Mindful offline retreat at Schloss Neuenhof

Schloss Neuenhof

Sabrina Paul works as a systemic coach with a focus on mindfulness and resilience and will be offering a "Mindful Offline Retreat" from May 6th to 8th, 2022 Schloss Neuenhof in Lüdenscheid.

Through a clear demarcation from everyday life, reduction of digital distractions and a mindful perception of the body the “mental overload” is reduced and the scattered attention is refocused. The retreat promotes the conscious perception of one's own needs in order to live more in harmony with them. Participants learn to better switch off from thoughts of work in order to be mentally present in their free time.

Sabrina Paul

Blooming nature, healthy eating and mindfulness

Surrounded by blooming nature brings Sabrina Paul the topics of mindfulness and resilience in connection with sport, yoga and healthy nutrition:

“Mindfulness describes a state of conscious presence of mind. This is where the term “present” comes in: Instead of worrying about the past or the future, attention is focused entirely on the present moment. Above all, mindfulness means noticing what you are thinking and feeling and what is going on around you. This helps to recognize your own needs and to be able to react to them.

Resilience describes the psychological resistance. In other words, the ability to cope with emotional and mental stress through personal resources and to use them as an opportunity for development. During the retreat, the participants will learn which factors determine resilience and how one can strengthen oneself.

The physical level is often given far too little importance in relation to resilience. But sport is a very effective way to channel inner tension and strengthen the mental state. Most of the day you are busy thinking. Physical activities draw attention to the present and the body so that it is easier to switch off. If the body is in a bad condition due to pain, tiredness or exhaustion, this also affects the mental state. Exercise reduces tension, improves sleep quality and releases endorphins, which in turn affects mental factors.”

Beneficial nature around Neuenhof Castle
The power of the forest

Active program for every exercise level

The active program includes different exercise levels, so that beginners as well as advanced can participate. In addition to the activity program, small excursions are made into the extensive forest area and healthy meals are prepared together. The recently lovingly renovated holiday apartment offers a beautiful view of the picturesque nature and the idyllic castle garden.


17.00 individual arrival
18.00 Yoga (with progressive muscle relaxation)
20.00 dinner

07.30 muesli and porridge bar
09.00 outdoor training
11.00 lunchtime snack
12.00 Excursion into nature
14.00 return
15.00 pm Impulse: mindfulness & resilience
17.00 Yoga
19.30 dinner

07.30 muesli and porridge bar
09.00 Morning run/walk
10.00 return
11.00 Brunch
13.00 mobility & stretching
15.00 departure

Costs: The retreat is taking place for the first time and starts as a joint test balloon with Schloss Neuenhof. For this reason, it is offered once for 340 euros per person.

Location: Schloss Neuenhof, Neuenhofer Str. 54, 58515 Lüdenscheid

Date: May 6-8, 2022

Registration: Click here for registration


Eating together at Neuenhof Castle
Here you can relax


  1. Marion Niehoff
    1. May 2022

    Hello everyone, will the Mindful Offline Retreat seminar at Schloss Neuenhof be repeated at some point?


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