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Berlin with child

A guide full of great excursions for the whole family

On the occasion of the 10th birthday of BERLIN MIT KIND, HIMBEER Verlag recently published a new family leisure guide. In the focus of "BERLIN WITH CHILD 2021“Are spontaneous activities for the whole family. The guide contains the best tips for all ages, interests and weather.

A reference work with beautiful photo series and exciting reports

In addition to numerous addresses from the fields of culture, shopping and activities, the reference work with beautiful photo series, exciting reports and great inspiration invites you to browse and read for a year.

The guide provides answers to questions such as: Where are you welcome in Berlin with a baby? Where and how is the best way to celebrate a children's birthday party? How do Berlin families deal with the issue of sustainability? How do you bring diversity into the nursery? Where can children experience nature in and around Berlin? And where do the most beautiful excursions in Berlin and the surrounding area lead?

The cover Berlin mit Kind 2021 by HIMBEER Verlag

BERLIN MIT KIND contains great tips for 2021

HIMBEER Verlag has compiled all this and much more in the tenth, completely updated new edition and provided it with many personal recommendations.

We think the guide is an ideal companion for the whole family and we asked Anja Ihlenfeld (left in the picture) - one of the founders of HIMBEER Verlag - our three questions.

Anja Ihlenfeld (left in the picture) and Claudia Steigleder from HIMBEER Verlag (Photo credit: Silke Weinsheimer)

1. What was or is your motivation behind the family leisure guide “Berlin with children 2021”?

BERLIN MIT KIND 2021 is already the tenth edition of our Family Leisure Guide, which we update completely every year and fill it with new content. The idea for the book arose while working on our bimonthly RASPBERRY magazinethat focuses more on current event tips. But there are also plenty of places that you can visit with children apart from specific events. Our book is intended as a reference work that you can refer to again and again throughout the year and find inspiration for activities with children. Berlin really has a lot to offer families!

2. What do you advise our readers to do: What can you do specifically for a better future?

Every step in the right direction counts! Even if our attention is being occupied by the pandemic and current political events - climate change is the greatest threat to a better future for our children. In everyday life, a lot can be done specifically in terms of waste avoidance and sustainable consumption of fair and ecologically produced food and products - Berlin has a lot of shops and initiatives to offer here, which can also be found in our book.

Take a look at the family leisure guide

3. How do travel and sustainability fit together for you?

It doesn't have to be a contradiction. We're not talking about flying around at random, we're talking about conscious travel with childrenif the pandemic allows it again. I believe that it is especially important for children and young people to get to know other countries, cultures and natural landscapes, which is why long-distance travel is not per se reprehensible in my opinion. But the same applies here - less and more consciously is more! And you can find in Germany and Europe have loads of exciting travel destinationsthat can be traveled in an environmentally friendly way.

The family leisure guide “BERLIN WITH KIND 2021” was published on November 13, 2020 and is available at the kiosk, in bookstores and online at .

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Cultural events with children 2021 by HIMBEER Verlag
The guide contains reports on exciting topics
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