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Plastic-free bathroom opener

On the way to a plastic-free bathroom with a soap spray

With a competition at the end: We are giving away this Dash Set "Everyday Hero:in" from soap spray

Whether shampoo, liquid soap or toothpaste - almost all conventional hygiene items from our bathroom are in plastic packaging. These are a real environmental problem and unnecessarily burden our nature, especially the seas. Because when the plastic bottle is empty, it ends up in the garbage – and later, in the worst case, in the sea. And if it's not the packaging, then the microplastics that are often found in commercial soaps cause lasting damage to nature.

The liquid soap fromsoap shower“ wants to help you to make your daily bathroom routine more sustainable. "Wait a minute - what's new about liquid soap?" you might be thinking. Very simple: In contrast to conventional soap in disposable dispensers or plastic refill packs, the soap from "Seifenbrause" comes without any plastic. The liquid soap is supplied in powder form in a small paper sachet, which can then be easily disposed of in the waste paper bin. And in the future you can completely do without the use of all plastic soap dispensers and/or plastic refills.

Sustainable bathing pleasure
Different fragrances for every taste

At the same time, the founders rely on transparency and use high-quality, natural cosmetics verifiable ingredients for all soap shower products. Without any chemical frills. And microplastics? That doesn't get into the powder with soap spray either! The shower gel powder is 100 percent biodegradable and therefore a blessing for Mother Nature.

On the way to a plastic-free bathroom, we are always on the lookout for suitable products. For us, the products from "Seifenbrause" should not be missing. We asked the founders Michael and Sebastian our three questions.

1. What was or is your motivation behind Seifenbrause?

We both grew up by the North Sea and stood on the dyke with our parents from an early age to fight with fairy lights to raise the protective wall. Climate change and rising sea levels were already an issue in our lives 20 years ago. Unfortunately little or nothing has happened since then. We have also found that many do not want to switch to sustainable alternatives in the long term because they often do not offer the same comfort as conventional products.

Equipped with the knowledge from our chemistry and mechanical engineering courses and a different view of the world, we want to change this. We want to show that high-quality products and a beautiful experience can also be designed to be sustainable and can even retain the comfort of conventional products. Without compromises and without changing your habits!

The Founders of Soap Spray

2. What is your advice to our readers: What can you do specifically for a better future?

In order to do something good for our planet in the long term, we have to question our everyday habits. Make us aware of the impact our actions and consumption have not only on the local environment, but also on our fellow human beings and the rest of the world. We therefore advise you to look into what sustainable alternatives there are to products that we use every day. There are so many young companies that have smart ideas and create products that are super comfortable and at the same time use significantly less fossil fuels. Here, perhaps, a little food for thought about what a big impact companies have on our environment. Here, too, one should be aware of where the products come from and under what conditions they are manufactured.

3. How do travel and sustainability go together for you?

In our opinion, to learn the true value of nature and the environment, you need to gain experience and get out of the daily hamster wheel. At the same time, for us, this also means taking a step back and questioning our own actions. You need rest, new impressions and inspiration for new ways of thinking. That means maybe not booking the big long-distance flight for your next vacation, but planning a trip to nature in the area. A spontaneous road trip into the countryside can also give you so much. We believe that this is the only way to create ideas for solutions to the urgent challenges of our society!

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Competition: soap shower X Good Travel

Together with Seifenbrause we are giving away a party set everyday hero:in. And this is how you take part:

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With a soap spray, your bathroom becomes plastic-free

Terms and Conditions

Only users with a minimum age of 18 years and a valid postal address in Germany as well as permanent residence in Germany are entitled to participate. 360 ° Good Travel GmbH, Brunnenstrasse 9, 10119 Berlin, is responsible for the raffle, [email protected] (hereinafter referred to as "the operator"). Participation in the promotion is not linked to costs or the purchase of goods and / or services.

The following prizes will be awarded: 1 x “Everyday Hero:in” party set worth 69,95 euros

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