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Casa Federle volcanic eruption

After volcanic eruption: reconstruction of Casa Federle

With their move to La Palma and the purchase of an old farmhouse, the Federle family fulfilled a lifelong dream more than 30 years ago. The "Casa Federle" should become a creative oasis where people and especially families would like to spend time. Here your guests should enjoy togetherness, be able to recharge their batteries and, above all, be close to nature and the animals.

A family oasis of retreat with many playful details

In this place, where their own children were born and grew up, the family has created a beautiful complex with gardens and a total of four apartments over many years. From the playful mosaics, the playground including the wooden turtle shelter and tree house, the animals to the skin-friendly saltwater pool, all sorts of details have ensured that our little guests in particular have felt completely at home here for years.
The Federle family has worked on their Casa Federle for many years
Together they created a family oasis of well-being
Various mosaic details give a playful ambience
Gathering with other guests at the BBQ area
The pool area with salt water swimming pool

Sustainability at Casa Federle

A unique life's work was born, in which sustainability was never neglected. Materials that were as natural as possible were used to build and design the houses and furniture. While part of the electricity requirement is met by solar energy, the rainwater storage tank ensures that no valuable drinking water has to be used to water the garden. In other respects, too, it was always important to the operators to encourage their guests to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. The tap water came from a pure mountain spring, which made it possible to do without plastic bottles; attention was paid to waste separation and only biodegradable cleaning agents were used for the rooms.

Cumbre Vieja – A volcanic eruption that changed everything

In autumn 2021, this lifelong dream was destroyed by the lava of the Cumbre Vieja volcano. The volcanic eruption on the island of La Palma, which made headlines for weeks in the news and would go down in history with a duration of 86 days as the longest known eruption on the Canary Island, reached the "Casa Federle". On October 14, 2021 there was a huge fire before the resort, which was built with so much heart and soul, was finally buried under the lava. The unique lifework of the family was destroyed.
The Casa Federle from above
A volcano that changes everything

A new beginning: A fundraising campaign for reconstruction

After weeks of bewilderment, sadness and reorientation, the Federle family has now found the strength to look to the future. They want to build a new, smaller Casa Federle. The new facility with unique accommodations and many animals will be located in the mountains and offer many great places to stay. Of course, sustainability will again play a central role here. The idea is to welcome guests again in two years. Anyone who would like to support the family with this new project now has the opportunity to make a donation. the GoFundMe campaign should be the starting signal for a new beginning. For every donation - no matter how small or large - the respective amount is credited in return for a future stay in "Casa Federle II". Thanks to the first donations, a container has already been purchased in which the family's evacuated belongings were stowed away for the time being. Further donations should then enable the construction of a new Casa Federle. The family appreciates every contribution, no matter how small. If you want, you can also share this message about the fundraising campaign and thus support the family with further reach and attention. On the Family Instagram channel you will also find regular updates on current events on the premises of Casa Federle.
Support the Federle family now: Click here for the GoFundMe donation campaign
Insight into the living room of the Pajar Apartment
Insight into the spacious eat-in kitchen of the Soldanella apartment
The garden area of ​​the former Casa Federle


  • Gunter Frenz

    Hello, I just read that the Casa no longer exists, but I would like to donate and use the donated money at some point

  • Hannes GUNKA

    We spent a wonderful family holiday at Casa Federle in 2007 and enjoyed the wonderful surroundings!
    The excellent hospitality was also exemplary for us.
    Now I am almost 80 years “young” and unfortunately a widower; but the memory is still alive.
    La isla bonita, one of my beloved travel destinations, maybe I'll come by again?


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