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Review of the year

A review of the year by Good Travel

In a very special annual review we will take you on our past trips in 2021. Although this year was always very challenging due to the current situation, there were also many great, happy moments that we would now like to look back on.

The Good Travel Team introduces itself ...

In the meantime, our Instagram channel has become our most important social media channel with over 15.000 followers. Therefore, from December 25th, a different team member introduces himself every day and talks about his or her own role at Good travel and reports on where it was particularly nice in 2021.

So save the date! And who knows, maybe we will inspire one or the other to do the same and visit the Good Travel accommodations themselves soon - because a lot is demanded not only from our hosts, but from the entire travel industry.

With a visit to a Good Travel accommodation you not only support the operators: inside very directly, but also help to promote sustainable tourism on site. Because in times like these, this commitment on the part of the hosts is so valuable and, more than ever, it is important to support and strengthen it.

Further information on the annual review:

  • Good Travel Annual Review 2021
  • We introduce ourselves and take you on our past journeys
  • From December 25th to December 31st, 2021
  • On our Instagram channel @


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