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Four food concepts

Good food concepts

In our new “FOOD” section, we want to present everything to do with food, especially “good food”. For us, tasty food is part of every unforgettable holiday! We present four food concepts, such as responsible consumption of meat and fish, the slow food movement, the farm-to-table principle and the healthy Mediterranean diet that is offered in the so-called Blue Zones.

1. Slow Food

The Slow Food movement unites supporters and local groups worldwide who oppose the globalized fast food paradigm. The aim is to focus on the careful and decelerated use of diverse and regional foods - both in processing and in the enjoyment itself. The people behind the movement are committed to a socially and ecologically responsible food system, which on the one hand protects animal welfare and, on the other hand, ensures biocultural diversity.

Slow Food, Good Travel

2. Farm to table

When vegetables are freshly processed straight from the field and placed on the plate, guests enjoy a meal based on the farm-to-table principle. Not only can guests taste the freshness, they also know exactly where the fruit and vegetables come from. Because many hosts cultivate their own beds, gardens and fields.

According to the seasons and the variety of harvests, the hosts keep reinventing their menus and break with the supposed permanent availability of food. Short delivery routes that save emissions and the certainty of how fruit and vegetables are grown guarantee authentic taste experiences.

Farm to Table Good Travel
Farm to Table Good Travel Cretan Malia Park
Cretan Malia Park Meal Preparation
Farm to Table: Dough
Cretan Malia Park Farm to Table

3. Nose to tail

With the nose-to-tail principle, as many edible parts of a slaughtered animal as possible are processed. The guests are not only offered the finest items such as fillets, but also dishes with tongue, innards or tail. It's about raising awareness of responsible meat consumption. The living beings are perceived as a whole and used accordingly, which counteracts an untimely waste of food. Just like before.

Nose to Tail Good Travel Food Concept

4. Blues Zones

The Blue Zones are regions in which people live remarkably long and healthily. This includes the Mediterranean region. The cuisine of the Blue Zones is characterized by the avoidance of industrially produced foods, cooking with lots of fresh vegetables, fiber and good fats like extra virgin olive oil. Of course, the ingredients vary by region, but one thing they have in common is the focus on green vegetables, legumes and nuts, which in combination with complex carbohydrates provide the body with all the nutrients it needs.

Blue Zones Good Travel

In our Good Travel cookbook numerous recipes are presented that implement exactly these four food concepts. They invite you to try out creative cooking and bring a special kind of culinary delight. The cooks can travel to the Good Travel Places presented. You can buy our cookbook here.

Good Travel Cookbook

In our section "KITCHEN WHISPER“ we present recipes from hosts that reflect the food concepts presented here. Have fun cooking!


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