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Dreesch7 – a visit to the Supper Club

On a snowy Saturday in February we set off Berlin on the way to SupperClub@Dreesch7 in the Uckermark. With a lot of anticipation and a big appetite, we arrive at the old barn of "Dreesch7" at. The hosts Christiane and Norbert bought the more than hundred-year-old building in 2015 and converted the house into a holiday apartment and a private area. They used the most climate-neutral and sustainable materials possible and made almost everything themselves. They lovingly renovated the homestead with many exciting ideas, a clear sense of style, craftsmanship and several green fingers. Since 2016, guests have been able to spend the night here and cook for themselves in this gem - or even better: take part in the SupperClub@Dreesch7 once a month, for which there has even been a tourism prize.

We will stay overnight in the beautiful holiday apartment and are completely amazed by the interior - industrial style meets rural cosiness. The walls are painted in a warm gray tone, vintage furniture and antique wood create a feel-good atmosphere. In addition, there are funny details such as a mirror in an old, wooden tennis racket, towel holders made of Schleich animals and curved wooden lamps. Old fittings on the wooden doors and black ceramic switches complete the retro style. Much of the house is self-made and is even taught by the creative hosts in workshops in which they show how to make things out of steel, concrete and wood unique pieces of furniture and objects power.

Aperitif – arrive nicely first

The guest room in the cozy threshing floor with hayloft is already beautifully set when we arrive. Our anticipation of the five-course menu is increasing. We still have some time to admire the preserving jars with the homemade delicacies in the farm shop and are already writing the shopping list in our minds: There is apple juice, blackberry and apricot jam, pickled yellow beets, dill cucumbers, pear chutney, black walnuts - better known as the "Palatinate truffle" - and much more.

Christiane is busy with the final preparations in her kitchen. It already smells delicious and it's getting dark outside. At 17 p.m. sharp, all the guests are there and we can start. We take a seat at the large table and the crackling fireplace heats us up properly.

Supper Club Dreesch7

Beer soup, dumplings, croutons - some guests bring the ingredients with them

This evening we are eight guests and quickly get into conversation. Excitingly, the brewing couple present contributed the beer for the soup with homemade dumplings and croutons. Their beer is called Hundred and is a great aperitif because it's brewed with champagne yeast. Of course, this goes perfectly with the beer soup and is a great start to the evening. At the Barnimer Bier is almost everything handmade. In their brewery, which has a direct train connection in Hohenfinow, the two former professional musicians now brew their beer full-time. Their love of beer has grown on their many orchestra tours around the world, and they now brew more than fifteen different varieties: from wheat beer to pale ale.

All of today's guests live in the area and originally lived in Berlin. They fell in love with the region for various reasons and can no longer imagine life in the big city. The Uckermark has long been a popular place of exile for those weary of Berlin. And places like Lychen, Prenzlau, Eberswalde and Angermünde are very well connected to public transport. A bus from Prenzlau stops three times a day in front of the door of “Dreesch7” – the address, by the way, and at the same time an old agricultural term.

We learn that many newcomers come from the creative industries, tourism or gastronomy, which leads to exciting conversations about food and travel and about food when travelling. Restaurant tips from Berlin and the Uckermark are quickly exchanged. There is a large selection of organic producers with whom Christiane has been working for a long time and enjoys working with them.

regional products
Beer soup with croutons

Cabbage, sweet chili sauce - fresh products and hot ideas

After the warming soup, the crunchy coleslaw with a nice spiciness from the chilli pepper is particularly invigorating. Everyone enjoys the freshness kick and the equally fresh Riesling. The wines are made by a sommelier friend of hers from the region, Christian Soyeaux, and his colleague put together. You can order wine to accompany the menu at very moderate prices. All the wines are worth trying as they have been excellently chosen to accompany the meal.

delicious coleslaw

Onsen egg, buttermilk foam, pickled red onions, kimchi powder - Japanese street food and Uckermark tuber

The onsen egg is known for its almost waxy consistency. Onsen means "hot spring" in Japanese and refers to hot spring baths or places heated with spring water. Accordingly, the onsen egg is slowly cooked and not boiled for around an hour at temperatures between 62 and 69 °C, which means that both the egg white and yolk coagulate only slightly and achieve the desired consistency. In Japan, onsen eggs are often cooked in natural springs and sold as street food.

