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Finally gehts Come on! The packing list has been written and, ideally, the items on it have already found their way into the luggage. Then only such things remain clarify how: Pay abroad, withdraw money and keep track of various expenses. If nothing else is …
Admittedly, these are not favorite topics for most people, but often happen alongside travel planning or receive too little attention. Often with unpleasant consequences. Having too little cash with you is not only annoying in Berlin, but at the latest in every small, nice-smelling bakery where a grandma sells homemade goods or at the many regional weekly markets full of delicacies when travelling. The fresh melon smiles at you and actually there is still no fresh bread for dinner in the Lodging, but unfortunately you don't have the necessary small change in your pocket. So what to do?


With Tomorrow and the "Zero" package, you can pay and withdraw money as often as you like, free of charge and worldwide, at all ATMs VISA sign and in partner shops - so nothing stands in the way of dinner! Now it just says: In time take off and use it wisely, after all, you often come across great shops without a clue!

Tomorrow Zero


who with the Partner:in, family or friends is on the go, knows it: The joint expenses are piling up and at some point nobody has an overview of the many expenses for a round of coffee on the beach, admission to a museum or the purchase of a nice souvenir. Instead of waiting until after the holiday to transfer the money owed to the other person, Tomorrow customers transfer amounts in real time. With the free VISA debit card, you can see your expenses directly in the Tomorrow app and always have an overview of all expenses. After the journey through the Insights the inputs and outputs are analyzed.


Before the holiday is after the holiday! At least that's the way we feel: as soon as we get home, we're already dreaming of more vacations. But the holiday budget has to be refilled first. In return, Tomorrow offers the option of saving in pockets, i.e. sub-accounts. This can be done in your own account as well as in the partner account.

And let's not kid ourselves: once the coffers are full again and the next vacation is just around the corner, you're more than welcome to treat yourself to a new item or matching cosmetics: Tomorrow offers exclusive discounts on selected sustainable brands such as Armedangels or Junglück.

Knowing how my bank ticks

In the meantime, more and more people are realizing that sustainability also affects the topic of finance. Tomorrow is committed to “sustainable travel”, in which Tomorrow Climate protection projects supported by a climate protection contribution. Tomorrow has also set itself the task of offsetting the average footprint of a German with every "Zero" account.

 The three account models from Tomorrow

There is a total of Tomorrow Three different account models: “Now” for EUR 3 per month, “Change” for EUR 7 per month and “Zero” for EUR 15 per month. A partner account is included in the last two account models. This enables joint management of finances.


You can find more information about the models here




Travel Benefits

A current account with Tomorrow can be easily set up in just a few minutes with your smartphone. Thanks to the account switching service, the sustainable banking provider also makes it child’s play to change your current bank without having to produce and deal with an unnecessarily large amount of paperwork.

Open your sustainable bank account and benefit from 3 free months!

With our code "TXGT22" users can now use the premium account model "Zero" for three months free of charge. So just try it out for yourself how easy it is to switch to sustainable finance and let your money work for a better world.

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