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Seven days, seven peaks

Go 7 peaks – seven challenging peaks in the Zugspitze Region from the Ammergau Alps over the Ester and Wetterstein area to the Karwendel. 

The Zugspitz Region inspires to climb seven peaks in seven vacation days. With a base camp in the Zugspitz region, hikers have the chance to experience the peaks up close and immerse themselves in the beautiful landscape. The seven medium-difficult mountain tours are ideal for ambitious mountain lovers who want to get to know the alpine side of the Zugspitz region, because there are so many more highlights around the Zugspitze.  

And so I'm finally back in the mountains to experience the summits for myself. I pack my backpack with weatherproof clothes and my hiking boots and get on the train. My journey starts in Berlin and takes me to Munich by ICE. Here I board a regional train in the direction of Murnau to finally arrive in the center of Farchant.

Arrive, take a deep breath and enjoy the fresh mountain air

Arriving in Farchant, I stop for a moment. Wow - what a great setting, fresh air and absolute tranquillity. I can already hear the first cowbells. Pure friendliness greets me from the locals, but also from the hotel staff of the newly opened Explorer Hotel Garmisch. 

Munich train station

Sporty, trendy, uncomplicated and sustainable

In October, the tenth Explorer Hotel opened in the Alps. The climate-neutral passive houses convince with their sustainable approach - regionality at the breakfast buffet, vegetarian and vegan alternatives, social sustainability in relation to staff, right through to the conscious selection of natural building materials and fabrics and the conscious decision against a pool to save energy and water . 

The Explorer Hotel offers the ideal starting point for athletes. You sleep comfortably and easily, get a delicious breakfast and can get on with the day outdoor active be. There is a cellar for bicycles in summer and skis in winter and a small workbench for small repairs. 

“Trendy base camps for sporty explorers of the Alps” – Explorer Hotels 

I was particularly enthusiastic about the approach that they recommend the surrounding pubs and restaurants to the guests, so that the local restaurants and companies can also benefit from such a hotel. 

Explorer Hotel Garmisch

it's easy going to dinner

I meet the other travel participants and we get an introduction to the Explorer Hotels and also a tour of the hotel from the hotel manager. Then we walk to the Gasthof Alter Wirt in the center of Farchant. In a good mood and delicious cheese spaetzle, we end the day of arrival. 

Explorer Hotel Garmisch from the outside

Backpack packed, hiking boots laced - off to the first summit

I wake up in the comfortable bed, pack my change of clothes, rain jacket and packed lunch from the hotel into my backpack, and lace up my hiking boots. I walk to the breakfast buffet, where a large selection of fresh rolls from the local bakery, fruit, delicious cheese and vegan spreads await me. An all-time favorite at the Explorer Hotels is the small egg frying station, where guests can prepare their own organic eggs.  

Freshly strengthened, we are picked up by our mountain hiking guide Cat and we drive to the starting point Linderhof Palace. I would describe myself as quite sporty and experienced in hiking, but I'm still excited to see what's in store for me. 

Almost 1.100 meters in altitude over hill and dale

The tour to the Große Klammspitze in the Ammergau Alps Nature Park is a really beautiful hiking tour. In some places, sure-footedness and a head for heights are required, which is why the tour is moderately difficult and only recommended for enduring athletes. 

After a short lunch break, during which we ate the packed lunches prepared for us by the hotel, we head to the summit. Once at the top we enjoy the great view of the breathtaking panorama over the Zugspitze and Wetterstein mountains to the rear Karwendel. The effort was well worth it.

Ascent to the Great Klammspitze
Ascent to the Great Klammspitze
Ascent to the Great Klammspitze
Ascent to the Great Klammspitze
Arrived at the summit of the Große Klammspitze
Yay - arrived at the summit of the Große Klammspitze
Zugspitze summit cross
Summit cross Grosse Klammspitze

Pause at the fountain head houses

We stop halfway in the fountain head houses, strengthen ourselves and go back to the starting point. There is our e-car of the Zugspitz Region. For those who don't want to use public transport, you can easily hire an e-car from the Zugspitz Region, which will take you to the beer tasting. 

Stop off at Brunnenkopfhäuser
Stop off at Brunnenkopfhäuser
View from fountain head houses
View from fountain head houses
Ettal Monastery
Ettal Monastery
Ettal monastery brewery guided tour
Ettal monastery brewery guided tour

Afterwards we enjoy our snack in the restaurant of the monastery hotel and fall into bed tired. 

Refreshed and alert to the second summit

The next day we go up to the Krottenkopf. Before that we make a short stop at the Farchanter village shop. There you will find everything you need and we buy bread rolls and fruit for the hike. The village shop also has a 24-hour freshness machine in front of the door with the essentials for in between. 

village shop

When selecting the seven peaks, the Zugspitz Region deliberately made sure to advertise the peaks second to none. A new summit can be explored every day during a seven-day holiday. The day tours lead hikers to really special peaks that are less known and therefore less frequented. Sure-footedness, a head for heights and a good physical condition are absolutely essential for all seven mountain tours. All routes are here in detail described.

break on the way
break on the way

Thanks to well-marked hiking trails and our mountain guide, we hike through the beautiful landscape of the Zugspitz region. Today's hike is the longest day hike of the seven peaks. We start right at the hotel and the path leads us past the Farchant forest adventure trail. Ideal for families with children and a great way up to the Kuhaway waterfalls, one of the largest in Germany. The view of the summit accompanies us for a while and we master the almost 1.400 meters in altitude at a brisk pace. Arrived at the top, we enjoy the fantastic view over the Bavarian Prealps, the Karwendel and the Wetterstein Mountains. Today we are rewarded with a wide view of the mountain panorama and the efforts of the really demanding tour are forgotten.  

