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Give a crowdfarming sponsorship for Christmas

Many small farmers do not have the opportunity to sell their products through large dealers due to small delivery quantities and low prices. In order to be able to continue their work and to be able to sell their products, they rather need direct access to customers. The company Forstfreunde supports the smallholders in precisely this by providing so-called Crowdfarming projects to organize.

What exactly is behind the crowdfarming idea?

Crowdfarming is about helping the farmer to guarantee the maintenance of a tree or a beehive, for example. As a thank you, you get a fair share of the harvest. A win-win situation for both sides: the farmers can continue to do what they want and what they enjoy, and as a customer, you receive first-class quality products and you know where your products come from.

For the most part, Forstfreunde works with their own projects that they have built up over time at home and abroad through personal contacts and visits. In all projects, particular attention is paid to compliance with environmental protection and occupational safety.

Honey from a crowdfarming project by Forstfreunde

Forstfreunde runs projects in the field of afforestation and crowdfarming

In addition to the crowdfarming projects, the company operates transparent reforestation projects. With their commitment in the field of crowdfarming, they want to go beyond simply planting trees to help local communities and communities in the formation and development of social structures.

It makes sense to give a gift with a crowdfarming sponsorship

A Crowdfarming sponsorship you can get your own olive oil from a small business in Tuscany, honey from the Eifel or delicious coffee from Malawi. Incidentally, also a unique gift for Christmas! In addition to the sponsorship, Forstfreude have come up with something special this Christmas to get to know the projects: the bulging one Gift packages contain a best-of of the crowdfarming projects. Twice as nice: for every package sold, a tree is planted in the Bergisches Land.

Whatever you decide on in the end, one thing is certain: With the gift package and the sponsorship you are giving away a particularly sustainable and meaningful gift this year that will make the eyes of all do-gooders shine.

You can find more information about Forest Friends here

The gift package is filled with the best of crowdfarming products


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