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Cirna Gentle Luxury Lodges

The quiet charm of sustainability

A handful of houses, straight rows of apple trees, a neat little church and lots of peace and quiet. This is how the small Naturns district of Tschirland near the spa town of Merano can be described. At first glance, nothing too special in the well-tended South Tyrolean landscape. But only at first glance.

If you take a closer look, a really special hostel is hidden in this tranquil village. A temporary home in which a lot of love for detail gives the vacation new nuances. Because whether with the hosts, sustainable values, nature itself or the local delicacies, in the Cirna Gentle Luxury Lodges many special encounters are possible that leave an impression far beyond the mere stay.

The view from the Cirna Luxury Lodges

Where relaxation is at home

Between a listed courtyard and the traditional Schwarzlehen parent company, the Linter family has transformed a former apple grove into a sustainable holiday paradise. Embedded in a spacious garden, three solid wood houses merge with the nature that surrounds them. Weather-tanned larch wood facades, interrupted by large window fronts that reveal the view of Juval Castle opposite, create a striking sight without distracting from the essentials.

Only three lodges and thus a total of six apartments are grouped around a biopool surrounded by wood and natural stone. Each apartment has its own entrance. Two bedrooms each with their own bathroom - free-standing bathtub and infrared sauna included - the high-quality kitchen and the cozy living room offer a lot of space for the needs of the individual and create space for time spent together. Generous terraces and balconies literally bring nature into the living space and expand it into an interplay between inside and outside. The homely atmosphere, the high level of living comfort, the gentle silence and the coherence in all details are good for you. Protected and sheltered, you can relax in complete privacy.

The natural pool is a real highlight of the house
Let off steam in the culinary delights in the high-quality kitchen
Detail in the Cirna Luxury Lodge
The cozy living room gives a lot of space for the needs
Come to rest with a view of the green

Doing business sustainably as a way of life

Sustainability paves its way here, not loudly and out of conviction, but quietly and as a matter of course. Locally available building materials, a patented plug-in system that dispenses with glue and as far as possible also with metal, the chemical-free biopool, the optimal energy balance and the ideal use of daylight are just some of the points that have earned the lodges the “KlimaHaus A Welcome” certification.

Sustainability goes even further here and becomes a matter of course that we are all too happy to be inspired by. From the renouncement of plastic bottles to felt slippers, which are handmade in the nearby Schnalstal, to the care products - also these naturally produced locally - the respect for nature and the desire to preserve values ​​are so omnipresent that you can feel that there is something here Grown from a pure self-image as it is today. Without a stir. How much value the hosts place on this self-image is also shown at a particularly important moment of the day.

Breakfast variation à la Cirna Lodges

Christof Linter devised a box especially for the delivery of breakfast directly to the apartment and implemented it together with a nearby workshop for people with disabilities. Glue and metal free, of course. Cleverly and lovingly garnished with herbs and flowers from your own garden, various regional delicacies are placed every morning in this wooden box, which give an insight into the wide range of local products. A surprising sight and an absolutely successful start to the day. And one of the many building blocks that make you feel what real appreciation means.

The sustainable breakfast creation from Cirna Lodges

Service out of conviction

The way the Linter family treats their guests is just as wonderfully calm as the whole ensemble. As a person among people you feel. As a valued interlocutor and a welcome guest. When looking for advice, there is always an open ear. An omnipresent support, also this quiet and inconspicuous. A friendly greeting, a recommendation, unobtrusive and precisely for that reason so helpful. Simply because a keen sense for people is just as natural for the host and his family as his conviction that exquisite moments can only be experienced in harmony with nature.

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