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Longing: city

Longing: City - a visual journey. The somewhat different travel guide.

With a competition at the end. You can find more information on this at the end of this post.

Do you also feel such a strong longing to travel? Just pack your suitcase and go? To discover something new, to go in new ways, to get out of the familiar environment? We have been doing the same since the beginning of the pandemic and right now! Probably everyone had already made travel plans for this year and then, as we all know, things turned out very differently.

A travel guide that invites you to dream

For this reason, Cécile Meier and Klara Dengler have teamed up and created a travel guide under the creative umbrella of @ ongoing projects written. For them, the following applies: In times when travel is difficult, they want the reader to travel visually through six European cities. The somewhat different travel guide impresses with its diverse experience reports, poetic texts, special tips, beautiful design and a sustainable overall concept. The perfect gift for a friend or just to browse yourself, Dream and make travel plans.

We asked Cécile, one of the two editors of the travel guide, our three questions.

What was or is your motivation behind the travel guide "Longing: City - A Visual Journey"?

During the never-ending pandemic, I got so addicted to travel that I started dreaming my way through old vacation trips — visually in the form of pictures and videos on my phone and, of course, through my memories. My friend Klara Dengler felt the same way, and as we indulged together, we came up with the idea of ​​creating our own travel guide. We wanted to share our experiences in different European cities with others, giving you the opportunity to travel visually. Because the pandemic has not taken away our desire to travel and, above all, not the opportunity to dream and plan new trips. With a sustainably produced and climate-neutrally printed travel guide, your own imagination can be stimulated and as soon as travel is possible again, you can discover the tips for museums, restaurants, shops, sights and accommodations presented in it.

Cécile is one of the two editors of the travel guide Sehnsucht: Stadt

What do you advise our readers: what can you do specifically for a better future?

Question yourself and the system, become really critical and be ready to break with old patterns. My motivation to continuously behave in a more environmentally friendly way comes from the fact that I am aware of my responsibility. The responsibility towards our planet, my fellow human beings and also the generations that will come after us. In my master's thesis, I dealt with futurology and noticed that thinking in different scenarios helps to imagine what our future might look like - positively as well as negatively. If you break down these scenarios, which are perhaps 20 or 50 years in the future, it becomes clear that we currently still have room for maneuver to change. And it is precisely this that is to be used.

The exchange with others helps immensely. Because of course climate change, with all its devastating consequences, can put you in a state of fear. Talking about it and developing ideas for a more sustainable future with others creates value and a purpose, which in turn serves as a drive.

How do travel and sustainability fit together for you?

Travel and Sustainability fit together perfectly for me. They even have a certain degree of dependency, because in my opinion, as an environmentally conscious person, you cannot do any “non-sustainable travel” without getting a guilty conscience. On the one hand, this of course means that traveling is no longer perceived as carefree, as a certain amount of planning and questions of conscience go hand in hand. On the other hand, it leads to creativity in finding new travel options, such as Accomodation and means of transport, which makes traveling a real adventure again.

Travel and sustainability can also create wonderful synergies. For example, if you combine a trip with a good cause and lend a hand at the holiday destination, Plastic collects and recycles or supports a social project, then travel is given a higher priority.

The contents of the travel guide summarized again:

◦ Content: reports on experiences, poetic texts, photographs
◦ Cities: Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Paris, Porto & Nuremberg
◦ Tips: cafes, restaurants, bars, shops, museums, galleries & sights
◦ Size: A5
◦ Number of pages: 90
◦ Printing: Recycling paper and climate-neutral printing in Berlin
◦ Price: 18,00 euros (plus 2,00 euros shipping costs)
◦ Donation: € 1,00 per copy sold

You can find more information about the travel guide project at the shop and on the Instagram profile of ongoing projects

Look in the travel guide
The travel report about the beautiful city of Porto

Competition: ongoing projects X Good Travel

Together with ongoing projects, we are giving away one of a total of three travel guides. And this is how you take part:
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✍️ In the comments, mark the person with whom you would most like to go on a city trip

The competition starts on May 07.05.2021th, 11.05.2021 and runs until May 23.59th, 12.05.2021 at XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. The winner will be notified by us on May XNUMXth, XNUMX in a personal message. The competition is not related to Instagram or Facebook. You agree to the conditions of participation.

Terms and Conditions

Only users with a minimum age of 18 years and a valid postal address in Germany as well as permanent residence in Germany are entitled to participate. 360 ° Good Travel GmbH, Pappelallee 23, 10437 Berlin, is responsible for the raffle, [email protected] (hereinafter referred to as "the operator"). Participation in the promotion is not linked to costs or the purchase of goods and / or services.

The following prizes will be awarded: 3 x 1 travel guide "Longing: City - A visual journey"

Participants in the promotion must have an Internet connection and an email address. It is forbidden to use multiple email addresses or multiple Instagram / Facebook profiles to increase the chances of winning. This promotion has no connection to Instagram or Facebook and is in no way sponsored, supported or organized by Instagram or Facebook. The recipient of the data provided by the participants is not Instagram or Facebook, but the operator. The data provided will only be used to contact the winner and to manage the prize. Questions, suggestions and complaints should therefore only be addressed to the operator. In addition, the operator may contact the participant by email.

The participant is responsible for the correctness of the given contact details. In the event of an incorrect allocation of the material prizes due to incorrect data, the entitlement to the prize does not apply. In the event of a violation of the conditions of participation or attempted technical manipulation, the operator can exclude certain participants from the campaign. In such a case, prizes can also be withdrawn and reclaimed retrospectively.

The operator will determine and notify the winner within two days of the end of the promotion. The winner then has to confirm the prize by email. If there is no confirmation within five days, the operator reserves the right to lend the prize to other participants. The prize is neither exchangeable nor transferable. A cash payment is also excluded, as is the legal process. The responsibility for any taxation of the profit lies with the winner himself.

Should the operator not be able to make the prize available as planned, he reserves the right to provide an equivalent replacement. The prize will only be sent within Germany. As soon as the prize has passed to the transport service provider, the risk of accidental deterioration and accidental loss lies with the winner. Technical or other problems that are beyond the control are not subject to liability on the part of the operator. Legal representatives, employees, dealers and partners of the operator as well as all persons involved in the creation and implementation of the campaign and the family members of all of the aforementioned persons are excluded from participating in the campaign.

By participating in the promotion, the participant accepts these conditions of participation.

Exclusively applicable law is the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. These conditions of participation including the raffle mechanics represent the final regulations for the promotion. Should individual provisions of these conditions of participation be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining conditions of participation remains unaffected. The judges' decision is final.


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