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Yoga with hejhej mats

Five places for yoga fans

We from Good Travel have long been fans of the Nuremberg start-up hejhej-mats, who make minimalist yoga mats, among other things, from recycled materials. We are all the more pleased that some of our Good Travel accommodations are also enthusiastic about the hejhej products and make them available to their guests during a visit.

Healthy growth and exercise for everyone

In 2018 we have them hejhej-mat's founders Anna and Sophie for our blog interviewed, – a lot has changed since then hejhej-mats did! Of course we don't want to withhold this from you: In the meantime, hejhej-mats closed loops established in Europe, which means that yoga mats can be returned to the company after a long period of use so that new products can be created from the materials.

The hejhej-mats founders Anna and Sophie
Products by hejhej

As a hejhej-mats was launched in 2018, the first product was the yoga mats The range now consists of eight products for the perfect yoga experience: in addition to the yoga mats, there are now also suitable ones Pockets for the mats, yoga belt, bolster, eye pillow, yoga blocks and a spray, as well as since November 2022 meditation cushions. All products are designed for the closed-loop and hejhej-mats takes all products back free of charge.

The team also differed from the two Female founders on a team consisting of five creative minds expanded. The team is particularly proud of the ever-expanding network of studios, companies and hotels that are on hejhej-mats put and from hejhej-mats are chosen carefully and based on equal values.

Here are five Good Travel Places that carry hejhej products:

1. Find relaxation and deceleration in the ROSSO

The RED is the perfect place in the Allgäu to spend time in nature and to find relaxation. The colors of nature speak for themselves: blue sky, a lush green of the surrounding meadows and in the middle a red building. In and around that hotel until on the yard kcome the Wabi-Sabi philosophy to use: It's about allowing objects to age, giving them a certain amount of space in order to fill places with life. This resulted in bright, high rooms that combine old wood, lime plaster and an aesthetic, warm, cozy interior.

Resting places and lots of nature

Guests will find peace and space for meditation and yoga in the large garden. Afterwards, a sauna or the swimming pond awaits a visit. That Well-Being also consists of long hikes in the mountains or forest bathing. In summer, herb hikes and bike tours can be undertaken. The hosts run their own farm shop with organic, regional and fairly produced products, where guests can also stock up on physical well-being.

the Rosso
Sauna at the Rosso

Apartment from 200 euros per night.




2. Enjoy the slow food concept and quality time in the daberer

The daberer is a natural and organic hotel that has been family-run for over 40 years and is located above the beautiful village of St. Daniel in the Gailtal, surrounded by green meadows. St. Daniel is one of eight Slow Food Villages in Carinthia. That is why the hotel is also about biological diversity, sustainable cultivation methods and, last but not least, delicious food.

The philosophy of the host family is "think things differently and develop them further".

The organic hotel is a retreat with countless Favorite places, indoors like outside. The spa is so spacious that there is even a cozy living room in the middle. The guests get quality time here and enjoy a wide range of wellness offers, from classic massages to fascia training and alkaline fasting. And of course, guests are also invited to explore the surrounding nature and varied Try hiking trails.

The Daberer
Spa of the organic hotel of the Daberer

single rooms from 83 euros per night.




3. Relax in small and large groups at Das Hilla

The modern forest villa is located on the outskirts of Kassel and is surrounded by forest, orchards and a spacious garden. The Hilla offers eleven individually designed bedrooms and seven newly renovated bathrooms on four floors. In the large, translucentIn the flooded dining room or the living room with fireplace, guests can make themselves comfortable and eat together. The house features two kitchens, one of which is very spacious and ideal for cooking in larger groups.

Admire the seasons in the garden

In the beautiful garden, no matter what the season, peace can be found. Of course, the large area is also ideal for joint yoga exercises. Numerous hiking and cycling trails start right outside the door and offer the opportunity to discover the city center in a relaxed manner and at your own pace. The accommodation is ideal for groups, families and friends who would like to switch off for a few days together and spend time in nature.

The Hilla
Lounge in the Hilla

Entire house from 100 euros per night.




4. Experience modern design and ecology in beach white & beach grey

The two cottages beach white & Strandgrau combine a holiday home on Usedom. They are house to house and offer up to eight guests their own kingdom with a south-facing garden, private entrance area and covered terrace on 140 square meters Terrace. the sustainable timber frame construction was built using ecological, renewable raw materials. A well-chosen interior and design classics ensure a special sense of well-being

Beach, sea and beech forest

Well-being is thought of holistically here - from restful sleep in the comfortable beds to your own spa area with sauna and whirlpool. Of course, the surrounding nature with the proximity to the beach leads to the best relaxation experience ever. The beach is only 500 meters away and the way there leads through a beech forest - once there, you can go for long walks, meditation and yoga.

Beach White & Beach Grey
Sauna bath beach white & beach grey
Beach white & beach gray on Usedom

WHOLE HOUSE from 230 euros per night.




5. Feel nature day and night in cabinski Montafon


The cabinski Montafon consists of ten tiny houses, which are located in a very special retreat on the edge of the Montafon forest. The great thing about it: At some point, thanks to their modular design, the minimal houses could easily be removed without causing any damage to nature. The property blends consciously into the surroundings and offers guests overnight accommodation close to nature.

Deliberately small living space and lots of nature

The use of high-quality materials in combination with well thought-out functions provides a unique living experience in a small space with great comfort. From the loft beds you can look directly at the starry sky. Panoramic windows let nature inside and a fully equipped kitchen invites you to cook and eat in comfort. The accommodation is an eldorado for outdoor activities such as outdoor yoga, right in front of the Tiny Houses, but also for hiking, skiing, mountain biking and much more.

cabin ski in the montafon
cabin ski in the montafon relax
Cabinski Tiny House

Tiny house from 100 euros per night.




If you don't want to wait until your next trip, you can start yoga now. The hejhej-mats team offers free of charge Youtube videos with yoga units for different needs: Katonah, Vinyasa, barrier-free yoga, yoga for the blind, pranayama, pre- and postnatal yoga and much more.

© Photos: hejhej-mats

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