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Plant-based innovations from MÁDARA Cosmetics

Many people know that fast fashion is damaging our planet, but what about the beauty industry? Did you know that cosmetics manufacturers are one of the biggest polluters? This is mainly due to the enormous amounts of plastic packaging that arise every year. Fortunately there is a Nordic brand with a vision for new industry standards. Find out in this post how the intelligent use of nature can help to save those very people.

The Nordic way to change the limits of sustainability

For MÁDARA, sustainability was one of the core values ​​from day one, many years before it became a global trend. Since it was founded in 2006, the Latvian company has tried to be as sustainable as possible. The best proof? While many of the well-known cosmetics manufacturers are still many years away from achieving the goal of using 100 percent recyclable plastics for the manufacture of their primary packaging, MÁDARA had already achieved it when their first products hit the market.

Sustainable & beautiful - inside and out

Sustainability is not just limited to the packaging. Many cosmetic manufacturers still use questionable ingredients that can be harmful to the environment. Given the Latvian company's commitment to sustainability, it's no surprise that MÁDARA cosmetics are natural. This means that they are biodegradable and do not pose a threat to our planet's water, air or soil resources.

The products, ingredients and recipes from MÁDARA cosmetics are free from animal testing and certified as natural or organic. This is done in accordance with the exacting natural beauty standards known as ECOCERT / COSMOS. They outline and check not only the origin of the ingredients, but also that of the packaging and manufacturing processes. The Nordic brand strives to develop its formulations as well as to continually improve its packaging practices.


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