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The taste of Armenia

With a competition at the end: Win a copy of "RECIPES WELCOME"

How does Armenia actually taste? The cookbook "RECIPES WELCOME" knows the answer! Katharina Pflug, Anna Niedermeier and Nora Scholz, the three editors of the cookbook, did not travel to Armenia for this, but simply invited an Armenian woman and cooked with her for a day. Now you know the answer: Armenia tastes like cinnamon pumpkin!

Delicious dishes from Somalia
The three makers of RECIPES WELCOME

Refugees reveal their favorite dishes

The organizers then repeated this with a total of 13 other refugees. In the cookbook "RECIPES WELCOME' tell them yours now favorite dishes. The result is a book full of culinary discoveries and peppered to the brim with over 60 recipes from 14 different countries, personal stories and aesthetic food photographs. The three founders are primarily concerned with showing the local population which delicious, unknown dishes come to our country.

We just think this idea is excellent and asked Anna, one of the three co-authors of the cookbook, our three questions.

1. What was your motivation behind RECIPES WELCOME?

In compiling this book we made many culinary discoveries and realized that Germany's cuisine is getting richer - richer in new spices, new dishes and new taste experiences. This diversity is created by people who come to us from other cultures and bring their favorite foods with them.

We soon realized that it wasn't just about our own curiosity, but that we could use this topic to build bridges: bridges of integration. From plate to plate. From human to human.

Creator of recipes from Chechnya
Fresh salad - perfect for warm days!

2. What do you advise our readers: What can you do specifically for a better future?

In view of the tense political situation in many places, communicating with each other is the most important thing. Respect, empathy and appreciation is the basis for a better future. And that not only starts when travelling, but also at home in everyday life.

We want to get to know people and cultures by eating together. Because we believe that food connects. Not only within a family, not only among friends, but also from country to country. It is an ideal starting point to approach each other, sit down at a table and exchange ideas. Talking about food is a door opener through which we can get to know a person. Personal contact and open human interest help all of us to break down cultural prejudices and develop more understanding for one another. The more unknown the culture, the more important it is to approach each other openly.

Now we have one more wish for you personally: Invite friends and an unknown neighbor or acquaintance, sit down together at the table, cook and eat together. And just be curious – about people and life.

3. How do travel and sustainability fit together for you?

For us, the two things are not mutually exclusive, because it is essentially about cultural inspiration. You can often get this inspiration very easily by being inspired at home, without having to fly.

More information about RECIPES WELCOME

Competition: RECIPES WELCOME X Good Travel

Together with RECIPES WELCOME we are giving away a copy of the cookbook. And this is how you take part:

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Insight into the cookbook

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