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A climate-neutral current account for on the go

From booking accommodation to catering on site: the issue of money also plays a central role when travelling. Our consumption decisions are of particular importance. For example, when we decide to spend money on things or activities that make a positive contribution to our environment or society.

Commit yourself to a better world with your own consumption – also when travelling

For example, if we pay our money for admission to a nature or national park spend, it ensures that the park can continue to support local environmental projects in the future. Or we buy fresh at the organic weekly market. Then you not only secure an income for the producers, but also support sustainable agriculture at the same time. By us book accommodationthat spot a sustainable tourism promotes, we can set an example with our money as well as with ours Compensate for air travel. With our consumer decisions, we can direct quite precisely where our money goes in everyday life and also when traveling and thus set a positive sign.

Conventional banks often invest in climate-damaging industries

On the other hand, if you look at where we leave most of our money “lying” – namely in our checking account, savings account or share portfolio – it quickly becomes quite opaque. Few know that many mainstream banks primarily use their customers' money to invest heavily in coal, weapons and other climate-damaging industries.

A Hamburg social enterprise is rethinking the topic of finance

A banking provider from Hamburg is now tackling this problem. "Tomorrow“ would like to fundamentally rethink the topic of finance. The social enterprise from Hamburg was founded in 2018 by Inas Nureldin, Michael Schweikart and Jakob Berndt. More than 100 employees are now working together with the three founders on the same mission: to turn money into a lever for positive change. So instead of investing in questionable industries, the money is put into projects that work for a better world.

Founder of Tomorrow

Strict criteria based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs for short) of the United Nations are used to decide whether a project is really sustainable. The projects are then supported by "Tomorrow" in a variety of ways. For example, through the so-called climate protection contribution or with the rounding up feature.

Use your checking account to campaign for more climate justice

The climate protection contribution consists of the so-called "interchange fee". This fee is incurred by the merchant if you pay with your card on the go or online. Conventional banks usually keep this fee of 0,2 percent of the purchase amount as pure profit for themselves. "Tomorrow“, on the other hand, invests a large part of these proceeds in global climate protection.

With rounding up, you can round up to the full euro for each payment. You can support the curated climate protection projects of "Tomorrow" with small amounts. the Impact report of the social enterprise provides a detailed insight into the individual projects.


The three account models of "Tomorrow"

Overall, there areTomorrowThree different account models: “Now” for EUR 3 per month, “Change” for EUR 7 per month and “Zero” for EUR 15 per month. A partner account is included in the last two account models. This enables joint management of finances. With “Zero”, the average CO2 footprint of a German is also compensated.

The three account models Now, Change and Zero at a glance

Travel Benefits

At the same time, the creators have also thought of the special needs of travelers: For example, with “Zero” there are no extra fees for cash withdrawals. It doesn't matter whether they are made at home or abroad. With the practical "pockets" you can also create several sub-accounts depending on the account model. These are ideal for numerous budget allocations or savings goals - for example as an account for the next vacation.

A current account with "Tomorrow" can be easily set up in just a few minutes with your smartphone. Thanks to the account switching service, the sustainable banking provider also makes it child’s play to change your current bank without having to produce and deal with an unnecessarily large amount of paperwork.

Open your sustainable bank account and benefit from 3 free months!

With our code "TXGT22" users can now use the premium account model "Zero" for three months free of charge. So just try it out for yourself how easy it is to switch to sustainable finance and let your money work for a better world.

More information about Tomorrow

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