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Aerial view of the Schamper Mill

Schamper Mühle: Unique country vacation with a great view

And suddenly you can see them from afar on the horizon - the "Schamper Mill“, A listed windmill from the 19th century and probably the most extraordinary accommodation that we have been able to visit so far. I can hardly wait to discover the mill area and start pedaling my bike a little more forcefully. I can imagine how the current operators Robin and Antje must have felt when they discovered the mill on one of their many vacations in the Mecklenburg Lake District.

Fascinated by the architectural potential of the Schamper Mühle

With big eyes we enter the area and while we discover the surrounding area for ourselves, we are always fascinated by the impressive appearance of the mill. You can see from the building that someone from the field was here. The operator Robin works full-time as an architect and during the renovation it was particularly important to him to emphasize, revive or even rethink the distinctive features of the mill. For example, the old millstones were converted into tables for the outside area.

Speaking of the outside area: From the garden you can not only look at the mill in amazement, but also enjoy a pretty view of the surrounding fields. When the autumn sunbeams warm your face and the surroundings are bathed in a beautiful light, happiness is almost perfect.

Hello from the Schamper Mill!
The mill window from the outside
The outside area of ​​the mill

The feeling of happiness is almost perfect

Just like the outside appearance, we are also very impressed by the inside of the mill. The current operators, Robin and Antje, have carefully renovated the mill and divided it into two apartments, which are mirrored over three floors and offer more than 80 square meters of space. We are amazed at the many details that can be found on every floor and ensure that your stay is as pleasant as possible.

There are attentive details on every floor

From the well-equipped kitchen with a huge dining table, where wonderful multi-course meals can be conjured up, to the living room with a handful of board games and puzzles, to the top floor, where there is a comfortable four-poster bed and a great view over the wide fields to offer something great on every floor.

The mill kitchen
It's fun to cook extensively in the evening
In the well-equipped kitchen you can conjure up wonderful dishes

The bathroom is next to the kitchen and on the first floor there is another bedroom with two single beds, which we did not use dearest friend: spend inside.

Bedroom in the Schamper Mill
Bedroom in the Schamper Mill
Detail of the cozy four-poster bed

Discover water lily-covered lakes and frogs in the morning dew

In advance, Robin gave us a few tips by phone for excursions around the Schamper Mühle, which we were happy to try out. A hiking trail through the forest begins right on the doorstep and only a short bike path away. In addition to water lilies-covered areas of water, there are also a variety of animals to discover here. In addition to an insect hotel, numerous bird calls would like to be assigned. If you are careful, you can now spot a squirrel looking for nuts or a frog in the morning dew in autumn.

Two "snuggling" snails in the garden area of ​​the Schamper Mühle
You can pick blackberries during the hike
Discover frogs on the hike

Order a food basket from the Schneiders Hof

If you got hungry after the hike, like us, you can stock up on Schneider's farm in the little village of Gotthun. There is a 24-hour vending machine with long-life food and, at the weekend, a farm shop with fresh fruit, vegetables and a manageable range of organic products. Since the farm works together with the Schamper Mühle, it is also possible to have one of a total of three food baskets delivered directly to the mill before your visit - so you can start your holiday stress-free with a full refrigerator.

Stroll through the medieval old town of Röbel / Müritz

There are more shopping opportunities in Röbel / Müritz - a charming town that shouldn't be missed to visit either. In addition to picturesque, colorful houses that are practically standing in the lake, there is a medieval old town with cafes, restaurants and two imposing early Gothic church towers that are waiting to be explored.

The city of Röbel / Müritz is worth a visit

After only two nights it is time to say goodbye to this unique accommodation. One last time we enjoy the morning view over the fields with a cup of coffee and an extensive breakfast at the huge dining table, before we get on our bicycles well strengthened and head home.

Morning coffee with a view
Feel freedom on the Müritz cycle path

Located directly on the Müritz cycle path and ideal for a holiday without a car

Incidentally, the Schamper Mühle not only has its "own" bus stop that goes by the same name, but is also right on the pretty Müritz cycle path. Thus, the accommodation is also ideal for a vacation without a car. For a total of 83 kilometers, the cycle path circles the Müritz, the largest lake in the Mecklenburg Lake District, and leads through the wild and romantic forests of the Müritz National Park.

From the Schamper Mühle you can complete part of the pretty bike path, which then leads past Klink Castle. The neo-renaissance castle is picturesquely situated on the banks of the Müritz, which is not without reason also known as the “little sea”. A row of beach chairs also ensures that you really feel like you are at the sea. From here it is not far to Waren (Müritz), where the trains to Berlin and Rostock leave from the station of the same name. And while we are well rested and still puzzled in amazement about this extraordinary accommodation of the past few days, the train brings us back home in a climate-friendly way.

More information about the Schamper Mühle

You really get that beach feeling along the Müritz cycle path

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