Ascent Krottenkopf
Ascent Krottenkopf
Ascent Krottenkopf
Almost done, the Krottenkopf is approaching
Panoramic view from the Krottenkopf
Panoramic view from the Krottenkopf
Stop off at the Esterbergalm

Stop off at the Esterbergalm 

To strengthen ourselves, we stop at the Esterbergalm below the summit. I put on warm and dry clothes and sit down at the creaking table in the little room. I'm happy about the warming pea soup and the refreshing apple spritzer. We enjoy the break for a while before the descent calls. In light rain we head back down into the valley. But with good equipment, the rain isn't that bad, on the contrary, the low clouds create a totally mystical and dreamlike landscape.


landscape picture

After some time we finally reach the valley. Exhausted from hiking, we have dinner in theSportlerstüberl in Farchant. And at this point I have to give my warmest recommendation. If you are looking for a restaurant in Farchant, then you have come to the right place. It really doesn't get any more authentic and heartfelt. The innkeeper amused us immensely and we spent a wonderful evening in the sportsmen's lounge. The delicious pumpkin soup is particularly recommended.


Back at the hotel I visit the sauna to regenerate my muscles. For those who don't have enough after a day of sport, the hotel has a small fitness area, which, like the sauna, is included in the room rate. After a short relaxation I fall into bed really tired.

Third day, third summit 

Today we go up to the Signalkopf, our last hike for the trip. This tour leads from Krün through forests and mountain pines. Once at the top, we marvel at the massive mountain ranges and the idyllic valley landscape of the Alpenwelt Karwendel. The mountain tour is quite varied and can be supplemented with other tour options.

Rise signal head
Rise signal head
signal head
Now there is still climbing
Panoramic signal head
It was worth it - panoramic view of the signal head

Caramelized Kaiserschmarren in the best weather

Before the journey comes to an end for us, we enjoy Kaiserschmarren for the last time in the Kurhaus Krün and then drive back to the hotel. 

With many new impressions and great new contacts, I take the train back to Berlin. I particularly liked the region's awareness of sustainability and mindfulness in dealing with people and nature, which becomes visible through guidelines and signposts for guests in the region. The considerate treatment of farmers and nature is very important in the Zugspitz region. Many starting points can be reached by public transport. I also learn a lot about behavior in nature, how do I deal with free-roaming cows, where does my rubbish go and can I pick flowers along the way? 

The three out of seven peaks are really impressive and can only be recommended. My ambition has now seized me and I can hardly wait for the last four of seven Summit of the Zugspitz Region to commit. I was happy to make the long journey from Berlin to do this - definitely worth the trip. 

Arrived in the valley
Arrived in the Krün valley
Kaiserschmarrn Recipe

The seven hiking day tours at a glance

1. The Signalkopf mountain tour (1895 metres) near Krün is ideal for marveling at the massive mountain ranges and the idyllic valley landscape of the Alpenwelt Karwendel.

2. Hikers who go from the Stepbergalm to the Kramer summit (1985 meters) will be rewarded with a fascinating view of the Zugspitz massif from the loge.

3. A real "insider tip" is the hike from the Gelben Gwänd via the Stepbergalm to the Hohe Ziegspitz (1864 metres).

4. Three paths lead to the Krottenkopf (2086 meters) - hikers have the choice of starting in Eschenlohe, Oberau or Farchant.

5. A promising tour starts in Grafenaschau and leads to the Hinteres Hörnle (1.548 meters).

6. Magnificent panoramic views are included on the Große Klammspitze (1.924 metres) in the Ammergau Alps Nature Park.

7. If you are looking for peace and seclusion, the tightrope walk to the Kienjoch (1.953 meters) in the Ammergau Alps Nature Park is ideal.

Have fun on your next hike!

© Photos: Jule Weidner & Björn Ahrndt

As a freelancer, Jule selects the wonderful accommodations for us and reports on her Good Travel stays. As a conscious traveler and graduate in sustainable tourism, the impact of tourism, especially from an ecological and social point of view, is very important to her.


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    Thank you for the great contribution, it makes you want to go on a summit tour. 🙂 The post talks about a mountain hiking guide, does that mean you can book this tour like this? Or do I book a mountain hiking guide separately? I would still be interested. Thank you in advance. Maybe the tour will come up next year. 😉

    • Cecile Meier
      Cecile Meier

      Thanks for the nice feedback! Mountain guides can also be booked, but the tour is also doable for ambitious hikers on their own, thanks to the good signage.


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