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Opener Sant'Egle

Sensual oasis of calm in the heart of Italy

Wow what a wonderful trip through Tuscany. My way leads me through the picturesque landscape, Valle d'Orcia, which is characterized by cypress avenues, vineyards and olive trees as far as the eye can see. And finally I arrive at the Good Travel accommodation: Sant'Egle in Sorano. There I park my rented hybrid car right next to the in-house charging station and get to know the hosts, Erika and Alessandro.

The Agriturismo Biologico Sant'Egle in Tuscany
Arrived in the oasis of calm in Sant'Egle
I explore the area in a relaxed manner
Erika runs the Sant'Egle property together with Alessandro

Warm, hospitable and welcome to Sant'Egle

From the hosts: inside I feel welcomed and look forward to moving into my room called Orto. It is harmonious, tasteful and furnished with attention to detail. The organic agriturismo Sant'Egle comprises a total of five suites and two luxurious glamping tents. The showcase farm is environmentally friendly, climate neutral and is committed to biodiversity. I am enthusiastic and marvel at how many points sustainability can be found.

Our Orto room is tastefully decorated
In addition to the rooms, there are also glamping tents

Silence of nature

I'm slowly getting used to the idyllic tranquility, digging my bikini out of my travel bag, grabbing my bath towel and diving into the refreshing water of the organic salt water pool. I enjoy the quiet moment, switch off and listen to the wind as it blows peacefully through the surrounding olive trees in the large garden. I consciously choose a digital detox, put my cell phone aside and finally get the chance to stay in the garden for several hours and read my book. I enjoy my stay offline.

Enjoy offline time by the pool
Refill the batteries fully
I consciously enjoy a digital detox
The cat demands its petting and play units

Dinner at the Sant'Egle from our own cultivation

The menu sounds really great. I choose a vegan cheese platter served with bread. In addition, hummus with crunchy vegetables from our own garden and couscous salad. The dishes are seasonally adapted and the ingredients come from the immediate vicinity. At sunset I have dinner in the property's garden, drink my own saffron beer and watch two deer playfully scurry past me on the neighboring field. Completely relaxed and full, I close my eyes and fall asleep while the crickets chirp.

The vegan cheese platter tastes great
Evening mood in Sant'Egle

Awakened by nature

Soon the crowing of the rooster, the singing of the birds and the first rays of the sun hit my face. I slowly wake up while taking a shower and test the in-house shower products. I chose my breakfast the day before and now enjoy it to the fullest outside in the morning sun. I drink the coffee with almond milk, eat bread with homemade jam, homemade yogurt and especially recommend the homemade fruit juice. The breakfast offer is extremely varied and has a delicacy for every diet, from salami, sheep's cheese, to homemade cakes, omelets with eggs from the in-house hens and, of course, plenty of vegan alternatives.

Organic shop with vegan and certified organic products

The farm's own organic shop offers the opportunity to buy wine and beer and other delicacies such as olives, pesto, cheese, salami, etc. from the region. In-house produced cosmetics can also be purchased. “What can be bought depends entirely on what the season brings us. We believe that true luxury and happiness is defined by the ability to stop, enjoy the tranquility and listen to good taste. "

Breakfast at Sant'Egle
There are organically certified and vegan delicacies in the organic shop

Pure relaxation

The farm offers various detox offers such as meditation, yoga lessons or massage. The large garden with organic salt water pool, two whirlpools and a hot spring also ensure well-being. The accommodation can also be used as a retreat and for other group events.

Numerous excursion possibilities

In addition to the in-house offers, I follow the tips of the hosts: inside and visit the nearby lake in one day. The next day I enjoy the sea, which is about 60 kilometers away. A visit to the historic city of Sorano is also a must. The property also rents out e-bikes, which enables environmentally friendly travel.

The area is more than worth seeing
Detail of Sorano
View of Sorano

The Sant'Egle is definitely worth a trip

My time in Sant'Egle is slowly passing by. I eat the recommended vegan cheese platter one last time and end the last evening with regional wine before I go back to the big Berlin city. I close my eyes one last time with the soothing chirping of the crickets and let myself be woken up by the singing of the birds. Sant'Egle is definitely worth a trip. I can only recommend the Tuscan flair and pure relaxation in this idyllic nature to everyone.

More information about Sant'Egle

Relax by the pool
Sometimes other animal guests even stop by the pool
Sustainability can be found again and again on the site

As a freelancer, Jule selects the wonderful accommodations for us and reports on her Good Travel stays. As a conscious traveler and graduate in sustainable tourism, the impact of tourism, especially from an ecological and social point of view, is very important to her.


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