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High moors, waterfalls, huge forests: the Ore Mountains

The Erzgebirge in the Saxon-Czech border area is one of the most beautiful low mountain range landscapes in the country. Here you can discover just about everything that makes a holiday close to nature so special: From the largest coherent Forest area in Saxony/Czech Republic via biosphere reserves and raised bogs to impressive dams and reservoirs. Numerous cycling and hiking trails make the natural surroundings accessible and ensure that you can get very close to them.

Discover the natural Ore Mountains

Stay comfortably in a former mansion

For all those who do not want to do without any comfort, we recommend a stay in the "Old forester's house Wildenthal“. The former royal Saxon forester's office in Wildenthal is in an idyllic, secluded location on almost two hectares of mountain meadows. Especially in May and June, when the mountain meadows begin to bloom, a special kind of natural spectacle can be observed here. The large garden of the house with a charcoal grill, seats and parasols ensures that you can enjoy this beautiful sight, surrounded by green glowing forests, to the fullest.

In the extensively renovated listed building from 1834 there are a total of five tastefully designed holiday apartments. When it came to furnishing, great importance was attached to pictures by well-known artists, including Hopper, Vettriano, Macke, Kadinski and El Bocho. The various apartments are state-of-the-art. They each offer space for two to four guests. Even when the house is full, it doesn't get loud, so nothing stands in the way of a relaxing holiday.

Surrounded by blooming mountain meadows
The old forester's house Wildenthal from the outside
Art collection in the old forester's house in Wildenthal

During the day people like to while away the time here in the fresh mountain air. If you want, you can rent an e-bike directly from the accommodation and go on a journey of discovery. Just a stone's throw away, for example, is the long-distance cycle route Karlsroute, which can be driven in stages. In addition to a special driving experience, the electrically operated wheels ensure that you can cope with one or the other climb in the hilly region in a more relaxed manner.

Deceleration and wellness in your own four walls

After an active day in nature, you can find peace and deceleration in your own four walls in the evening. Each apartment has a Finnish sauna or infrared cabin. While sweating is intensively promoted in the Finnish sauna at temperatures of up to 95 degrees, the infrared sauna ensures gentle and gentle relaxation at pleasant temperatures. The circulation is not put under quite as much strain and there is a deep heat effect that effectively increases the intramuscular blood flow.

In keeping with the private well-being experience, the service area of ​​the house offers guests numerous cosmetic, sauna and spa items. If you want even more wellness, you will find it in the Badegarten Eibenstock, where you can delve deep into the Russian-Karelian sauna culture.

The surrounding area is scenically quite impressive

Good luck - The Montan region as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Speaking of culture: For some time now, the Ore Mountains, together with the Bohemian part, have been part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Mining shaped the landscape and culture of the mining region over many centuries. Today you can experience this traditional history in a very special way, for example, on a guided tour of a well-preserved mine – both above and below ground – or when visiting a charcoal hut.

With its unique cultural and natural landscape, the Ore Mountains are an ideal travel destination and a real pleasure for all city dwellers looking for peace and quiet. Anyone who then decides to visit the Alte Försterei can also look forward to a stylish holiday, as it is written in books.

More information about Old forester's house Wildenthal

The Alte Försterei Wildenthal is in an idyllic, secluded location surrounded by greenery

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