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I pack my suitcase and take with me … provisions, music and a good atmosphere. Friends in the dew, something warm to wear, a jacket if it's raining, and sunglasses.

Depending on where you are going, there will be different things in your suitcase or sometimes just in your hand luggage.

The essentials mentioned above are often included, and sometimes there are also new, useful and sustainable things for on the go. Today we present you a colorful range of five products and travel campaigns from our partners and GoodBuy, which are not only practical, but also provide positive added value for the world.

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Our products of choice for this summer


Borrow a travel bag from Freitag

power this summer FRIDAY Holiday practice lived again from circular economy theory: Because you don’t have to own everything yourself and sometimes borrowing and sharing is not only more sensible, but also nicer. This summer you can borrow a FREITAG travel bag again. And almost for free, because all the bag manufacturers want is a holiday greeting on Instagram with #gonewithfreitag and, of course, returning with the bag after three weeks at the latest; After all, FREITAG's main motto is still: We think and act in cycles. #gonewithfriday


If you want or need to travel this summer, as a FREITAG Federation Member you can borrow a travel bag free of charge from June 28 to August 23, 2023 in a FREITAG store or from selected partners. Choose between the medium-sized F511 SKIPPER or the slightly more spacious F512 VOYAGER and spend up to three unforgettable weeks together.

The campaign runs in FREITAG stores in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Cologne, among others, as well as selected partners.



The shower chunk travel set

The Shower lumps is a solid shampoo for skin and hair and has many advantages especially for travellers: It saves space in the backpack, does not leak, can be carried in hand luggage and is very economical. A shower chunk (at least 100 grams) easily lasts for two months of travel. It is also biodegradable and therefore also suitable for the outdoor shower.

The recipe developed by Christoph & Johannes is 99,9% natural. It gently cleanses and cares for body and hair thanks to the fatty acid in coconut oil.

With the FAIR pack made of 100% renewable raw materials and the practical features such as the closable hole for pouring out water, you too can now take your shower bun with you wherever you go - and it won't be thrown away at check-in.

So you not only save on packaging

It's better to travel light and if it's also good for the environment: win-win! With shower chunks, over 3 million plastic bottles have now been saved and that without sacrificing a wonderfully fragrant and foamy shower experience.


Organic face balm

After the shower is before the care - the organic face balm Moringa-Shea Butter consists of 100 percent natural ingredients, of which over 99 percent are organically grown, and contains precious extracts - including Moringa, kidney vetch and chamomile. The new facial balm from Elijah Sahil contains valuable vitamins, proteins and antioxidants from almonds, apricot, shea and mango butter. It cares for the skin, improves skin regeneration and protects against external environmental influences.

Use on wrinkles around the eyes and rough, dry or sensitive skin that needs relief.

Elijah Sahil founded a bio-certified natural cosmetics brand that takes nature as a model and processes all raw materials exclusively in their purest form.

Without any preservatives

The organic facial balm is vegan, certified organic, without perfume allergens, without preservatives and in plastic-free, natural and recyclable packaging.

4. anti-allergic bamboo plaster with activated carbon 

coal plaster

The plastic-free and compostable bamboo plaster with activated carbon should be in every first-aid kit. Perfect for minor injuries, because the activated charcoal acts like a magnet on the impurities in the wound and literally sucks them out. So nothing stands in the way of a subsequent rapid healing of the wound!

Your impact when buying THE patch

Hygienic health products, especially wound dressings, consist largely of chemical components. 25% of the world's population has an allergic reaction to the substances it contains. The PATCH plasters from nutricare are the first natural plasters made from skin-friendly bamboo fibre. Sustainability, quality and environmental friendliness are top priorities for all products: from the material to the packaging and carbon offsetting. All products are 100% compostable. Any CO2 emissions are offset by reforestation projects such as "Trees for the future". 

5. Plastic-free travel towel

Long board travel towel with cover

Your ideal travel towel! From now on you can completely do without plastic and microplastics here. Because this towel from Langbrett is made of comfortable certified organic cotton and linen. It dries quickly and is therefore ideal for holiday travel, the next festival or a spontaneous weekend trip. The towel can be folded up small and in the mesh packaging bag it fits in every pocket. 

Long board travel towel


All Langbrett products are made in small factories in Germany, Portugal or Spain. Langbrett pays attention to every detail of the supply chain and knows every single (intermediate) step. From certified organic cotton to the recycling of existing materials, Langbrett pays attention to the efficient use of raw materials. 

Photos: Opener: Pexels / Anastasia Shuraeva and GoodBuy


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