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Opener Manor Lexow

Awakened by the morning sun - a guest in the Lexow manor

“Have I really thought of everything?” - this thought suddenly arises when I am sitting on the train in the direction of the Mecklenburg Lake District at noon. While the train rushes past green and slowly changing colors of color forests, I find that I have packed everything - including the longing for a relaxing break in the country. The latter - I hope - should be in the "Lexow manor house“To be breastfed.

After my eyes have wandered sufficiently over the landscape, I do one of my favorite things to do while traveling by train and pull out my book. For the next hour I read about the fact that people are basically good and slowly a wonderful feeling of relaxation sets in.

Relaxed by train and bike to the Mecklenburg Lake District

After almost two hours on the train, my travel companion Adam and I get off in Waren an der Müritz, Germany's largest inland lake. From here it is still a good hour by bike to the tranquil village of Walow, where the "Gutshaus Lexow" is located. The listed country house, which is run by Bettina Buschow and Patrick Oldendorf and where we will spend the next two nights, is framed by meadows and fields.

Fish rolls from the regional fishing cooperative

At the recommendation of the hosts, we fortify ourselves in advance with a tasty fish sandwich from "Fischer's kitchen“Near the train station. In addition to fresh fish from the region's fishing cooperative, there are also other delicacies, including delicious ice cream sundaes. I fall in love with the vanilla ice cream with pumpkin seed oil and caramelized pumpkin seeds that tastes great on a sunny autumn afternoon like today.

On the bicycle path that runs alongside the road, the autumn sun, which bathes the surrounding sunflower fields in a beautiful light, leads to the accommodation. We finally arrive right on time for dinner. Still fully satisfied, we promise to try out the house's small dinner menu extensively the following day.

Cycle along sunflower fields under the autumn sun
The entrance area welcomes us

The bathtub in the Lexow manor is a real treat after long bike rides

So we move into our "Friedrichsruh" room and are amazed at the large bathtub, which in the next few days should prove to be a real asset - especially after long bike tours. There is also a sofa here, on which you can make yourself wonderfully comfortable with a book. Overjoyed and a little exhausted, we fall into the cozy bed and it doesn't take long before our eyes close all by themselves.

The key to the Friedrichsruh room
Glance into the bathroom with an inviting bathtub
Detail of the bathroom
You can spend a few leisurely reading hours on the sofa

The next morning the rooster next door wakes us up. Thanks to a small selection of teas and French press in the room, we don't have to go far for the first hot drink of the day and start the day with a morning coffee in bed.

Oven-warm rolls and regional specialties for breakfast

Then it goes over to the main building for breakfast, for which the employee Nicole is responsible. She welcomes us warmly and the generous breakfast buffet consisting of oven-warm rolls, regional sausage and cheese specialties, homemade jams, muesli, yoghurt and fresh fruit really leaves nothing to be desired. Fresh quince juice or optionally another coffee with oat milk tastes good with it.

Our terrace
Have an extensive breakfast in the main house of the Lexow manor

Excursion tips around the Lexow manor

With renewed energy, you can start cycling well rested to explore the area. We recommend a visit to the small farm shop in Göhren-Lebbin, which offers a wide range of organic products. I am particularly happy about the alkaline bath salt, which is said to have a detoxifying effect and lands directly in my basket so that I can try it out that same evening.

A trip to the island town of Malchow with its pretty old town and monastery is also nice. There are also numerous restaurants here, some of which are located directly on the charming swing bridge, which lets boats through every hour. We too take it easy today and enjoy the village calm - before the storm.

A candlelight dinner

In the late afternoon - I am "detoxifying" in the bathtub - it gets windier and suddenly all the lights go out. A power outage in town. Fortunately, the manor house has a gas-powered stove, so that our previously booked dinner can still take place. With romantic candlelight we enjoy fresh pasta alongside the other guests and the very special atmosphere, which is also taken by the employee Anja and the chef Fritzi with a dose of humor and serenity.

A neighborhood shop around the corner
The farm shop in Göhren-Lebbin
Regional honey from the beekeeper
Candlelight dinner

The lights go on again for a few hours - but we leave the candle that we took to the room with us to keep burning and enjoy the special atmosphere a little longer.

Say goodbye to the rural idyll in the Lexow manor

The next morning it is time to say goodbye to our beautiful room, the courteous staff: inside and the wonderful country idyll, which has more than satisfied the longing for a relaxing break and which no longer needs to be packed back into the travel bag . Instead, as the grand finale, a guest present ends up in my pocket - a homemade herbal salt from the chef Fritzi, with which I can conjure up a portion of serenity and humor that prevails at Gutshaus Lexow at all times back into my own four walls.

More information about the Lexow manor

Look into the room
The Lexow manor house from the outside

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