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Timelessly designed lingerie collection with a purpose

The Cologne fashion label "erlich textile“Clearly positions itself with its products against the fast pace of the fashion industry. Instead of loveless “fast fashion” items, casual, timelessly designed and carefully thought-out underwear made from environmentally friendly materials is produced here.

Timeless, affordable, high quality and made in europe

In addition to the timeless design, customers can look forward to the high quality of the underwear. The soft and environmentally friendly materials ensure a real feeling of well-being on the skin. At the same time, the affordable prices of durable underwear ensure that as many people as possible can enjoy sustainable underwear.

It was important to the founding team from the start to maintain proximity to their producers. That is why they have been working with a family-run textile manufacturer in the Swabian Alb since they were founded. The traditional craft with a long history of the location has been successfully transferred into the 21st century thanks to online trading and erlich textil. In addition, the young label works closely with Portuguese companies who manufacture the textiles with a lot of know-how and attention to detail.

Award-winning commitment that we think is great

The young fashion label's commitment was deservedly honored with the sustainability award in the “Design” category at the beginning of December. And we also think the pretty, sustainable underwear collection from "erlich textil" is great.

We asked Sarah and Benni, the founding team of erlich textil, our three questions.

The founding team of erlich textil: Sarah and Benni

1. What was or is your motivation behind erlich textil?

The motivation behind erlich textil is to actively promote change in the clothing industry. We founded the company with the idea of ​​offering underwear & basics that feel better in every respect. Of course, this refers to the use of pleasantly soft fabrics, but also to the use of sustainable materials, fair production within Europe and our simple, timeless designs. Right from the start, we have made it our task to ensure that the topic of sustainability runs like a green thread through all areas of the company. Our goal is quite simply to make things a little bit better whenever possible.

2. What do you advise our readers: What can you do specifically for a better future?

In our opinion, it is always the most important first step to question your own purchasing decisions. Do I really need the product? Will I benefit from it for a long time? Is there possibly a sustainable alternative? Can I fix things that are broken instead of replacing them? If you implement these questions in everyday life, you often automatically decide in favor of the more sustainable alternative and thus do something very specific for the future.

3. How do travel and sustainability fit together for you?

It is definitely possible to travel sustainably. Here, too, of course, it helps to first question the decision of the travel destination. Do I really have to take a long flight or are there places in the vicinity that I always wanted to explore? We are fortunate enough to live in Europe on such a diverse continent that dream beaches, historic cities, imposing mountain landscapes and so many different cultures are not far from each other. Of course, the distance is also attractive, here we have simply introduced the rule for ourselves that we only book one long flight per year. As a result, this possibility is automatically valued more.

You can find more information about erlich textil here

erlich textil also produces sustainable underwear for men
Lingerie collection with meaning and sensuality: erlich textile


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