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Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Three delicious cocktail recipes for hot days: enjoy the summer without alcohol

Summer, sun, heat-free - for many, this also includes a delicious cocktail after work or at a garden party. Currently, a trend on everyone's lips is - in the truest sense of the word - alcohol-free alternatives, where enjoyment has no consequences the next morning. We have tried out three great recipe ideas for delicious cocktails for you: invigorating, classic or fruity. All indicated dosages are for one glass, if you want to spoil several guests, please use more ingredients accordingly.

shake it baby

Espresso Martini: The coffee cocktail that you can really drink for breakfast

Espresso martini recipe


– 50ml of espresso
– 25 ml vanilla syrup or other flavor
– 25 ml of water
- ice cubes
– Coffee beans for decoration


1. Put a cup (50 ml) of espresso in the refrigerator
2. Add ice to a cocktail glass to chill the glass
3. Fill shaker with ice cubes
4. Pour the vanilla syrup, water and espresso into the shaker and shake vigorously
5. Place the coffee beans on the (at best) solid foam for decoration

Tip: Instead of a shaker, two Recup cups can also be used for mixing - it worked quite well for me.

Sober Libre instead of Cuba Libre: The fast, alcohol-free classic

Sobre Libre

When the first American soldiers came to Cuba at the beginning of the last century, the Cuba Libre was born. A combination of both worlds - Cuban rum and American cola. In the non-alcoholic version, the drink is prepared with a delicious non-alcoholic rum. For example from Laori, who only distil natural herbs and spices. Add fair and/or sugar-free cola - for example from Fritz Cola, Solicola or Green Cola - and the classic is ready.


– 50 ml non-alcoholic rum
– 150 ml of cola
- ice cubes
– Half a lime
– Lime slice as decoration


1. Fill a mug with ice cubes
2. Squeeze half a lime over the glass
3. Pour 50ml non-alcoholic rum over the ice cubes
4. Top up with 150 ml cola and stir
5. A slice of lime on the rim of the glass for decoration


Grapefruit Sour: Guaranteed to be fun

Grapefruit Sour


- A grapefruit
- A lemon
– 10 ml maple syrup
– 30ml ginger ale
– Grapefruit slice as decoration


1. Squeeze the grapefruit and lemon, mix both with maple syrup
2. Fill a glass halfway with ice cubes and pour over the juice mixture. Here you have to try whether you prefer the drink with or without pulp
3. Fill the glass with ginger ale and stir
4. A grapefruit slice on the rim of the glass for decoration

Here are some of our accommodations that serve really good cocktails

The ice bar

The bar in Arctic Snow Hotel near the Arctic Circle is rebuilt and decorated every year. The drinks are served in glasses made of ice. It doesn't get any cooler!

ice drink

The hotel bar

The bar team stops in centuries-old walls Renthof Kassel wonderful cocktail creations and a small, fine selection of snacks. You sit at the bar or by the fireplace in plush velvet armchairs. Very cosy!


Bar Renthof Kassel

The big city bar

The Lovis Bar in the Hotel Wilmina in Berlin has an excellent cocktail menu that is structured like a coordinate system and works with the coordinates dry, sweet, light and strong. The individual cocktails do not have names, but are each described with three words. So you only choose the drink according to your own taste preferences. In summer you can sit comfortably outside in the courtyard.
The bar is a kind of speakeasy (illegal bars during the American Prohibition) for non-hotel guests, because from the outside you don't see what a gem is hidden inside the building.


Lovis Bar Berlin

© PHOTOS: Unsplash / Great Cocktails, Kike Salazar; Pexels / Taryn-Elliott; Arctic Snowhotel, Renthof Kassel, Hotel Wilmina

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