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5 places where you can escape the gray winter

Who doesn't know it: The Christmas season and the associated holly-jolly mood are coming to an end, the first months of the new year are shrouded in a gray coat and the vitamin D stores are empty. For those who don't get on their skis in January and February, the longing for warmth, sun and sea grows with every glimpse of discarded Christmas trees and dirty slush. In short: the mood is not exactly at its peak. It's good that there is a solution that has nothing to do with long-haul flights and distant destinations, but is within Europe. Strictly speaking, there are five solutions or places that we would like to introduce you to where you can escape the gray winter can. Mood boost guaranteed!

1. La Dolce Vita instead of winter depression

If anything gets us out of a gloomy mood, it's Italy. With its joie de vivre and good food, you can't help but smile. Where is the best place to endure the first months of the year in Bella Italia? In Rome of course. In January and February it has an average of pleasant 12-13 degrees. Apart from the esprit and the historical flair of the city.

Right in the middle of dolce far niente

To really experience Rome, the best place to stay is the boutique hotel Le Quattro Dame. The hotel is a calm and relaxing oasis right in the center of Rome. From the windows, locals can be spotted (or just mingle) on their way to work or having breakfast in the street cafes. The architecture of the house combines old and new in a unique and timeless way. The immediate neighborhood is the perfect starting point for getting to know the city in an uncomplicated way, as all sights, countless cafés and restaurants are within easy walking distance.

Le Quatro lady
Room Le quattro lady

Apartment from 140 euros per night.




2. Portuguese sun = best sun

One can sing the praises of Portugal anyway - it goes without saying that it is therefore also a perfect winter escape destination. The southern Algarve in particular impresses with many sunny days, a relaxed vibe and a lot of good mood. With 15 degrees here at the beginning of the year, daily sunbathing and recharging the vitamin D stores is definitely not a problem.

Sun, waves and birdsong

The village of Aljezur is particularly charming in the Algarve. The Casa WAN located there is an artist project with the aim of bringing art and tourism together in this culturally weak region. Guests of the house can support the work of an artist directly through their stay and gain insights into their work in the off-season. There are no direct neighbors and the house is beautifully embedded in the Costa Vicentina. This area is included in a natural park that represents the largest protected area of ​​the Portuguese coast. The only background noise that can be heard during the stay consists of birdsong, waves and the gentle rustling of the plants. Psst: Some cool surf spots are also nearby!

Casa Wan
Casa Wan Portugal

casa wan from 79 euros per night.




3. Island living at its finest

The Canary Islands are one of the most popular winter destinations. So how about swapping the cold and gray months of the New Year for a wonderful 20 degrees on Lanzarote? The northeasternmost of the eight inhabited Canary Islands attracts with breathtaking nature and many sunny days - all year round. Perfect for really refueling.

Experience the sun, moon and stars up close

The Bedouin tent Jaima Teseguite is located on an aloe farm, on the edge of a bird nature reserve. On 35 square meters there is an oriental tent atmosphere with the luxury of a modern apartment. Gray? There is absolutely nothing here! Located in the middle of nature, the warm sunlight sometimes even shines into the bed. Here you can listen to the birds, enjoy a healthy breakfast on the terrace or watch the starry sky at night. By the way, you don't have to freeze in the tent. The insulation of the tent ensures a balanced room climate, for colder nights there is also a gas stove available for free use.

Jaima Lanzarote
Jaima inside
Evening athmosphere

Tent from 80 euros per night.




4. Quiet, lonely bay walks with a view of the sea

Mallorca is not only beautiful in summer, but especially in winter. How so? Far fewer tourists, consequently fewer crowded streets and still a warm 15 degrees. A long swim in the sea is not indoors, but these temperatures are definitely enough for a quick dip to strengthen the immune system. But Mallorca is more than just swimming and sunbathing anyway. The beautiful old town of Palma, the many hiking trails and the countless great restaurants with fresh fish are a further incentive for a visit.

Get to know the island properly

The beautiful, hilly landscape with olive and almond trees is also one of the highlights on Mallorca. An accommodation that is right in the middle is the Finca Colmina. The accommodation, consisting of three houses, is completely isolated from the tourist attractions, you can experience and feel the actual character of the island here - starry sky, rural atmosphere and the chirping of crickets included. The magnificent terrace and the spacious pool of the property are just the icing on the cake.

Finca Comina inside
Finca Colmina Majorca
Terrace Finca Colmina

holiday home from 200 euros per night.




5. Live Barcelona!

Barcelona also warms the soul (and body) in January and February with 15 degrees. The Spanish city exudes so much flair that the mood can only improve when strolling through the many alleys, relaxing in Park Güell or having a picnic on the city beach. The great culinary offer and the exciting nightlife of the city are also a huge mood booster and make you forget the gray days at home very quickly.

Feeling at home in a foreign city

The YÖK Casa + Cultura is not a hotel in the traditional sense. Hotel manager Mari Marañís Rodríguez and eco-designer Petz Scholtus have realized their dream with the apartments: to create a beautiful, design-oriented and at the same time environmentally friendly place to welcome like-minded people. In addition, the two renovated three apartments in an old Catalan house in the most beautiful way imaginable. The interior of the rooms is reduced and stylishly selected. And although the hotel is located in the middle of Barcelona, ​​the view from the window offers a lot of greenery. Incidentally, on the eighth floor there is a roof terrace that offers a fantastic view of the Sagrada Familia and the sea.

Yok Casa vision
Kitchen Yok Casa
Inside Yok Casa

Apartment from 191 euros per night.


© Photos: Casa Wan, Le Quattro Dame, Jaima, Finca Colmina, Yök Casa

Nadine is a freelance editor and copywriter. She lives in Austria and commutes between Salzburg, Styria and Vienna. She is therefore either in the mountains or in the urban jungle, but at the same time tries to spend as much time as possible in her heart country Portugal.


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