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Vulkaneifel houses

What a visit to the Vulkaneifel houses sounds like

It doesn't matter if Europe's best sides with South Tyrol, Sweden or Nice; nearby destinations such as Salzburg, Franconia or Helgoland; Dream places like South Australia, Thailand or Tokyo - everything is exciting and worth a trip. Especially when Jochen Schliemann and Michael Dietz - the makers of the "Travel Travel" Podcast - talk about it. The two have traveled to more than 100 countries - and there is still no end in sight. They encourage their listeners to travel individually and sustainably and help them to discover this beautiful world with all their senses.

 “Anyone can go on vacation. You have to travel to travel.”

It is not always necessary to cover great distances or invest money for the dream trip. The perfect trip is often closer than you think. The two podcasters are currently discovering how beautiful it is in the Eifel, for example. You are just a guest in the delightful Vulkaneifel houses in Rhineland-Palatinate.

As a guest at the Good Travel Accommodation Vulkaneifelhäuser

Cover photo from the Travel Travel Podcast

Hermann is the host of the two Vulkaneifel houses. During construction, he paid attention to sophisticated, sustainable architecture that enables gentle tourism right on the doorstep. It was particularly important to the host of the Vulkaneifelhäuser that city dwellers from the area can spend a pleasant holiday in nature in less than two hours by car. With a wonderful view over the unspoilt valley of the small Kyll and surrounded by 10.000 square meters of meadow and forest land, he has also succeeded with his two holiday homes - at least we think so!

You can hear how Jochen and Michael from "Reisen Reisen" enjoyed their stay in the Vulkaneifelhäuser on March 11.03.2022th, XNUMX. Until then, you can also go to the Instagram channel of the two podcasters, where you can get personal insights into their current trips in advance.

In any case, we are really excited to see what stories the two of them will bring us from the Vulkaneifel. And since we love travel podcasts, we asked Michael, one of the two podcasters from "Reisen Reisen", our three questions.

1. What was or is your motivation behind Reisen Reisen - the podcast?

Jochen and I are travelers! If Greece or East Friesland. We are curious about everything that is waiting around the next bend. And whenever we met for dinner, we talked about our trips. There has also been a microphone there for four years now, and a lot of people out GermanyAustria and Switzerland listen. That just happened. And wonderful. In the meantime it has become a real community that exchanges ideas. Also about that how we travel more sustainably be able. Night trains are a very big issue for us.

2. What is your advice to our readers: What can you do specifically for a better future?

To take a closer look at his own life and as a traveler or travelers his travel life. Where can I maybe go by train instead of by car and plane? How fair and sustainable are the clothes, the backpack that I buy, and isn't it better to go to an exciting local guesthouse instead of going to the global hotel chain that also exports German beer to the Thai jungle?

Jochen Schliemann and Michael Dietz are the creators of the travel podcast

Sustainable travel does not automatically mean that you have to do without everything. On the contrary. The train ride to the south of France is of course longer than the flight, but hey what you see there. How beautiful Europe is! And how relaxed you get off in Nice...

3. How do travel and sustainability go together for you?

Each way from A to B consumes resources. We believe that travel as a cultural technique, as an exchange between cultures, still has great added value for this planet. And once you've stood in a jungle, in the Wadden Sea or in front of an elephant, most people think: I have to protect our world. It is important to travel consciously. If you want to go far away, then stay long. Makes the big trips “once in a lifetime trips” and offset your flights. We do this with our partner MyClimate, who then finances climate projects worldwide. Yes, that doesn't make up for all the damage, but if everyone is flying less and more consciously and forgoing things like luxury cruises, then traveling fits into this world quite well.

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Exterior view of the Vulkaneifel houses


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