summer on Gran Canaria linger a little longer

Not all of us feel like classic autumn weather in autumn. Many people long for a little sun, mild temperatures and a beach, without the crowds of summer. Then it's best to head to Gran Canaria, because here you'll find a warm 25 degrees and a relaxed late summer atmosphere.

The best place to come is on the island Cool Canaria under. The house, which is over a century old, is a lively oasis in the middle of the picturesque village of Agaete. This is by no means a crowded tourist hotspot, on the contrary, this place retains its authentic local color. For those who want to experience the year-round summer climate and diverse nature on the third largest Canary Island and appreciate the warm welcome from locals, it is the perfect place.

And the place also has a lot to offer in terms of landscape: Agaete stretches along the sun-drenched northwest coast of Gran Canaria, nestled between the majestic sea and the sublime mountains. Here, rough rock faces rise steeply into the ocean, while green hills tower picturesquely behind the house.

in autumn to Gran Canaria
Accommodation in Gran Canaria

The hosts of Cool Canaria, Beata and her husband, have created a holiday home that can accommodate up to nine adults and two children and is a prime example of the typical Canarian architectural style - whitewashed facades, characteristic wooden ceilings and stylish stone floors colorful shutters can be added. People like to spend a few rather unusual (weather-wise) autumn days here.

3. Find the perfect combination of city and greenery in Munich

Autumn is not only beautiful in the mountains and on the island, but also in Germany. Spending the changing seasons at home is not a bad idea at all. Autumn is particularly great in Munich (and we don't mean Oktoberfest). Bavaria's capital attracts with a beautiful city center, great autumnal green spaces as well as the Viktualienmarkt and many other culinary discoveries.

to Munich in the fall
Accommodation in Munich
Overnight stay in Munich

If you decide to take a trip to Munich in the fall, we recommend it MOMA1890 Boutique Hotel. Located in the enchanting Haidhausen district, in close proximity to the English Garden, the Isar and numerous museums, the hotel offers the perfect starting point for a relaxed city trip. The charming hotel, originally opened in 1890 as “Stadt Rosenheim”, has been family-owned ever since and is now proudly run by the fourth generation. After extensive renovation work, the house was reborn under its new name and presents itself in a fresh look.

The 51 stylish rooms of this hotel are characterized by a successful symbiosis of elegance and modernity - floral wallpapers, design classics from Vitra and Eames, vibrant colors. Overall, there is an extremely personal atmosphere in the hotel, which is also reflected in the fact that many regular guests like to come together in the cozy “Moma Lounge” and feel at home there.

4. Experience autumn in Spanish in Valencia

If you're looking for the city in autumn, but also for warm temperatures, it's best to try Valencia. Here you have lively Spanish city flair, beaches and endless tapas. Particularly beautiful in Valencia is the authentic, historic fisherman's quarter, in which the... Barracart Apartments lie.


Accommodation in Valencia
sustainable accommodation in Valencia
to Valencia in the fall

The building in which the seven apartments are located is a lovingly restored replica of the original house. The main facade of the building is the original from a century ago and once stood as a magnificent property in the maritime district of Valencia, which served the bourgeoisie at the time.
Both the common area and the individual residential units are furnished with valuable antiques and authentic art. These include a well-stocked library with rare books, fragments of the artistically painted ceiling emblazoned on the walls, a hand-painted canvas that is over a hundred years old, the city's patron saint made of ceramic on the inner courtyard wall and a wooden bench from an old church. These unique pieces give the Barracart Apartments a very special charm and tell of the rich history of Valencia.

5. Really relax between the vines in Rhineland-Palatinate

Autumn time is also called wine time somewhere. And where better to drink the fine grape juice than in the midst of beautiful vines? That's exactly where it is Wine home. The charming wine boutique hotel with an attached restaurant and wine shop is idyllically located in the middle of the picturesque vineyards of Mommenheim. A stay there means first of all relaxing completely and enjoying life with all your senses. You can look forward to a break from hectic everyday life, accompanied by culinary highlights and the opportunity to discover and enjoy the estate's own wines.

Accommodation in autumn in RHEINLAND-PFALZ
Accommodation and wine

The hotel is deliberately kept small, exudes a cozy atmosphere and impresses with an abundance of natural light inside. Designed with great attention to detail, materials such as wood, glass and natural stone sinks were primarily used during construction, which blend seamlessly into the natural surroundings. These elements are complemented by high-quality materials such as leather, stone and first-class fabrics, which are cleverly combined with modern accents to create a homely and comfortable feel-good atmosphere. Most of the rooms have balconies or terraces that offer breathtaking views of the surrounding vineyards.

But above all, the cuisine is what makes the Weinhaus home so special. The hotel serves seasonal, regional cuisine with a focus on vegetarian and vegan dishes. These are regularly adapted to the respective seasons and reflect the regional diversity. The motto here is “freshness and enjoyment in harmony with the seasons”, with the majority of the products coming from the local area. What's particularly cool is that the fruits from the hotel's own fruit trees are used in delicious dishes and homemade jams.

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