Christiane buys her eggs from Demeterhof Weggun, their trusted farmer, who of course also lets the brothers' chickens grow up. She made the kimchi powder herself by drying and powdering kimchi – you have to have ideas. The red onions from the garden have been pickled and have a delicious sweetness that goes perfectly with the egg. We all drink a glass of rosé with it and plan our next visit in summer, when we can sit in the garden late into the night.

onsen egg

Pointed pepper schnitzel, dumplings, Marie Rose sauce – the English sauce rocks with both veggie schnitzel and venison

The vegetarian entree of the evening is great: simmered pointed peppers wrapped in a crunchy coat of black sesame, pankow and nori leaves. There is also the English Marie Rose sauce and yeast dumplings – Asian dumplings – with which we can absorb the sauce and the broth. Of course, the sous-vide cooked deer from the is no less exciting wildlife management. The products used are all seasonal, regional and bought-in products are only available in organic quality. Growing your own fruit, vegetables, Herbs and blossoms as well as the processing of the harvests, Christiane and Norbert rely on old, native and hardy varieties.

Pointed pepper schnitzel
veggie schnitzel
laid table

Pofesen, sour cream ice cream - the best childhood memories on the plates

The dessert that Christiane introduces as "Pofesen" I know as "Arme Ritter" and is a favorite dish from my childhood. White bread soaked in milk, egg and vanilla is fried in butter and served with lots of cinnamon and sugar. My grandma made it for me with a delicious wine-vanilla sauce. She claimed there was no more wine in the sauce once it boiled, but I still felt a little tipsy. Maybe I was simply inspired by the delicious food - just like today. The "Pofesen" make me and all the other guests feel happy, the sour cream ice cream gives the necessary freshness, and edible flowers round off the dish visually.

The subsequent schnapps from Norbert - plum or pear - makes the rounds. Christiane finally manages to have a glass with us and tell us about her recipe inspirations again. She enjoys leafing through books by Yotam Ottolenghi and Andreas Caminada. But of course they also inspire their own products and those of other committed people from the area to create new compositions again and again.

"Dreesch7" is a truly sustainable and culinary oasis and something special. Not only because we were able to get to know such great people in this beautiful ambience - but because the appreciation and celebration of food is simply good for the soul and body. Christiane, who used to love to travel a lot, now prefers to be here in nature. And so her idea of ​​inviting the world home came to fruition. We all hug when we say goodbye and then we fall into our beds what a beautiful evening.

Anyone who doesn't make it to the Uckermark right away can get away from Christianes Cookbook with her favorite recipes, including fried wild herbs or green cottage cheese, let yourself be inspired. All information and dates for the monthly SupperClub@Dreesch7 can be found here here and for the end of March there are still a few places left.

Apartment Dreesch 7
Dreesch7 in the Uckermark
cozy holiday apartment in the Uckermark
Snow landscape Uckermark

© Photos: Dreesch7, Geraldine Voss 

Geraldine works as a freelance writer for Good Travel and has just completed training as a sustainability manager. After twenty exciting years in film, she now devotes herself full-time to her other passions - travel, food and design.


  • Elisabeth Klein-Altstedde

    Another great report from Geraldine.
    Even if I wasn't there.
    Just like she described.
    I was there with good thoughts.

  • Jan

    Thanks for the nice review. Have the impression that you can spend a comfortable weekend there.
    Well written. Can I have some more, please.

    • Geraldine Voss
      Geraldine Voss

      Thanks very much. We strive to. Beautiful trips & good food simply belong together.


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