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Islandeering: the diversity of islands in Germany

You don't have to go far to stick your feet in the white sand and look out over the deep blue waters. Besides known Islands like Rügen or Sylt, which is new every year large crowd of tourists attract, Germany offers a variety of small and large islands. This variety consists of real places of longing, which always promise a bit of exclusivity - especially when they are difficult to access.

Islandeering explores the islands in a natural way

The "Islandeering" trend calls for people to discover precisely this diversity of islands using the most natural means possible. No matter whether on foot, swimming, with the packraft or canoe, with the SUP, the ferry or the bicycle: with islandeering you move as environmentally friendly and mindful as possible. Thanks to this gentle form of mobility, you often get to places that are rarely reached by the masses. At the same time, through the slow travel, one perceives a lot more and can fully embark on the adventure.

In addition to sea islands, there are countless islands in rivers and lakes in Germany, such as the islands in the Weitsee here
The Eibsee landslide created a unique natural landscape with many islands and shallows

The island guide shows where there is adventure and mindfulness to be experienced

In his book, the author Hansjörg Ransmayr invites readers to discover the local islets according to exactly this principle: his book “Islandeering Germany" in front. From tiny to great, from unknown to spectacular, from lonely to urban: In the guide you will find curious places such as beer island, wine island and court island, but also uninhabited places and breathtaking castle and monastery islands.

"We long for inspiration through rough coastal strips, untouched virgin forests, the wild sea, the vastness of the horizon and unique island myths and stories." - Excerpt from "Islandeering Germany"

The monastery church of St. Peter and Paul is enthroned on Högl Island

The author himself is a lifeguard, whitewater canoe and wild swimming pioneer and thus his passion for water is unmistakable. He shares this passion with the readers in the book and describes how to get there, what you can do on site, where there are the best swimming spots and bike paths, where you can eat wonderfully or where you can just go can relax.

Ideal for the adventurous and all those who want one more time

The travel guide is full of exciting texts and breathtaking pictures that immediately make you want to drive off to embark on the islandeering adventure. Thus, the book is an ideal companion in the backpack of all adventurous people. But it is also a wonderful gift with enough inspiration for all those who wish to have an adventure again.

More information about "Islandeering Germany"

The famous island of Hiddensee has always been a place for artists
The inhabitants of the smallest East Frisian islands share the island with these cute seals

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