The Gitschberg on the way to the organic hotel

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A guest contribution by Barbara and Horst Peintner, hosts from Gitschberg. Good Travel Accommodation is currently in the process of being certified as an organic hotel. Here the two report on their very personal impressions.

The age teaches us more than ever: Change does not come by itself. We ourselves are the designers: inside our future! That is why doing business for us also means taking active responsibility. To live our way to more transparency, sustainability and quality of life for nature, humans and animals even more consciously. In many small steps that will hopefully lead us to the big picture. For the great good.

And so we are happy in our hearts, because the Gitschberg is going to be an organic hotel!

Anyone who thinks that has always been the case is often right. But for an honest, genuine organic hotel you need a little more. And above all someone who keeps an eye on us. Because control is not just good, it is known to be better. Inspires and creates trust. And so we will create all the prerequisites for the "Bioland Silver Certification" within 2021.

Barbara and Horst Peintner are currently in the process of being certified as an organic hotel with their Gitschberg

This enables us to organize the vast majority of the gastronomic shopping basket organically. Best of all with organic products from South Tyrol. Or from as close as possible to the Alpine region. Of all the good things that we have been able to create in recent years, we also keep a few non-certified, regional specialties. Simply because we know and appreciate the people and the way they work behind them. So that everything stays and gets better!

Why do we believe in bio?

In our well-considered decision to go to the Gitschberg as an organic hotel, our primary concern is to give space to our own values. To express our basic attitude towards life. Because if you say yes to organic, you also say yes to the valuable principles of the circular economy, natural soil fertility, species-appropriate animal husbandry, healthy food production, biological biodiversity, fair working and trading conditions, resource and climate-friendly livelihoods.

Yes to more nature and naturalness. To more us and more backbone for all of us. And so we are back to the big picture ... The fact that we are enriched in this way - from the full taste experience, health and a better gut feeling - makes the idea of ​​the Gitschberg as an organic hotel perfect.

Freshness and quality are important to us
We say yes to organic!
From now on, our shopping basket will be increasingly oriented towards organic products
Eat well and responsibly in the Gitschberg

The green table: less is more

On the exciting path to becoming a “boutique organic hotel”, the gastronomic concept is a matter very special to us. Because the green “Bio-Naturkuchl” in Gitschberg is much more than just a “nice to have” with a marketing character. And much more than just using organic, regional foods. Honest, genuine and sustainable means putting together a consistent package of individual measures.

Recipes with sustainable aspirations, a healthy, streamlined menu line and fresh preparation are just as central key words as transparency in purchasing and warehousing as well as environmentally friendly waste management. Our realization, as so often in life: less is more!

The fewer dishes that are on the menu for daily selection and preparation, the more freshness, devotion and appreciation the individual dish experiences in the kitchen and “food” convey “life” again. The good thing by the way: even at peak times, there is no piling up of food, very little or nothing is wasted, the employees: inside have less pressure and the guests enjoy all along the line.

More information about the Gitschberg

Photo credit: Andre Schönherr

Enjoy organic cuisine in the Gitschberg
The Gitschberg on the way to the organic hotel


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