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Five places in the radio silence

Longing for relaxation has long been the main motivation for going on vacation. But in a fast-paced world like today, in which we can be reached at any time of the day or night, the news apps light up several times an hour and social media literally overwhelm us, that is Longing for rest, Slowing down and being offline for once - especially on vacation - unbroken, if not even increased.

Be offline on vacation

Travelers are increasingly looking for places where they can completely shield themselves from the digital outside world, at least for a certain period of time. Far away from any radiation, radio waves and interference from outside, you want to return to the essentials and come to rest.

Here we introduce you to five extraordinary places that offer you just that. From a fun-poor Feng Shui accommodation to a self-sufficient eco house with a saltwater infinity pool to a Swedish cottage by the sea, there is certainly something for everyone: n.

1. Digital Detox at the Berghof "Ferme Auberge Fennematt" in Alsace

At the Berghof "Ferme Auberge Fennematt“It is a low-fun accommodation located at 900 meters in the middle of the Parc de Ballon d'Alsace nature reserve. As part of a cooperative project that, in addition to providing accommodation for travelers, also promotes a nursery and the community, the operator has created a relaxing place where you can go back to the essentials.

Internet only via LAN cable, but there is plenty of wild nature to discover

So there is no WiFi here, neither for the host nor the guests. Instead, you can look forward to the abundant wild nature that surrounds you. Numerous hiking trails start right outside the front door and offer a breathtaking view of the Alpine chain. There are also herb hikes in summer and snowshoe hikes in winter. The wellbeing offer is completed by yoga, meditation, regression, massages and various coaching sessions.

After a day in nature, you can finally return to one of the six holiday apartments or the Berghof's large shared apartment. These were all built according to ecological and Feng Shui principles. With a joint dinner with loved ones and other like-minded people, you can end the day just as relaxed as you spent it - without any disturbances from outside.

The Fennematt is a poor place to stay
With this prospect, it doesn't take long to get back to the essentials

Apartment from 145 euros per night.

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2. Spend the night royally in the “Berghüs am Grünten”

The 170 year old mountain hut "Berghüs am Grünten“Is in a secluded location to the Oberallgäu nature. In the distance you can see the imposing three peaks of the Grünten massif. Here you can spend your vacation like 100 years ago and accordingly without Wi-Fi and car noise.

During the renovation of the original royal forester's house, today's hosts took care to take into account as many traditions as possible. Floors, stoves, walls and ceilings from 1854 could thus be preserved in their original form. The five rooms of the house can now be rented exclusively for yourself or by room, depending on the season.

In summer nice outdoor catering, in winter a retreat for self-caterers

In summer there is a nice outdoor restaurant at the mountain hut with a courtyard garden and natural terraces around the Weiherle. Seasonal and regional food is then served here, mostly organic. There is always a large selection of vegan and vegetarian dishes. Incompatibilities are also gladly dealt with. Between November and March you have to do without delicacies such as Kaiserschmarrn and wild flower soup, but the hut eventually turns into an ideal retreat for self-caterers: inside. Then the rustic wood stove invites you to cozy evenings with your loved ones.

The literary room in the Berghüs am Grünten
The former royal forester's house Berghüs am Grünten

Double rooms from 70 euros per night.

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3. Offline vacation in the self-sufficient eco-vacation home “Finca Foyeta” with a view of the mountains and the sea

If you want to get to know the self-sufficient life, you should stop at the eco-vacation home "Finca Foyeta“Not far from Alicante. There are no electricity or other lines that lead to the finca and no masts in the vicinity. As a result, there is no WiFi here either (cellular waves, on the other hand, are already arriving). The electricity is fed from self-collected wind and solar energy and thus provides sufficient kilowatts. Among other things, it is used to operate the electrolysis system that cleans the salt water infinity pool.

Countless hours can be spent at the slightly salty infinity pool

Meanwhile, from the pretty salt water pool you have a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains and the sea, so you can spend countless hours here. Those who find that too boring can learn more about the in-house olive oil production with a course or explore the mountain landscape on horseback on a horse ride. Guided (herb) hikes are also offered.

Regardless of what you decide in the end - the danger here is that you will really find the peace you have longed for and switch off from all those things that otherwise block your view of the essentials.

The Finca Foyeta is a true oasis of well-being
You can spend countless hours at the salt water infinity pool

Entire house from 150 euros per night.

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4. Live the enjoyable life in the Swedish "Lerkil232"

Located on the Swedish west coast on the headland of a small fishing village, is the "Lerkil232". The beach house is a wooden house that dispenses with unnecessary luxury and instead revives the cozy hygge feeling. Due to the exposed location directly on the sea, you can look forward to an everlasting natural spectacle, in which you will not miss anything despite the lack of WiFi and the lack of contact with the outside world. Far away from mass tourism, you can enjoy relaxation, simplicity and pure nature here to the fullest.

Enjoy a 270 degree view of the sea, the cliffs and the harbor

From the house you can watch a pretty view over the sea, the harbor and the cliffs and so it really doesn't take long before a cozy calm spreads over you. A morning begins with the awakening of the seagulls, followed by the gentle lapping of the waves against the smooth cliffs or the sound of the churned sea. In the evening there are breathtaking sunsets over the sea to enjoy and if you want, you can round off the day successfully with a visit to your own sauna with a view of the harbor.

The surrounding area also attracts with a variety of activities and excursion destinations: the Säro Västerskog nature reserve with its native oaks and the Vallda Sandö nature reserve with its typical Swedish nature are just as easy to explore as the small town of Kungsbacka or Gothenburg.

The Lerkil232 is located on a natural plot of land on a headland in the sea
Watching the sun go down in amazement - every evening

Whole house from 210 euros per night

More information

5. Protected from electromagnetic radiation in the "Mühle 10"

The "Mill 10“Is a wooden house not far from Munich, where the sustainable construction of the house ensures that you can completely switch off from hectic everyday life in the city. The house was built in solid wood construction without glue, insulated with high quality soft wood fiber and covered with a stainless steel mesh to ward off electromagnetic radiation. In addition, the WLAN can be switched off in order to really relax completely.

Find inspiration in the well-stocked library

The holiday home has a well-chosen library. In the extensive selection of specialist and non-fiction books, novels and children's books, everyone will surely find: r the literature that suits them. Otherwise, the nearby Ebersberger Forest and the lakes of the Munich area (Schliersee, Tegernsee and Chiemsee) entice you to go on long walks, bike rides and relax on the water.

Back in the accommodation, which has a total of three bedrooms and offers space for up to five people, you can finally make yourself comfortable with your fellow travelers and cater for yourself wonderfully in the well-equipped kitchen. The house is perfect for temporary living, retreats, professional stays and for everyone who really feels like spending quality time with loved ones again!

The mill 10 not far from Munich
You can take care of yourself wonderfully in the kitchen

Whole house from 130 euros per night

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  • Rudy Sterzer

    I think more and more people want to be offline while on vacation. I've been trying to slow down and "detox" on vacation for years. For this summer I would also like to book a comfortable apartment in nature.

    • Cecile Meier
      Cecile Meier

      Dear Rudi, thank you very much for your comment, you will definitely find suitable accommodation with us 🙂

  • Laura Krone

    We want to rent a coach. It's good to know that you can also be offline while on vacation. Traveling without barriers is also important.

  • Catherine Hegedorn

    My husband and I want to book an apartment with a wellness area this year. Preferably somewhere far away from any internet. I think a digital detox like this is good for everyone every now and then.


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