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Opener winter camping

Nice campsites and pitches for winter camping

A guest post by campspace

When the days get shorter and the first snow falls, it doesn't mean that you have to send the camper to hibernation. Winter camping is becoming more and more a trend and for good reason: When camping in winter, you can look forward to quieter campsites, cozy evenings by the crackling campfire and picturesque snowy landscapes.

The campsites and pitches that we list in this article are also in the cold season open to you and over campspace to book. The Dutch booking portal offers a selection of mostly private campsites and parking spaces, but also other near-natural accommodations, such as tree houses and tipi tents. The platform wants to give its guests the opportunity to enjoy nature in the vicinity and to give an incentive to forego long journeys. In doing so, it makes a contribution to more sustainable tourism by shortening the journey and avoiding climate-damaging means of transport such as airplanes.

But you should be comfortably and thickly wrapped up when camping in winter

Quiet overnight stay on a former farm

Surrounded by chickens, cats, dogs and two horses is the former farm of Katharina. On the pitch you can enjoy a wonderful view over picturesque landscapes with mountains, fields and meadows. It is the perfect starting point for hikes in the snow and with the heated sanitary facilities and the cozy fireplace, this pitch is perfect for winter camping. Another plus point is that you have the space to yourself. Pure relaxation and tranquility.

Relax in the Upper Palatinate

You can find it on a large, cozy piece of land in the Upper Palatinate Lenz parking space. The proximity to the Stone Forest and the Bavarian Forest is ideal for going on a hike in the fresh winter months. It is a quiet parking space where you can slow down and relax. If you want to be cozy in the evening, you can watch a film in the cinema room or make a campfire by the fireplace. As a sanitary facility, there is a small guest bathroom and a guest toilet in the house.

A journey back in time to the Middle Ages

If you want to travel back in time and are looking for a very special parking space, you should go to the Bishop's Castle in Schkopau drop by. The former moated castle offers a true medieval experience and, with the sanitary facilities in the castle, is perfect for the colder winter months. The interiors of the castle offer a very romantic flair, especially in winter.

The bishop's castle

The right equipment for winter camping

The right equipment is essential for winter camping. Do you know what to look out for and what the difference is between a winter-proof and a winter-proof motorhome? If not, you should definitely get this 9 tips for camping in winter read.

Sustainable outdoor activities for winter camping

When you think of outdoor activities in winter, skiing comes to mind. Unfortunately, the large ski facilities are a disaster for the environment. Not only the ski facility itself, for which kilometers of forest have to be cleared, but also the usually long journey to a ski area. The majority of CO2 emissions in tourism come from transport.

Fortunately, there are sustainable outdoor activities that don't require a long journey and are just as fun:

Cross-country ski runs, tobogganing, hiking - gentle winter activities

The Norwegian word Loipen means cross-country skiing in German. There are more than 2.000 varied cross-country trails throughout Germany, so you don't have to travel long for a cross-country ski tour. This makes it a sustainable winter sport that is a lot of fun, trains your circulation and in the meantime you can enjoy the snowy nature.

In winter there is hardly a better way to discover the snow-covered landscapes than with a sledge. Tobogganing is not only fun for children, it is also an exciting outdoor activity for adults. Almost everywhere in Germany you can find hills and mountains for one or the other rapid descent. One should only take into account the nature and private fields of farmers.

Relaxing silence in snow-covered valleys and forests and fresh air to breathe deeply. Winter hikes have a very special charm. All you need is proper clothing and a suitable hiking trail. You should note that the days are shorter and should therefore choose shorter hiking trails so that you can get back to the campsite when it gets dark.

Meanwhile, you can really relax at winter camping, let your mind wander and gather strength for the next cross-country ski tour, winter hike or sledge tour.

Did you feel like winter camping? For more information, have a look at campspace stop by and let yourself be inspired

Relaxing around the campfire
Enjoy the winter with winter camping close to nature


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