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Good fashion, good enjoyment, good design and good ideas. GOOD ISSUE deals with everything that makes life more sustainable and beautiful. Because the team behind the new digital lifestyle magazine is convinced that both are possible - and even complement each other perfectly.

We interviewed the team consisting of Maria-Jacoba Geremus, Stephanie van de Kamp, Sabine Schaefer-Gaiser, Lena Gerbert and Esther Geremus.

Esther Geeremus

Has been working in the publishing industry for over 10 years as a manager and text editor. Four years ago, the Viennese-by-choice became self-employed and likes to keep a lot of balls in the air at the same time at her work in Hamburg, Munich and Vienna. With GOOD ISSUE she fulfilled a dream - to combine beautiful, worth knowing and meaningful things in one magazine.

Studied communication sciences in Vienna and then worked as an editor in a renowned magazine publisher. After her focus for a while on diaper mountains, wet kisses and the next kindergarten trip, she is now responsible for the fashion and lifestyle department at GOOD ISSUE.

Since studying history and German in Munich and London, she has worked as an author, copywriter and editor-in-chief for renowned German publishers and magazines. She loves art, design and architecture, her vegetable garden and her old trench coat, which she has fished out of the old clothes bin twice.

Is a communication designer and art director. She lives and works in Munich and Berlin and is the founder of the creative agency Clique G. For GOOD ISSUE, she passionately developed branding, identity, editorial – and beautiful archways.

Born in Munich, she lives and works between Vienna, Tyrol and Munich and can't make up her mind. Journalism? Theatre? Or do you prefer journalism? No, not an either/or. Both! Because switching between two worlds that are supposedly so different and in truth inspire each other is not only exciting, but quite simply hers.


1. What was or is your motivation behind GOOD ISSUE?

It all started a good two years ago as an idea among friends and former colleagues. It was clear to us that we could not continue like this due to the social changes, political events of the last few years and our lifestyle, which was incompatible with the finite resources of our planet.

"More sustainability" was clear, but how? Although the topic had long since arrived in public discourse, we missed a medium that combines fair and sustainable products with good design. In 2022 the time had come: positive, inspiring, encouraging (including ourselves) and aesthetically convincing - our magazine GOOD ISSUE was born.

2. What is your advice to our readers: What can you do specifically for a better future?

Actually, it's not that difficult: yes small changes in your life can do a lot! Your own behavior and that of those around you should always be questioned. Where do these come from Cut Flowers? where will mine favorite sneaker manufactured? Draw your conclusions from this - there is almost always a sustainable alternative! Try out new things and give new ideas a chance in your everyday life. Of course, not everything can be changed right away, and that's totally fine. But if we all start sharing our experiences and inspiring others through it, we've already achieved so much.

3. How do travel and sustainability go together for you?

We should give some thought to the planning before the trip. Sometimes the journey is the reward, isn't it? So maybe we can arrive by train or even bike, experience a lot and do something for the environment. It continues directly in the holiday destination: prefer to book a holiday apartment instead of a hotel chain, eat in restaurants that prepare their own food and attach great importance to the regionality of the products, or buy fresh regional products at the local weekly markets. All of these decisions are instrumental in steering the tourism industry in the right direction. If there is a high demand for environmentally and socially responsible travel, providers will respond accordingly. The future of more sustainable tourism is in our hands!


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