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Five places to extend Summer

Who doesn't know it: Summer is coming to an end and while you're looking forward to hot cocoa, colorful leaves and foggy autumn days, you can Summer on the other hand somehow not quite let go. After all, there is still so much that you haven't done in the last few months, that you still want to experience and that definitely can't wait until next year. But before you start panicking about missed opportunities, check out these five places. Because the summer can be extended a bit there - even if autumn is actually already knocking on the door.

1. Feel the late summer sun on your skin in Portugal

A pleasant 20 degrees, peace and quiet, just the right amount of sunshine and that well beyond the summer months - in beautiful Portugal the summer can be extended particularly well. One accommodation that is ideal for this is the Craveiral Farmhouse in the Portuguese Alentejo. The area offers many opportunities for activities for the whole family. The terrain of the farm itself, with the various pools and paths and animal enclosures, is also beautifully varied and the cottages are equipped with all the necessary comforts.

And because this is ultimately about extending the summer, the sea must not be missing either, and Portugal has more than enough of that, as you know. The nearby coast is partly even almost untouched and invites you to cozy sunset picnics or one or the other quick dip.

Horses on Craveyral

Apartment from 208 euros per night.



2. Enjoy Greece's relaxed off-season to the fullest

One country that becomes a real highlight in the off-season is Greece. When most of the tourists have gone and the temperatures are no longer so oppressively hot and the atmosphere gradually becomes relaxed and cozy, the many islands really blossom. Not that it wouldn't be nice in the high season, but from September the flair is a little different.

One place that offers a particularly high level of summer extension is the island of Crete. There are also the White River Cottages. With their authentic architecture typical of the region, which combines minimalism and tradition, they exude a lot of that relaxed vibe that we all just don't want to let go at the end of every summer. Each of the cottages or studios shines with white walls, marble bathrooms, wooden furniture and unique works of art created by artisans - perfect for those who want to take a break from a hot summer and prepare for autumn with peace of mind.

White River Cottages
Rooms White River Cottages

cottage from 80 euros per night.

MORE INFORMATION on White River Cottages


3. Review the summer in Sardinia

Sardinia is THE summer dream anyway. It is obvious that the Italian island is also perfect for taking these idyllic summer days with you into autumn. If you come to Sardinia, you should definitely stay at Villa Castanza in Olbia in the north-east of the island. The special feature of the villa is the fantastic sea view that offers itself - 180 degrees to the north-eastern island of Tavolara. In addition, the villa is surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation and large trees - the perfect environment for reading, relaxing or playing cards.

But that doesn't mean that the island doesn't want to be explored. After all, two beaches are within walking distance from the villa and there are all kinds of other sporting activities to choose from, such as trekking, hiking or windsurfing. After these activities and the fabulous landscape that includes them, autumn can be welcomed at home with a clear conscience.

Villa Castanza with sea views
Villa Castanza
Dusk Villa Constanza

Entire house from 350 euros per night.

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4. Forgetting time (and the end of summer) in a small Croatian village

Croatia is probably one of the most popular holiday destinations in summer. But even in early autumn, the country does not let itself be squandered. If Croatia is on the summer extension list, we recommend the Sisters-Homes holiday homes on the island of Cres. Vidovići 9 and 5, two of the holiday homes of the owners Nataša and Ingrid, are located in a narrow street of a small mountain village, at the end of which the blue of the Adriatic Sea mysteriously flashes. There you still have the feeling that the clocks tick differently and time doesn't matter - just the right thing to let the summer come to life again in peace and quiet.

The traditional stone houses offer a good mix of old and new: Existing furniture and utensils that used to be in the stone houses have been restored, connecting today with the stories of the individual accommodations and making it a small home. But not only the great designed holiday homes should draw you to Cres, but also the exciting things that you can experience outside: the pebble beaches and the sea, the cities of Osor and Lubenice, the blue cave or the museum of Apoxiomenos, for example.

Sisters homes
Sisters homes inside
sisters homes outside

WHOLE HOUSE from 330 euros per night.



5. Experience (late) summer city vibes in Valencia

Warm air soaked in music and conversation, long nights and small alleys filled with people and the smell of food - summer in the middle of the city can do something! Especially when it's an incredibly exciting city like Valencia that literally screams "summer".

Those wanting to really experience Valencia in the off-season are in good hands at the Barracart Apartments in the heart of Valencia's authentic old fishing district. The building housing the seven apartments is a replica of the original house - the main facade is the restored original, which was a prominent bourgeoisie house in Valencia's Maritime Quarter a century ago.

Incidentally, the house is located directly on the beach and is only 15 minutes from the center of Valencia - ideal for an all-round summer extension. And: The owners are also happy to share their insider tips, and you shouldn't miss them if you want to get to know the city from a different angle.

Barracart apartments
Balcony Barracart Apartments

Apartment from 105 euros per night.

MORE INFORMATION about Barracart Apartments

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Nadine is a freelance editor and copywriter. She lives in Austria and commutes between Salzburg, Styria and Vienna. She is therefore either in the mountains or in the urban jungle, but at the same time tries to spend as much time as possible in her heart country Portugal.


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