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The sustainable building material is healthy for living

Natural, healthy and diverse - clay as an ecological building material

A guest post by CLAYTEC

In most people's minds, the first association with clay is "brown earth", but the days when clay was ridiculed are long gone. The oldest natural building material in the world is one of the most innovative on the market for ecological building. Today, clay is more in demand than ever before, not only for the renovation of historic half-timbered buildings, but also for modern new building projects or renovation of existing buildings. Thanks to CLAYTEC, a family company from Viersen, clay is available for today's building and integrated into its structures.

The mixture of sand, clay and silt is created by weathering or deposits of rock in nature and is therefore a natural "waste product" for which a meaningful use was found hundreds of years ago. Clay as a building material has numerous ecological advantages, an excellent energy balance, but also a wide range of uses and design options.

Clay the natural and sustainable building material

Probably the most obvious argument for clay is the ecological advantages. As the most natural building material, it has very good building physics and building biology properties. As a product that is suitable for recycling, clay can be reused as required, conserves resources and is available locally. Clay plasters are very robust and durable. Should a repair be necessary, the material can easily be dissolved and supplemented with pure water. This distinguishes clay from all other building materials. The raw material is processed without the addition of chemical ingredients. The heat-storing properties reduce heating requirements and help save energy costs.

Clay creates a pleasant room climate

With clay for a better well-being

Clay is also a particularly healthy living material as a building material. Excess moisture can be quickly absorbed from the air and released again when needed. The clay minerals contribute to an indoor climate that is conducive to health and well-being. Clay also stores heat and acts as a thermal store. In a nutshell: cool in summer – warm in winter. Clay is also a real insider tip for allergy sufferers, pH-neutral and without chemical additives, the natural building material is particularly skin-friendly. Clay plasters do not emit any chemical pollutants into the room air. On the contrary, they even bind odors.

Inspiration for an individual interior design

Clay also has a lot to offer in terms of interior design, a wide range of design options, from the urban concrete look to lively, roughly structured surfaces to the elegant, velvety feel. Clay is the binding agent and coloring agent. At CLAYTEC, the specialist for earth building materials, a color system of 146 different, natural earth colors is offered, without the addition of pigments or dyes. With the YOSIMA clay designer plaster produced by CLAYTEC and the CLAYFIX clay coating, a modern, minimalist result can be achieved. This means that the historical building material does not leave any questions about modern building unanswered.

With clay for a better well-being

Regardless of whether historical half-timbered buildings, modern new building project or renovation of existing buildings; Clay is the ideal building material for every building project.

Historical elements in combination with the modern YOSIMA clay designer plaster also have a unique effect and manage to combine modernization and traditional building character.

CLAYTEC offers a wide range of earth building materials, from clay drywall construction to clay plasters to colored clay surfaces and much more. Building with CLAYTEC clay sets no limits to the imagination. Let yourself be inspired by fascinating references for your own project - and who knows, maybe you too will soon be building healthy and sustainable living, or painting your wall with a healthy, colored surface.

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Clay in the half-timbered building
Clay as the ideal building material for every building project


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