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Refuel properly: 5 places of power in Austria

Who doesn't know it - the events of the world bombard you, you lose yourself in thoughts, you're constantly brooding, and letting go and coming down is really difficult. Especially in times like these, regular refueling is particularly important. One way to gain new energy and inner peace is to visit a place of power. But what actually characterizes a place of power? Already in ancient cultures places of power were visited to hold ceremonies. Menhirs (high blocks of stone), stone circles (keyword Stonehenge) or ring walls, which can still be found in many places, also date from this time. To this day, these places have an attractive and mystical effect and attract many people every year pilgrimage. Power places are places that have a positive effect on us humans in terms of calming, strengthening or relaxation. In fact, they often have different energies, but sometimes they are just subjectively perceived as calming and relaxing. Either way – the motto is always the same in these places: Take it slowly. You can do it slowly, especially in Austria. How practical that there are so many places of power here. From Vienna to Vorarlberg – energy and power can be found on almost every corner and of course we don’t want to withhold some of these places from you.

1. The power place Mecca of Filzmoos in Salzburger Land

As if the little village of Filzmoos in Salzburg's Pongau wasn't already worth a visit, the mountain village is also bursting with good energy and attracts with its overall 17 places of power. There have always been various traditions and legends that tell of particularly powerful and energizing places. And you can believe these legends and myths, because Filzmoos was geomantically measured and in fact special energy vibrations were found at these 17 places. Incidentally, these range from places of worship and sacred buildings to special rock formations to old trees or simple benches in nature. A hike to the court pastures, because there you will find three powerful places (wedding place at the Almsee, place of gratitude and around the Almsee). Oh yes: If you don't want to start your journey to one of the power places alone, you can do it together with a power place companion.
Almsee in Filzmoos ©Coen Weesjes, Filzmoos Tourism

2. The power arena Groß Gerungs in Lower Austria's Waldviertel

The Power arena Groß Gerungs brings together five places of power in one place with the Kierlingstein, sacrificial stone, hermitage, globe and stone pyramid. Located in the picturesque Waldviertel in Lower Austria, the Kraftarena has a special attraction for us humans. Some of the places in the power arena have an invigorating and stimulating effect, while others have a calming and relaxing effect. But they all have one thing in common: they give you strength. The globe, which owes its name to being more than 500 tons and seven meters in diameter, has, for example, bioinformation that is supposed to neutralize electromagnetic pollution in humans. But the six-meter-long Kierlingstein, which you can hike up, is literally a challenge. It is filled with water which, according to legend, brings healing and beauty. The space next to it supposedly also has a positive and balancing effect on the vegetative nervous system. The absolute highlight of the power arena is probably the almost seven meter high stone pyramid with its circular steps - incidentally the only one of its kind in Central Europe. Its story may be vague and its meaning unfathomable, but one thing is certain: it is intended to provide plenty of energy.
Stone pyramid in the Groß Gerung power arena

3. The Mirnock in the Carinthian Nockberge

In the middle of the Carinthian Nockberge lies the Mirnock, around which an exciting legend is wrapped. So it is said that countless years ago a giant tore down the beautiful peak of the Mirnock and thus only a round knoll remained as the summit. Even if this legend sounds really exciting, the shape of the Mirnock can be explained in a different way: more than 300 million years ago, a huge mass of primary rock pushed up to the surface of the earth and exposed gneiss and slate rock. This then created the optimal breeding ground for the lush meadows, which later grew here and are still a feast for the eyes today. Just looking at them gives you a lot of energy, but the Mirnock also attracts with other places of power, such as the 7-trunk tree sanctuary, the herb garden, the three troughs, the "Menhir" stone and the place of the wind on the neighboring mountain Palnock. On top of that there is a fabulous view. Well, if this isn't the perfect place to wind down and recharge your batteries!

4. The tree of life circle “Am Himmel” in Vienna

Who would have thought that even in often hectic Vienna there is a place where you can relax and recharge your batteries. "Am Himmel" in Döbling, an already popular excursion destination in Vienna, has had a sustainable natural monument since 1997, the so-called tree of life circle. It serves as a place of tranquility and regularly attracts people from the busier parts of the city. The Tree of Life Circle consists of 40 different trees arranged in two concentric circles. Each tree symbolizes the period of a whole year and is - similar to our zodiac signs - attributed to a certain decade of birth. After that celtic tree horoscope everyone can find their personal tree of life here and learn everything worth knowing about them over loudspeakers. On weekends, the whole thing is even accompanied by classical music (how else could you expect it in Vienna?) to offer visitors an even more valuable experience.
Tree of Life Circle ©Am Himmel

5. The stone circles on Bürserberg in Vorarlberg

The Burserberg on the Tschengla high plateau in Vorarlberg is full of secrets and powers. The large stone circles that stand there can probably be traced back to the Neolithic period (5.000 to 1.900 BC) and indicate a gigantic calendar system. A place of worship that, according to Greek and Roman historians, focuses on a stone deity, the goddess Raetia. Back then, people came here to recharge their batteries and set healing processes in motion, and the energy and magic that emanates from this place can still be clearly felt today.
Stone circles Bürserberg ©Brandnertal Tourismus
In 2003, a committee of recognized scientists, including cardiac surgeons, astronomers, myth researchers, local historians, geomancers and metrologists, met at the Bürserberg. They all wanted to explore the cultural achievements of our ancestors and the influence of disturbance zones, power places and water veins on people and actually found a high concentration of force fields. The feelings that one feels at the stone circles are therefore quite justified, even if they still pose a mystery to science today. Hot tip: There are also guided tours here by prior arrangement.

Nadine is a freelance editor and copywriter. She lives in Austria and commutes between Salzburg, Styria and Vienna. She is therefore either in the mountains or in the urban jungle, but at the same time tries to spend as much time as possible in her heart country Portugal.


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    Incredibly good photos and interesting article. We advise everyone to visit the Power arena Groß Gerungs. This is a very beautiful place!


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