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How an association for street children in Ethiopia works

In Ethiopia they say "edget bandnet", If you want to" grow together "- and this is exactly the aim of an association of the same name from Hamburg: By offering help for self-help, they enable their long-standing partner organization in Ethiopia to run fundraising and develop as an organization. This is ensured on the one hand by extensive advisory services and solidarity support. The Hamburg association would like to keep its small structures consciously in order to give the local partner enough space to develop themselves and to grow beyond themselves. The fundraising video of the association also shows that this is not a run-of-the-mill aid organization:


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Edget enables people to help themselves

True to the motto "Live, Love and Learn", the Hamburg association focuses primarily on its "Edget Baandnet Children Center eV", which offers around 30 street children a place to grow together in a family atmosphere. In addition to a safe place to sleep, a healthy diet, clothing, medical care and mental well-being are also taken care of here.

In addition to the street children's house, the Hamburg association awards grants to girls so that they can continue to attend school and graduate. In addition, the scholarship enables you to attend university and also provides assistance in starting your career.

Gundi Behrens

We think the unique commitment of the association is great and asked Gundi Behrens, who founded the organization together with her husband Jörn Bernhardt, our three questions.

1. What was or is your motivation behind Edget Baandnet?

The project developed during our four year stay in Ethiopia. We come from the educational field and our motto is "education is the key for the future". Both the children in the street children's home and the girls and students from the girls' scholarship program take this motto very seriously.

2. What do you advise our readers: What can you do specifically for a better future?

Above all, one should support organizations that enable people to help themselves. At Edget Baandnet, for example, we work together with our local partner in Awassa, Ethiopia. We are a small association in Hamburg and have supported our partner in acting strongly and confidently in order to acquire funds locally and in other countries.

3. How do travel and sustainability fit together for you?

A difficult topic, actually it doesn't go together. We generally reject trips through Ethiopia and especially to the indigenous peoples and ethnic groups, especially visits to the Mursis. It breaks a lot, destroys social structures, etc. If you do want to travel to Ethiopia, you should only consider staying in the capital to get an impression and see one of the numerous world heritage sites such as Lalibela, Axum and Gondar which are currently inaccessible due to the war; Lake Langano, the lakes in Arba Minch and our project site Awassa are also worth a trip. Before every trip you should definitely Foreign Office pages which provide information about the security situation. Because Ethiopia is not a travel destination for beginners!

You can find more information about Edget Baandnet here

Edget Baandnet is committed to children and youth projects
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