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Creative, culinary and green - Leipzig, worth a visit

For a weekend I, Jule from Good Travel, visit beautiful Leipzig, a young and hip city that I underestimate. I can say that much in advance. 

I travel climate-friendly and uncomplicated with the InterCityExpress (ICE) from Berlin and after just 1,5 hours I reach the large and charming main train station excitedly and full of anticipation. Leipzig greets me with blue skies and sunshine.

I grab my travel bag and make my way to my accommodation. After a short walk I reach the Hotel Fregehaus, my place to stay for the weekend. The hotel is centrally located in the city center and has a green, quiet inner courtyard. After the warm greeting, I get my key to my room, open the creaking door and put my luggage down before the program starts.

My hotel in charming Leipzig
Arrived in the hotel

I cycle through the city with bike sharing  

I explore the city by bike. To do this, I can easily borrow a bike from the smart bike rental system nextbike. Perfect for enjoying nature in sunny autumn weather. (Psst, insider tip: there are free minutes per month - they are easily enough for a weekend). If you don't necessarily want to cycle through the city, or if the weather doesn't play along, I recommend the Leipzig Card. This means that the city can be conveniently and conveniently developed thanks to the good public transport network. In addition, it also offers price advantages for entry to selected museums, restaurants and other cultural and leisure facilities.

With a rental bike through Leipzig

After a short bike ride, I arrived in Plagwitz, one of the liveliest districts in Leipzig. Ina von Allerleipzig welcomes me warmly here. Ina is my guide for the culinary city tour and inspires me with her extensive knowledge of the trendy district and its history. Plagwitz is shaped by the industry of that time and is now one of the most dynamic and hip districts of Leipzig. Together with her I spend entertaining hours with interesting and super delicious tastings in a wide variety of restaurants and get insights that you as a tourist would not otherwise get. I am particularly fascinated by the knowledge and expertise about tea and its preparation at the Nynko Tea. The owner guides you through the taste of the tea world.

We also stop at Erik, who welcomes us beaming with joy in his French delicatessen shop. Here I try delicious cheese from his homeland and look at the beautiful local products from France, which he has also lovingly brought with him and is for sale.

The owner in her tea house Nynko
Erik from the French deli
deliciously fed

Next stop on the culinary tour: Bamboo's street food

Diverse art and culture location

As a person interested in art, I felt very much at home in the city. I ended up in the Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig, a center for digital art. True to the motto: Immersive, digital, interactive and multimedia, I admired the reinterpretation of the works of art by Van Gogh and the light installation around Leipzig's industrial culture. 

Reinterpretation of Van Gogh's artworks

The traces of the former industrial city are still clearly visible today, creating a very special place. This is how I experience it in the Westwerk or in the old spinning mill. 

View of the Leipzig cotton spinning mill
In the exhibition

There I meet the artist Lukas, who leads me through the former factory site and tells me a lot about the origins and history of this place. Today the spinning mill serves as a production and exhibition facility for contemporary art and culture. Here, artists of various origins form a “cosmos of art” and give free rein to their creativity in over 20 studios. After my tour through the galleries and workshops of the spinning mill, I stopped at the impressive futuristic NiemeyerSphere, a great photo tip that was recommended to me myself. 

The futuristic NiemeyerSphere
Fascinating work

I also visit the Museum of Fine Arts on the weekend. 

Time for a lunch snack

On Karl-Heine-Straße in the trendy Plagwitz district I find a place in one of the cute little cafés or restaurants: Kartoffel Fräulein. I sit at a nice table on the sidewalk and eat my vegan potato snack. There I enjoy the rustling of the busy street, the sound of the leaves slowly falling from the trees and I am happy about the warming rays of the sun, which spread a pleasant autumn mood. Here I take a short break and let the city work on me. 

"Sieße must be d'r Coffe"

I was told that coffee and Leipzig are inseparable. The smell of freshly ground coffee beckons me in the westwork. Here I let my soul dangle for a moment, enjoy the warm espresso with a piece of homemade cake and thus end my lunch break.  

I stroll through the Kiezflohmarkt in the Westwerk and browse through vintage clothing, furniture and find a stand for decorative houseplants. Perhaps there is also one or the other find for junk dealers' hearts.

At the flea market
The Leipzig Herbarium

Leipzig - the little Venice 

Another highlight of my weekend is the kayak trip. I start at the city harbor, the central anchor point of the water network, and choose the more urban route that leads me past nature over the Karl Heine Canal to Plagwitz. Leipzig is known as a city of water. In addition to the large lakes in the south, almost 300 kilometers of large and small rivers run through the city and shape the landscape. I enjoy the tranquility of nature and get a completely different view of the city quarter. Here, too, the change in the direction of sustainable mobility is being tackled and the first excursion boats are already electrically operated. 

With the kayak past the colorful autumn leaves
Impressive backdrop

Good taste with a clear conscience

Tired and filled with the day, I take a seat in the Macis organic restaurant and let the restaurant staff show me with great affinity what taste can be found in good products. The affection for the food shapes the taste experience and conjures up a nice evening in the rather posh restaurant. In addition to the restaurant, Macis also has its own organic market and organic bakery, with a glass bakery in the 1920s style.

Insight into the organic restaurant Macis
Baked celery with carrots and plums (vegan)
Macis own organic market

I also attended that during my stay chinese restaurant Chinabrenner. Here I let myself be pampered by the modern and authentic Chinese cuisine and relaxed in the casual charm of the restaurant. In both restaurants I particularly enjoyed the delicious vegan variations.

Renaissance meets modernity

By the way, I'm staying at the Hotel Fregehaus. The historic boutique hotel enjoys the city center location so that the main train station is within walking distance. In the idyllic inner courtyard, you can no longer feel the noise and hustle and bustle of the city center. The Fregehaus is truly one of the oldest and most beautiful buildings in the city center. I am warmly welcomed at the reception and feel completely at home in the baroque and yet modern style. I come to my room across the hall, step over the creaking wooden floorboards and enjoy the cozy bed.

Leipzig is definitely worth a trip

Full of new experiences and acquaintances, I pack my travel bag and say goodbye to the city. I walk back to the main train station and get on the train to Berlin. Even the days after that, I like to review the weekend and tell friends and acquaintances. Leipzig is a great and multifaceted city that should definitely be on the travel list. The city convinces me with many different leisure and cultural offers and I will definitely be back. Whether as a family, a young couple or a single traveler - the city has something for every taste and preference. 

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Slept well

As a freelancer, Jule selects the wonderful accommodations for us and reports on her Good Travel stays. As a conscious traveler and graduate in sustainable tourism, the impact of tourism, especially from an ecological and social point of view, is very important to her.


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