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Arrived in the community-oriented Novanta

As a guest of friends: inside the Novanta

During my trip to Tuscany I stop at a very special Good Travel accommodation: Novanta 90, in Bibbiena. Even the way up to the accommodation is truly an exciting adventure in itself. When I arrive at the top, the guests and hosts greet me warmly: inside, I feel more than comfortable. Annie and Leo greet me with homemade limoncello, olives and small snacks.

When guests become friends

The Novanta accommodation concept is very community-oriented. Most of the guests arrive on Saturdays, stay a week and return home together as friends. The children also enjoy the lively and varied program with children of the same age.

The way to Novanta
Welcome with limoncello and snacks

Novanta houses a total of 18 individually designed rooms, including a tree house and a sky lodge. The Interactive Experience Hotel is suitable for weddings, family vacations, solo travelers, but also for team building events.

Longingly I move into my tree house for the coming night and explore the Novanta Village, Borgo di Gello, a little on my own. I refresh and relax by the long infinity pool and marvel at the wonderful view of Tuscany. For lunch I return to the main house and find my place among the other guests, at the large and long table.

My treehouse tent for the night
Look into the tent
Detail of little flower with card

Like a small family in Novanta

The Novanta places great emphasis on fresh, seasonal and local foods and dishes. The meat only covers a short distance as it comes directly from the neighboring butcher and butcher Fabrizio. Most of the vegetables that are prepared in Novanta also come from his farm.

I really like the community and I feel great next to the other guests. After an extensive lunch, I go up to Fabrizio with Annie, one of the hosts. Fabrizio lives a few meters above Novanta. The guests also visit him when they visit and are treated to homemade pasta by his wife.

I take a seat at the long table
Enjoy homemade pasta at Novanta

The name says it all - 90 instead of 100: a never finished work that is constantly evolving

The Experience Hotel offers guests a wide range of different program items, which are shown every morning on the program board in front of the main building. Wine tastings, yoga courses, e-mountain bike tours, escape rooms, truffle hunting, pasta workshops, hikes through mountains and valleys, picnics by the river, river hikes, archery and many more.

Everything the founders need inside

In the evening I talk to one of the founders. He tells me how Novanta came about, where the idea came from and what the 90 is about in the name. In 2014 the Experience Hotel started as a 90-day pop-up hotel and it was so well received by the guests and hosts that it has been run by a great team ever since. "All we need and want is a comfortable bed, a warm shower, good food and, above all, great people around us."

Completely satisfied and happy, I slowly walk towards the tree house. I stop for a moment and look at the starry sky before I crawl into my bed and close my eyes to the sound of nature and fall asleep.

At night you can marvel at the Tuscan starry sky

Woken up by the dormouse in the Novanta

The dormouse wakes me up early in the morning, jumping from branch to branch in a tree. Birds are chirping and slowly the sun warms me up. I shower under the freestanding shower in nature and slowly start a new day on my little terrace. Relaxed and hungry, I run to breakfast and get a balanced, fresh breakfast with good coffee.

After breakfast I take a last dip in the pool, enjoy the view and slowly pack my travel bag to leave for my next stop.

Refreshment in the pool
Enjoy a great view from the pool

A magical place in Tuscany

I particularly liked the family atmosphere. I had great and exciting conversations and got to know new people, which I particularly enjoy while traveling. Novanta is a great place to relax, be active, and meet new people.

And the hosts: inside have big plans: The surrounding land with fields and forests could be auctioned in order to be able to realize new projects in the future - from new apartments to an organic farm. The vision is and remains to be an unfinished project that continues to grow and retain its natural charm and free spirit.

You can find more information about the Novanta here 

One of the rooms in the Novanta
Evening mood at the pool

As a freelancer, Jule selects the wonderful accommodations for us and reports on her Good Travel stays. As a conscious traveler and graduate in sustainable tourism, the impact of tourism, especially from an ecological and social point of view, is very important to her.


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