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Electrifying road trip feelings along the Elbe

The longing is great, the wanderlust is immense and after the past, sometimes very disturbing months, it becomes clear that the desire to travel is still unbroken for many. In technical jargon, experts call this trend "Revenge Travel": As soon as it is possible, the vacation should be made up and then one would like to reciprocate extensively for the missed time. Until then, it is first of all to be patient - now at least until mid-March.

The longing for variety and freedom is great

But some of you may now ask yourself how you can get around the remaining time. After numerous self-baked banana breads, regenerating online yoga sessions, hours of binge-watching various streaming platforms or the what-I-know-how many strolls in front of their own front door, many people long for variety and a change of scenery.

How about a road trip through your own city? After all, there is hardly any other form of travel that gives you as much freedom as a classic road trip. Especially when you let the wind blow in your face with the window open and good music, you often get a very special feeling of happiness - and you don't have to drive far to do that.

"Windows down. Music up. "

Thanks to electric cars, road trips have also been environmentally friendly for some time. In addition to the good feeling of being consciously on the move, you can look forward to a completely new driving experience and a different type of acceleration, which ensures that you look forward to red lights!

Road trip with car sharing

Drive emission-free and electrically through Hamburg and Berlin with WeShare

You don't have to buy your own electric car everywhere. The car sharing provider "WeShare“Has been shaping the cityscape of Berlin with its e-Golfs since 2019 and is now also bringing its range to Hamburg. Since February 25th, environmentally conscious and curious Hamburg residents have been able to try out the new VW ID.3 and from now on they can also travel emission-free, cleanly and quietly along the Elbe.

Curious? Register and save twice with these discount codes

To take advantage of the offer, all you have to do is to use the Download the app and register for free. The nice thing: At the start of the launch in Hamburg you will benefit twice. For every new registration, WeShare gives you 10, - Euro starting credit and our voucher code goodtravel10 there is another 10, - Euro on top. So you not only start your green Hamburg road trip adventure particularly cheaply, but you can also enjoy it to the fullest with the windows open and the wind in your face - thanks to the upcoming beginning of spring.



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